I forgot the changelog for v102 but here’s the one for v103 instead.

  • all upstream fixes from FF103
  • updated, fixed and deprecated patches.
    • in particular you might have noticed an issue with uBO disappearing, it’s now fixed.
  • add release for OpenSuse Tumbleweed.
  • updated build documentation.
  • updated base macOS SDK to 11+.
  • updated settings to v6.7.
    • as the upstream cookie pref migration is finished you should no longer experience lost cookies.
    • IPv6 is no longer disabled by default.
  • updated some description in the UI.
  • fix printing in flatpak.

an even more detailed issue and merge request overview is available in the meta for v103.

if you want to contribute check our gitlab, follow the labels and the epic for the next release. if you want to report something please use gitlab, follow the guidelines and check known issues.

  • @Adda
    1 year ago

    I wanted to check what version of LibreWolf am I currently running and I just noticed something beautiful. The LibreWolf logo in Help->About LibreWolf is constantly changing, showing multiple different versions of the logo made by a LibreWolf community, each for a few seconds. That is so sweet. I love it. I wonder for how long was this feature a thing.

    Anyway, good job, as always. Have a good one.

    • @fishonthenetOPM
      21 year ago

      that was meant to be an easter egg for v100, but we liked it so much that we decided to keep it :-)