download Spotify playlists w/o account

A friend of mine is looking for a method (web/gui/cli) to download playlists from Spotify without making an account there.



As far as I know, there are some python tools that claim to “download” stuff from spotify, but what they actually do is to search for the song on YouTube and download it from there. Still better than nothing.

I have bookmarked these tools:


Hey, thanks for the reply!
I tried smd, even fixed a lil’ bug, but then I failed to let it work. I admit I did not put such a committed effort.


I highly recommend deemix ( Look into it.


I highly recommend deemix ( Look into it.

+1 for this. I had been downloading youtube songs up until now. I easily converted my spotify playlist to Deezer and after that used deemix to download everything locally.

I had to check the codebase to check if it is secure or not, so that I will not get caught (as i stay in Germany currently), but everything looks encrypted and ISPs cannot snuff what is going on.


i found an easy and fast download site for songs on spotify that ive been using for a few days. the search is not great, but in terms of downloading a song with cover art and meta data it does the job.

another one my favorites is spotifydownload which can also be found on github. i love it because it can be used with a cron job to backup any public playlists. no login, auth, or requirement for credentials. it’s super straightforward and incredibly easy to automate.


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