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What is worse is that any of this could have been avoided if they had stuck to doing browser (instead of Pocket, AI, Marketing, Rebranding, Firefox OS, voice recognition, AI stuff)

I cannot express my hate and disgust into words when CEO of a non-profit still gets paid millions of dollars and workers get fired. And when someone asks why is it so, the CEO answers “we have families and bills to pay for”. https://answers.thenextweb.com/s/mitchell-baker-aGY62z

Mozilla should be turned into COOP

I highly recommend deemix (deemix.app). Look into it.

+1 for this. I had been downloading youtube songs up until now. I easily converted my spotify playlist to Deezer and after that used deemix to download everything locally.

I had to check the codebase to check if it is secure or not, so that I will not get caught (as i stay in Germany currently), but everything looks encrypted and ISPs cannot snuff what is going on.