For me, I find it really difficult to comprehend texts of the 1900s and mid 1800s. I don’t find it difficult to read texts from the late 1900s and 2000s


I find for me it largely depends on the style of the author. I found Marx was hard reading, and when I was reading Das Kapital I couldn’t help but think that it would be completely impenetrable to the intended audience. On the other hand, I found Engels and Lenin much easier to digest.


It’s not weird to find them hard to read unless you’ve been doing it a lot over a long pweiod of time.

I feel the same with communist theory especially the ones from Marx and Engels’ times. I found even books like Imagined Communities (1983) incredibly hard to read.

One thing I have noticed about reading old stuff is that authors take many existing conditions and contexts of their times for granted, understandably so. The more you read the more these ontological assumptions become clear and the more writings make sense.


good point about conditions and contexts. perhaps related is narrative voices seem to flatten and turn monotonous if readers are not accustomed to speech patterns.


yes. non-contemporary dialects are definitely harder to comprehend. i even find reading indian authors writing in english easier to read than others.

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