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Only 4 finger swipe up and down are working. there is no configuration available

Go grab your "TESTING" copy now... This is for testing, bug reporting and giving user feedback!

Open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge
PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted / decrypted in the browser using 256bit AES in Galois Counter mode.

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Application for contacts backup
I was missing auto export of contacts in cvs file in many FOSS contact manager apps. I came across this app, using it with syncthing is working like charm. Previously, I was using issue was that I could not restore backups.

"New discoveries await..." in the upcoming Inkscape 1.2 About Screen | Inkscape
Inkscape about screen contest really showed fine pieces of art 😍

Long live multicursors
Multicursor will be available in 5.25

“Librera PRO” is feature rich pdf viewer Collabra office feel slow on my device but it done my work specs of device

try collabra office download via Fdroid repo or play store

kindly provide invite link to space

Available on Izzyondroid

Xiaomi phones with Snapdragon Soc are supported by other custom roms e.g crdroid,havoc os

# **Release Notes** ## **New Features** Menus We've added a link to our donation page in Help → Donate, to make it easier for users to contribute to the project financially (MR #3325) # Bug fixes ## General Thanks to the upstream fix in gtk3, pressure sensitivity works again with Windows Ink activated (Bug #1437, Stroke to Path works on text again (Bug #2333) Undoing Stroke to Path no longer loses the object's id (Bug #2759) Undoing Object to Path for an object with a Live Path Effect is now possible without also undoing the preceding action (Bug #1504) Saving no longer leaks memory (Bug#2800) Startup times improved, 3.3 seconds to 3 seconds on one Windows machine (Commit 228b6a) Hide unnecessary warnings in terminal about optional font directories not being used (Commit 76fb99) Canvas no longer blurred when moving window from HiDPI to a regular display (Commit f7162b) Clicking selects objects again on wmii and some other window managers (Bug #2801) Caps lock no longer stops Delete, Page Down and some other shortcut keys from working on Windows (Bug #2496) ## Dialogs Clicking the resize separator will toggle visibility of docked dialog (Commit 3c8683, Bug #4676, MR #2969) Welcome dialog: Fixed a paper size typo (Bug #2570) Renamed some confusing device size names (Bug #2570) Removed an unnecessary warning when choosing the keyboard shortcuts set (Bug #2529) Transform dialog: Matrix tab no longer stubbornly insists on using display units instead of the units the user selected (Bug #2429) Text and Font dialog: Font features load in under a second, instead of minutes for fonts with lots of font features. More font feature glyphs shown too (Commit 0dacc4, MR #3449) ## Filters Fast crop: Transparency is now respected when applying the Filters → Fill and Transparency → Fast Crop filter (Bug #2419) ## Import EPS: Users that have installed Inkscape in the snap packaging format can open EPS files again (Bug #1406) ## Export Optimized SVG: Save as → Optimized SVG works again in Linux AppImage (Bug #1738) ## Markers Start / end markers: A bug was fixed where the path tip protruded over the arrow marker's end (Bug #2593). ## Menus Help menu: Now using a different set of web links to link to the documentation from the Help menu (MR #3325) ## Packaging Snap remembers user preferences even when the home directory is not available to the snap. This may occur in LDAP, SSSD, or other set ups where there is a modified nsswitch.conf and NSCD is not acting as a proxy to snaps. (MR #3474) ### Build fixes: Building Inkscape works again on systems with musl libc (MR #3410) Building Inkscape works again on NetBSD (Commit 1029bb, Commit bfb81a, Commit 160dc7, Commit e12966) Building Inkscape works again on FreeBSD (Commit 06b143) Building Inkscape works again with GCC 7 (Commit 3d8be5) ## Templates All templates generated from the 'Welcome' dialog now use a document scale of 1, making it easier to hand-edit documents created using them (Bug #2728) ## Tools Measure tool: Settings for font size and precision for the Measure tool work again (MR #3343) Position dialog moves handles to the right place again (Commit 1fcc33) Measurements no longer reset on right click or tool switch (Commit bd9349, Commit 341a0e) ## Crash fixes Fixed a crash when … … using a grid with the Document Properties dialog open on Windows. This also fixes a memory leak on other operating systems, that did not necessarily lead to a crash. (Bug #2585) … trying to copy an object without ID (Bug #2714) … stroke to path applied on paths with no area, fill, stroke, or markers (Bug #2502, Bug 2572) … entering a space character in the 'Attributes' field of the 'Clone Original' LPE settings dialog (Bug #1709) … closing a window while the filter editer dialog is floating and a filter is selected (Bug #2753) … pasting 3D boxes when the 3D box tool is active (Bug #2741) … multiple objects selected for spray tool in single path mode (#2740) … quitting in command line or when opening windows if done before window fully loads (Bug #2776, Bug #2487) … Homebrew or MacPorts used and XDG_DATA_DIRS is not defined (Commit 1a6c62) ## Extension bug fixes Fix LaTeX extension on Windows (MR #309) Add __version__ for inkex (MR #360, Bug #409)

Inkscape snapping bar is changing into new menu
Snapping bar only had icons , which make hard to know what does option do , this new menu solves this problem with icons along text.