a reminder from our FAQ, for anyone doing it wrong.

librewolf v101 rollout
we back again with a new release, out on some platforms, building on others. main changes: - all upstream fixes from firefox v101.0. - settings v6.5, mostly a minor cleanup. - multi-language support in the UI for all versions of the browser, all fully rebranded. - windows releases and source tarballs are now signed. enjoy, and as always feedback is appreciated :-)

librewolf v100 rollout
hello, the new release is out on all platforms. main changes: - all upstream fixes from firefox v100.0, happy birthday! - easter egg to celebrate v100 :-) - settings v6.4, meaning: - improved robustness of certificate revocation false positives, in case of corner cases. - UI for cookie clearing is now more consistent. - updated uBO. - patched new theme UI if RFP is enabled. - rebased some patches. - remapped some more links in the UI. ~~we also have a known issue that causes the main page to display as empty. we worked on a fix and it will be included in the next release.~~ the content of our website has also been updated, including [the faq]( and the [addons]( sections. peace 🐠

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Can't enable firefox sync
Hello, in the [FAQ]( it says that you just have to activate the Firefox Sync via the settings. I have done this, but when I try to log in to the Firefox page, the login hangs. ![]( When I try it on Firefox it works without problems. So what am I doing wrong?

librewolf v99 rollout
hello, the new release should be out on all platforms. sorry for the delay we had some slowdowns with the settings and then a good portion of our patches needed a rebase. we should have done stuff earlier but personal life got in the way, but well here we are in the end :-) main changes: - based on firefox 99. - settings v6.1, which means: - removed some settings that became deprecated in v99. - general cleanup to remove some redundant prefs. - updated librewolf specific UI: - we had to fully rebase it. - new option to enable firefox sync. requires a restart atm. - new option to harden cross origin referrers even further. I noticed it looks slightly broken, it might need a fix during the next few days. - updated uBO. - remapped a bunch of UI links. - fixed more patches. - increased security of the build process by checking mozilla's signature on the source code. again sorry it took 4-5 days rather than the usual 1 to 3 days. enjoy!

Hi all, I'm the LibreWolf windows dev:) This recent video seems mostly about not wanting to use *ddg* due to the current political climate..

arch/artix/derivatives arm-64 builds?
I remember on another forum, it was mentioned there was an arch (and I hope derivatives supported as well) librewolf build for arm-64. I kept the Arch repo somewhere, but it seems I lost it. Any one with repos URLs, a well as PKGBUILDs URLs and such? Thanks a lot !

we'll see how the behavior can be reverted

librewolf v98 rollout
hello :-) as usual the new librewolf release is on its way or already out, depending on your platform. main changes: - based on firefox 98. - settings [v6.0](, which means: - OCSP is now enabled for cases in which CRL cannot check a certificate and we need a fallback. OCSP will be stapled and in hard-fail mode, so that privacy and security are as good as they can be. - as a nice side effect this fixed OCSP's UI. - force custom mode for history. - always on private browsing and other modes are also hidden in the UI as they provide no benefit. - tracking protection UI is now also hidden as we decided to got for strict mode and nothing else. we noticed most users were flipping it as they wrongly assumed it caused breakage so we figured it was best to hide it to avoid confusion. a nice disclaimer was added instead. - update uBO and its assets. - windows portable can now be run everywhere and the folder where it resides can also be moved around. the MR that updates the documentation is also done and waiting to be merged soon. I hope y'all stay safe during these difficult times in europe, enjoy the release.

disable notifying clipboard actions like cut/copy/paste should be part of default options on Librewolf
The following setting should be part of the default privacy settings: ``` lockPref("dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled", false); ``` You can take a look at: Particularly the comment from **jscher2000** there.

