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I use the old CLI version, the version that uses NetworkManager has never worked for me.

From a quick glance it uses libgen and mostly ipfs downloads.

It has never made any sense to make a normal user(newbie) to have to search for drivers for wireless or video. The vote has probably made quite a few FSF/GNU zealots upset. I see it as a good thing. Drivers in the installer will make Linux adoption easier.

Ferdium on Linux. Element or Fluffychat on my phone and tablet.

Open-source Android email app K-9 Mail has joined forces with the Thunderbird project, signaling the beginning of a long-term vision to deliver an outstanding Thunderbird mobile experience.

flatpak and gitlab are both still showing version 98.

Not all snaps are available as flatpaks, Firefox is one I can think of.

Firefox on Linux, Vivaldi on Android. I have been playing with Min, still not sure if I like it or not.

On MATE it shows up under the Education menu. There is also a package for the fortune app, fortune-anarchism.

plocate anarchism /usr/share/applications/anarchism.desktop /usr/share/doc/anarchism /usr/share/doc/anarchism/markdown/

I have been using Debian for almost 20 yrs. In all that time I have tried many many distros and have yet to find one that I liked as well as Debian. Apt is just great. The number of packages available is awesome. It works on more hardware than other distros.

RaspberryPI OS LXDE with conky

##linux and #slack among others have already created channels on Libera

$300 for a keyboard? Wow!!! Hey my PI400 cost $100 it included the built-in KB, mouse, power supply, HDMI cable. $300 for a KB is just plain insane.

Debian Future wallpaper. LXDE. Conky Raspberry Pi lxde mods.