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new website

as the title says, the new website is live and fully functional. …

it is likely that the app is not actually damaged, on M1 macs gatekeeper is far more aggressive and apple really wants devs to pay for notarization.

see a comment on the issue from the devs, and a possible workaround (the quarantine part for M1). as the maintainer of a project on osx I share their sentiment, it’s fucked up…

a good suggestion would also be to enable dFPI, so that cookies and website data is separated without needing an extension.

mentioned fission as “site isolation”

it will be a staged rollout on the stable channel of firefox, so we decided to go ahead and enable it. if you are still experiencing any kind of bug in this release, let us know so that we can collect some data and open a bug upstream if needed.

fission is so crucial btw. mozilla is working on some really good stuff, despite what the chromium bubble likes to say.

librewolf v94 rollout

hello everyone. I released librewolf v94 on osx, it should be coming very soon for linux and windows. …

If you live in a island isolated from tech world you don’t need to care about privacy

you can still be tracked around the internet.

apple is always more expensive and harder or impossible to repair

I swear to you every other high performance and lightweight laptop is more expensive in my country and I just couldn’t afford it at the time. I know it sounds crazy, I wish I could go for something else at that time, I just couldn’t (many others are in the same spot). impossible to repair is unfortunately very much true, but environmentally speaking I want to be conscious so I won’t throw it away as long as it works.

why are they there in first place?

think of video editors, ios devs, students who need software for exams that only works on proprietary OSes. it sucks I know, but it can happen.

f you are looking for privacy, keep away from Apple and Microsoft

I agree, but still. also even if you don’t use an open source OS you might want to protect from online tracking, why not?

this is still safer than Apple

I disagree with this. I can block outgoing stuff with a firewall and I can use my laptop without an account even without pirating the license (which is illegal btw). also, by default osx doesn’t collect as much data, especially if you don’t have an apple id.

If they want privacy then why are they using OSX?

a number of reasons:

  • one might not have access to other hardware.
  • one might not have the money to replace old hardware.
  • one might need high performance hardware and apple is the cheapest available (believe it or not this is true in some parts of europe, by far).
  • one might be forced to use osx for work or studies.
  • one might use different machines with different OSes for different use cases, and he wants to protect from online tracking.

if your OS is spying you, that tool is useless, right?

I don’t think osx is “spying” on you: it’s not ideal, but it isn’t a keylogger or even win10 level of bad, at least imo. you can also use osx without an apple account.

even assuming one is using an os which is very bad for privacy, it still depends on what you are trying to defend from in that specific setup. one might be comfortable with the data collection in win10 but he might want to use LibreWolf to prevent online tracking, and that’s a totally fine use case.

nope, we don’t have a “project wallet” for donations. maintainers can decide to have their own donation wallet but as far as I remember none of us does.

cause sometimes you gotta work with what you have at your disposal, and osx users deserve privacy tools as well. also, you can make osx decently private.

main stuff that I’m aware of:

  • revamped website and docs. we have a contributor doing a wonderful job, one of the maintainers even bought a new domain, it’s very very nice. I’m rewriting some descriptions and docs, including a more in depth feature list finally.
  • a better build script that works across multiple linux distros (tho I’m not contributing to that so I don’t have details).

other stuff going on lately:

  • a bunch of changes in the settings, the changelog is rather extensive lol, but imho our setup is looking very good right now.
  • we are reconsidering ipv6 and mozilla tracking protection.
  • a while ago we started working on a librewolf specific part of the UI, where some additional settings are exposed. unfortunately on that front development kinda stagnated lately :-(
  • I remember something about dir organization on linux and also a new debian release (now that they updated upstream firefox there), but I couldn’t find the links.

next on the roadmap I would like to see us introducing crlite by default, it should be rather easy.

I think you would really enjoy bitwarden if you value simplicity. give a shot over the built in password manager imo, it has better synchronization and it is likely a more robust and secure solution. it also looks very nice.

Hey, it is great to have you here. I would really enjoy more content from this community.

same, it’s good to see some of our community hangs in here.

one of the maintainers says hi.

hello everyone, I’m one of the maintainers, mostly involved with osx and the settings. just joined the community with a fresh account. …