Anarchist Memes
For the anarchist sciencetist don't fear to be anarchistic in your research as well
I won't let these motherfuckers degrade me with degrees so here an idea shower: Kids are scientists. Everyone does science, it's called experimenting on life and progressing accordingly through trial and error. More creativity in the wax we think about science could further it so much, just having fun like a child in researching, let your mind run wild and let your automatic intuition play. Then refine that intuition through observing it and questioning some of your automatic processes and bam you automatically adjecent to that be more accurate in your research because you let yourself explore yourself while exploring this void world. So, my thesis is are scientists but we kill our natural curiosity in school. Schrödinger didn't kill the cat but it crippled it. Think universally in your research and don't compartmentalize. Look this is science as well, art: KAANCEPTS by K.A.A.N. on SoundCloud And this as well: search catLYSER (didn't write it like this but you get why I wrote it like this) on SoundCloud and decide which song for yourself, full of creativity closing the bridge between science and art, I don't know call it normative dorment formative alchemy sss.. Fuck off musk though, poor kid.. It's all about letting go of principles and having fun again in exploring anything you are like you would massage sciences-tits, without fear and firmly till it's wet enough to glide into place in your head Think like a caveman/kid/archetype awareness resulting in archetype analysis to refinement of it, result: a cit. You may need an extra l though. And also, if you have germamtic errors in your text it may be god to let them in, make you rhink less about being correct than to explore new concepts and because science never had a chance against my ass i leave this open ended



Eat Bezos.






Anarchist Memes

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