Does librewolf disables websites ability to disable your copy and paste function

Does librewolf disables websites ability to disable your copy and paste function? I am referring to this situation with moodle. Our school is currently disabling our inspect element, copy and paste basically right click functionality and i feel it’s against my privacy so any way to bypass or blo…

librewolf v96 rollout

hi everyone! the new release is either out or on the way, and this is a pretty big one for us. …

what do you use as a search engine?

I’m currently working on re-evaluating our search engine selection (reading privacy policies and all that good stuff), to see what to keep, remove, maybe add. I figured I might use some input from lemmy. …

drawInTitlebar changed to inTitlebar

This is only FYI, and perhaps it was already found out by others. It so happens I got Librewolf upgraded to 95.0.2 just Today (it showed up on Artix - Universe repo on Monday on Tuesday). …

New user, question about flatpak

Hi! I’m new to LibreWolf. Giving it a try as my default browser on Pop OS 21.04 (soon to be 21.10). …

librewolf v95 rollout

back again with another major release (and yes I only post for major releases but every minor firefox release equals to a new librewolf release). osx is out, linux and windows are getting worked on, you can expect them soon. …

Any way to request to open a tab before trying to reach the URL?

Under the office VPN, internet, particularly out of the intranet, is pretty slow. …

new website

as the title says, the new website is live and fully functional. …

librewolf v94 rollout

hello everyone. I released librewolf v94 on osx, it should be coming very soon for linux and windows. …

Does librewolf accept donations?

I tried to find a donation page, but couldn’t find one. …

one of the maintainers says hi.

hello everyone, I’m one of the maintainers, mostly involved with osx and the settings. just joined the community with a fresh account. …

When can we expect 90, or will it will 91 ?

Like a previous release where some leap frogging in versions was done…

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