librewolf v98 rollout

hello :-) as usual the new librewolf release is on its way or already out, depending on your platform.

main changes:

  • based on firefox 98.
  • settings v6.0, which means:
    • OCSP is now enabled for cases in which CRL cannot check a certificate and we need a fallback. OCSP will be stapled and in hard-fail mode, so that privacy and security are as good as they can be.
      • as a nice side effect this fixed OCSP’s UI.
    • force custom mode for history.
      • always on private browsing and other modes are also hidden in the UI as they provide no benefit.
  • tracking protection UI is now also hidden as we decided to got for strict mode and nothing else. we noticed most users were flipping it as they wrongly assumed it caused breakage so we figured it was best to hide it to avoid confusion. a nice disclaimer was added instead.
  • update uBO and its assets.
  • windows portable can now be run everywhere and the folder where it resides can also be moved around.

the MR that updates the documentation is also done and waiting to be merged soon. I hope y’all stay safe during these difficult times in europe, enjoy the release.


Great job. Cheers.

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