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Hi, I just want to say that I’m from Wallonia and here ‘libertarian’ still means communist. I don’t know if ember2528 is one but they haven’t posted yet so

I got permanently banned for saying Bhagat Singh was right.

I actually took it from a lefty facebook page. :P

I mean, the good old AR-15 is reliable and has ammo basically everywhere. You can get it at fucking Walmart.

Willem Van Spronsen killed in attack on American concentration camp

Here’s the last message of, audio manifesto of, and story of Willem Van Spronsen, killed during his raid on a concentration camp. …

I’d much prefer my posts not to be indexed or discovered - and “lemmy” shouldn’t be the community. Its the software.

I’m pretty happy with that, not gonna lie.

Fascists burn down indigenous village

Brazil: With the fascist President Jair Bolsonaro backing them, ruralists and cops burn down an indigenous village. One of the victims posts a video and translation: …

Probably my favourite line. Though the funniest part might be my post getting a downvote already.

The movement - a good portion of it is being capitalized on by liberal movements and parties, and even reactionaries.

Sadly liberals seem to be coopting it - I guess you need to put a name to it alongside the praxis itself.

I do too, why do you think I don’t like the Venezuelan state?

Why was this cropped to remove ‘Earth Strike’?

There is no ‘after’. Is ‘the revolution’ is never over, because there is always work to do with de-constructing hierarchies and ensuring they don’t emerge - taking down the state and capitalism and instituting communes is far from enough.

Nevermind that ‘the revolution’ in the strictest sense is so hard to define.

That’s the literal exact opposite of post-left, I’m afraid. Post-left is hard individualism like egoism.

I think it follows the simple anti-war principles; I do not like the Iranian state. I do not think invading Iran fixes that.

Likewise, I despise the Venezuelan state. A coup will not fix that.