librewolf v107 rollout
hello folks, v107.0 is rolling out on all platforms, if it already hasn't :-) main changes: - rebased to latests firefox; - updated patches. very minimal but enjoy!

Sync Bookmarks
Hey all, I'm using librewolf as my daily browser on my laptop and bromite on my phone. The only way I can sync bookmarks is using xBrowserSync. works gret btw. However, this piece of software is not updated for 2 years now. Is it still the best choice? Thanks in advance.

how about skip redirect add-on?
I'm wondering if what [Skip Redirect]( provides, is something Librewolf, thorugh some settings already provide, or if not, if uBlockOrigin does and how. And if not having such settings on Librewolf, or uBlockOrigin, does it make sense the add-on? I installed it as recommended by [arkenfox]( I know Librewolf doesn't exactly follow arkenfox, but it's any ways a reference, :) It's not one of the [Librewolf]( recommendations though... Thanks !

Swipe to navigate
Hello, how to enable swipe gestures in LibreWolf?

from that issue: > I'll be stopping providing new LibreWolf builds, and it's possible I'll abandon the port altogether in the near future. So, unless I'll find someone who will take care of the port, it would be better to remove the instructions. more details inside, and many thanks to the person who provided the port during these months!

librewolf v106 rollout
hello! v106.0.1 is rolling out on all platforms. some might have already got a v106.0 update, others will be upgraded directly to the newer version as the releases were condensed into one, since they occurred within 48 hrs from each other upstream. main changes: - rebased to latests firefox; - updated settings: there have been many minor changes in the past few releses, I suggest looking at the [changelog]( of the past few versions; - hide firefox view for now, we will eventually patch it and re-introduce it in a revisited form later on! enjoy and be safe :-)

FYI: if you prefer to use a different instance, [mickie]( created a librewolf community of at I will try my best to keep an eye on stuff posted over there too :-)

Why is Reader View disabled?
I recently wanted to try out Reader View but for some reason the icon in the url bar was nowhere to be seen. After taking a look at `about:config` it seems the feature is permanently disabled. Is there a reason for this? The preference is called `reader.parse-on-load.enabled`. ![](

librewolf v104 rollout
a bit late to the party, but v104 has been released in the past few days, depending on your platform. the changelog is very small this time, I blame august: - all changes from firefox v104; - updated some patches that broke; - updated settings to v6.9, which is mostly a cleanup. look I said it wasn't that much..but enjoy it :-)

librewolf v103 rollout
I forgot the changelog for v102 but here's the one for v103 instead. * all upstream fixes from FF103 * updated, fixed and deprecated patches. * in particular you might have noticed an issue with uBO disappearing, it's now fixed. * add release for OpenSuse Tumbleweed. * updated build documentation. * updated base macOS SDK to 11+. * updated settings to v6.7. * as the upstream cookie pref migration is finished you should no longer experience lost cookies. * IPv6 is no longer disabled by default. * updated some description in the UI. * fix printing in flatpak. an even more detailed issue and merge request overview is available in the [meta for v103]( if you want to contribute check our gitlab, follow the labels and the epic for the next release. if you want to report something please use gitlab, follow the guidelines and check known issues.

cross-posted from: > it only took 28 years; better late than never!

is the extension canvasblocker recommended, while using RFP
I do have RFP enabled, but also webgl enabled. In the doc, it's recommended to at least use canvasblocker, if having webgl enabled. But I'm wondering if RFP should make canvasblocker unnecessary at all. Thanks !

The mozilla blog indicates total cookie protection is now on by default, but I'm wondering what does that mean. Whether it means we shouldn't touch anything from the enhanced tracking protection, or strict keeps being the safest bet? I don't read in the blog anything about special settings, so I'm just wondering if we just got that on both, Firefox and Librewolf, without common settings to worry about enabling/disabling the behavior...

a reminder from our FAQ, for anyone doing it wrong.

librewolf v101 rollout
we back again with a new release, out on some platforms, building on others. main changes: - all upstream fixes from firefox v101.0. - settings v6.5, mostly a minor cleanup. - multi-language support in the UI for all versions of the browser, all fully rebranded. - windows releases and source tarballs are now signed. enjoy, and as always feedback is appreciated :-)

librewolf v100 rollout
hello, the new release is out on all platforms. main changes: - all upstream fixes from firefox v100.0, happy birthday! - easter egg to celebrate v100 :-) - settings v6.4, meaning: - improved robustness of certificate revocation false positives, in case of corner cases. - UI for cookie clearing is now more consistent. - updated uBO. - patched new theme UI if RFP is enabled. - rebased some patches. - remapped some more links in the UI. ~~we also have a known issue that causes the main page to display as empty. we worked on a fix and it will be included in the next release.~~ the content of our website has also been updated, including [the faq]( and the [addons]( sections. peace 🐠

Can't enable firefox sync
Hello, in the [FAQ]( it says that you just have to activate the Firefox Sync via the settings. I have done this, but when I try to log in to the Firefox page, the login hangs. ![]( When I try it on Firefox it works without problems. So what am I doing wrong?

librewolf v99 rollout
hello, the new release should be out on all platforms. sorry for the delay we had some slowdowns with the settings and then a good portion of our patches needed a rebase. we should have done stuff earlier but personal life got in the way, but well here we are in the end :-) main changes: - based on firefox 99. - settings v6.1, which means: - removed some settings that became deprecated in v99. - general cleanup to remove some redundant prefs. - updated librewolf specific UI: - we had to fully rebase it. - new option to enable firefox sync. requires a restart atm. - new option to harden cross origin referrers even further. I noticed it looks slightly broken, it might need a fix during the next few days. - updated uBO. - remapped a bunch of UI links. - fixed more patches. - increased security of the build process by checking mozilla's signature on the source code. again sorry it took 4-5 days rather than the usual 1 to 3 days. enjoy!

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LibreWolf is designed to increase protection against tracking and fingerprinting techniques, while also including a few security improvements. LibreWolf also aims to remove all the telemetry, data collection and annoyances, as well as disabling anti-freedom features like DRM. If you have any question please visit our FAQ first:

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