librewolf v96 rollout

hi everyone! the new release is either out or on the way, and this is a pretty big one for us.

main changes:

  • based on firefox v96.
  • built with a new semi-unified build process:
    • librewolf now has its own source repo, meaning that building from source is now overall easier.
    • unified patches and build options across releases.
  • all releases now include a librewolf-specific section of the settings, where you can control different aspects of the browser. this UI has updated and improved from its old version, which was present only on windows releases.
  • settings v5.1, which mainly means:
    • extensions auto-updates.
    • push notifications are back, as we now isolate service workers instead of disabling them.
    • some behavioral preferences were reverted to their original firefox value.
  • the selection of search engines has changed a bit.

important fixes:

  • when RFP is disabled the user agent does no longer present the browser as LibreWolf, but instead it shows as Firefox. this solves a number of compatibility issues, in particular on streaming services and on mozilla extension store. if you were spoofing your user agent to access these websites you should stop doing it.
  • users are no longer forced to use en-US as the language for the UI of the browser, as finally librewolf allows to use different language packs, while still spoofing everything to en-US for websites. you can control this aspect like you would in firefox, with no overrides involved.

good update y’all!


+1 for the LibreWolf specific panel. And thank you for all the work. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to use a browser that does not work against me.


Librewolf -specific panel is really nice, good to see this one for linux too. Thanks for the update!

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