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I have been using Debian for almost 20 yrs. In all that time I have tried many many distros and have yet to find one that I liked as well as Debian. Apt is just great. The number of packages available is awesome. It works on more hardware than other distros.

##linux and #slack among others have already created channels on Libera

$300 for a keyboard? Wow!!! Hey my PI400 cost $100 it included the built-in KB, mouse, power supply, HDMI cable. $300 for a KB is just plain insane.

Vivaldi is my default browser. I switched when Google removed sync from Chromium. Great browser and support community.

Agreed 100%. He also says VPNs are useless. A tweaked Firefox with Ublock Origin and one or two other extensions like NoScript, can be made to be a ton safer than Chrome/Chromium. As far as windows haven’t touched it in 20 yrs, and in that time not one of my Linux computers has been compromised. 7 Criticals 20 Warnings, Version 90.0.4430.72 (Developer Build) built on Debian 11.0, running on Debian 11.0 (64-bit)

Firefox 88 results Zero Criticals. firefox Installed: 88.0-1

Freetube is good on Linux. Uses Invidious, and gives you the links to download.

They obviously haven’t thought about all of the electricity that many vehicles would be using. And all the toxic chemicals in the batteries that will have to be disposed of sooner or later. Not to mention that China and India are the big polluters, until they do something to change what little change the USA can afford isn’t going to make a big difference.

I like the new look. But just like with every change, there are people having fits.

buku. Description: Powerful command-line bookmark manager Features

  • Store bookmarks with auto-fetched title, tags and description
  • Auto-import from Firefox, Google Chrome and Chromium
  • Open bookmarks and search results in browser
  • Shorten, expand URLs, browse cached page from Wayback Machine
  • Text editor integration
  • Lightweight, clean interface, custom colors
  • Powerful search options (regex, substring…)
  • Continuous search with on the fly mode switch
  • Portable, merge-able database to sync between systems
  • Import/export bookmarks from/to HTML, Markdown or Orgfile
  • Smart tag management using redirection (>>, >, <<)
  • Multithreaded full DB refresh, manual encryption support
  • Shell completion scripts, man page with handy examples Homepage:

Debian Future wallpaper. LXDE. Conky Raspberry Pi lxde mods…

Raspberry Pi OS

IDK about Gnome but KDE works. apt install task-kde-desktop

I am using the 64bit Raspberry Pi os. Host: raspberrypi Kernel: 5.10.17-v8+ aarch64 bits: 64 Desktop: LXDE 0.10.0 Distro: Raspberry Pi OS 10 (buster) Yes it is a bit dated if you want newer apps since it is based on Debian Stable. My sources.list deb buster main deb buster non-free contrib main deb buster/updates main contrib non-free deb buster-updates main contrib non-free deb buster-backports main contrib non-free

First to post. :)…

Raspberry Pi OS

I use Izzy’s, unofficial Firefox, Bromite, Newpipe, Collabora Office, as well as the f-droid and Guardian repos that are enabled by default.