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A few months ago, I built a tool to generate fake data based on a JSON payload([fakeapi]( FakeAPI worked fine, but a major downside was that a JSON payload must be sent as a post request to receive data. This is not good for someone emulating any other HTTP methods. So I decided to build [Phoney]( **Phoney** is a mock API generator that lets you create apps to manage endpoints. Other features of phoney include, - Create apps to manage your endpoints - Create endpoints that return data in a custom format - Default API key authentication support - All methods, GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE, supported. - Dynamic endpoints supported - Swagger UI for each endpoint. It makes testing easy. - Built-in JSON editor for creating endpoint schema - Supported response codes, 200, 201, and 202 - Syntax highlighting for JSON schema - Light/Dark theme switch > **This is my first ever Django app**

Django Web Framework

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