Set webmail to open Mailto links
Hi all! I'm a new user of LibreWolf. I am trying to setup LibreWolf to open mailto links so that they open in my webmail (protonmail) instead of my system's email application (which I don't use). I tried going to Settings>General>Applications but there's only a defined list of file types and it doesn't seem possible to add new types (in my case, mailto). When I go to I get the prompt to set it as handler for mailto links, and this works and adds an entry into the Applications settings of LibreWolf. However, I can only select, the default system email app, or add other system applications. What I would like to do is add the protonmail web application as handler, but that doesn't seem possible.

I can't seem to find any info clicking on *Learn More* (

How do I know that librewolf is not out of date?
Edit: would it make sense to write a script that compares firefox and librewolf versions that'll remind me when it is not up to date anymore? If you abandon librewolf, how will I, a user, know that it won't get updated anymore? I know that the librewolf extension exist for the windows users that checks if it is up to date but what if librewolf is not up to date with firefox anymore? As this is my first post here, thank you guys for your work! Librewolf makes it very easy for anyone to have a very good privacy browser.

librewolf v97 rollout
hello everyone, new librewolf release on the way or already out, depending on your platform. main changes: * based on firefox 97. * thanks to [bsys5]( it is now possible to build librewolf inside a docker container on all platforms and for all platforms. two of our core members have done a terrific job with this. * the source repo has received some more love as we added and documented more stuff. building should be easier than ever. * settings [v5.5]( which means: * history is no longer disabled but just cleared on close. * stripping of tracking elements from urls, both natively and by fetching and enabling [an extra list in uBO]( when a new profile is created. * some of you might have noticed how this was introduced a release ago. * the uBO lists will not be changed for new profiles to avoid changing users settings. * TLS downgrades are now session-only. * for user convenience it is now possible to enable firefox sync in librewolf with one click. * the settings list has been reordered and some more documentation has been added. * the about menu and the librewolf specific UI have received some minor cosmetic changes. next step is probably updating the website to reflect the changes in this release. as usual feedback is appreciated but do not get issue happy as we just closed 150+ old ones where users didn't provide details for, or where they simply didn't read the faq. joking, but not completely. enjoy!

Multiple Librewolf Instances
I've been looking for something "official" from the Librewolf team regarding running Librewolf in Docker, but I haven't found much. There are a few initiatives that seem to support Librewolf Docker containers (eg [Github](, [Docker Hub](, but they don't seem to be referenced much nor heavily used. However, maybe the reason I don't see it much is that there are better ways to achieve what I'm looking for. - Better separation from daily OS environment and regular browsing environment - Ability to run multiple instances privacy friendly browser and isolate each instance for particular use cases - Configure each instance to be run over different VPNs (or no VPN at all) Is there a way to best achieve this?

Why does LibreWolf disable Firefox Sync by default if no privacy issues?
In the FAQ section, the answer to *"Can I use Firefox Sync with LibreWolf? Is it safe to do so?"* is that *"**There aren't any major privacy or security downsides in doing so,** as Firefox Sync encrypts your data locally before transmitting it to the server"*. So why does LibreWolf disable it by default?

Can't block notifications on Lemmy
Every time I open a new page on Lemmy I have an annoying animation of the notification icon in the address bar. If I click on it and press "Always Block" icon disappears. But after page is reloaded it twitches again. Same happens if I change "Send notification" option in site permissions, it resets to default when I reopen permissions. How do I fix this?

Does librewolf disables websites ability to disable your copy and paste function
**Does librewolf disables websites ability to disable your copy and paste function?** I am referring to this situation with moodle. Our school is currently disabling our inspect element, copy and paste basically right click functionality and i feel it's against my privacy so any way to bypass or block this request. Or what about:config function do you have to change? My only guess for about:config editing would to change > dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false

Welcome to the official community for LibreWolf.

LibreWolf is designed to increase protection against tracking and fingerprinting techniques, while also including a few security improvements. LibreWolf also aims to remove all the telemetry, data collection and annoyances, as well as disabling anti-freedom features like DRM. If you have any question please visit our FAQ first:

To learn more or to download the browser visit the website:

If you want to contribute head over to our Gitlab:

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