librewolf v99 rollout

hello, the new release should be out on all platforms. sorry for the delay we had some slowdowns with the settings and then a good portion of our patches needed a rebase. we should have done stuff earlier but personal life got in the way, but well here we are in the end :-)

main changes:

  • based on firefox 99.
  • settings v6.1, which means:
    • removed some settings that became deprecated in v99.
    • general cleanup to remove some redundant prefs.
  • updated librewolf specific UI:
    • we had to fully rebase it.
    • new option to enable firefox sync. requires a restart atm.
    • new option to harden cross origin referrers even further. I noticed it looks slightly broken, it might need a fix during the next few days.
  • updated uBO.
  • remapped a bunch of UI links.
  • fixed more patches.
  • increased security of the build process by checking mozilla’s signature on the source code.

again sorry it took 4-5 days rather than the usual 1 to 3 days. enjoy!


flatpak and gitlab are both still showing version 98.

Arch and Appimage releases are now ready as well. Flatpak is pretty much done, too – it’s just waiting for the release process on the flathub side of things, should be available there soon(ish) as well :)

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