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[reddit comment](https://libredd.it/r/StallmanWasRight/comments/wfpqvf/surveillance_is_pervasive_yes_you_are_being)

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/391703 > it only took 28 years; better late than never!

Well sourcehut can be self hosted as well (ain’t it OS anyways?):

https://sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sourcehut https://man.sr.ht/installation.md

That said, sourcehut has privacy features, and libre oriented features gitlab doesn’t. But I understand, as of now, without webUI, as it is, it’s pretty hard to adopt sourcehut, and even when it finally does, having invested on gitlab (and even majority on github), which implies time and resources, might not be an easy thing to try sourcehut any ways.

BitTorrent encryption (obfuscation) is peer-peer TCP only - r/torrents
Interesting discussion on r/torrents

While the sr.ht irc is for paid accounts only, there’s the community libera.chat sr.ht channel, see cummunity contacts.

The the central webUI would be key for major players adoption, and more time as well. It’s been not long ago that debian, xorg, and arch (still in progress), migrated to gitlab, for example. Those migrations are expensive in people resources, and time.

And for regular individuals adoption, besides enabling the webUI, it might be way harder, unless someone contributes to sr.ht resources to allow hosting projects, with no CI support, but for free. It’s hard to get individuals adoption at some cost, even if that’s really a low cost, when there are alternatives, which BTW violate SW licenses, for free, :(

is the extension canvasblocker recommended, while using RFP
I do have RFP enabled, but also webgl enabled. In the doc, it's recommended to at least use canvasblocker, if having webgl enabled. But I'm wondering if RFP should make canvasblocker unnecessary at all. Thanks !

I like ETP Strict Mode, :)

Perhaps part of ETP Strict Mode are now by default. Is hard to say from those blogs, Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection by default to all users worldwide, and Firefox 86 Introduces Total Cookie Protection.

It looks like ETP Strict Mode already covers for TCP, and that somehow the pieces providing TCP from Strict Mode have been made default on latest FF. That been said, I’m glad LW is sticking with Strict Mode. It still looks the safest, :) I do believe the new blog post should have clarified that people staying with Strict Mode still get TCP, but even more than that, staying even safer, to avoid confusions on Strict Mode users…

Thanks !

Unofficial Motorola G31?
Anyone aware of a promising unofficial lineageOS, or better yet lineageOS for microG, for the moto G31? I checked, and it's not supported officially, so I was wondering if at least there was an unoficial image to use.

Scrum Teams are often Coached to Death, while the Problems are With Management

I don’t think the concern raised is a technical one though, and some people think there’s a lock-in strategy, which you might or might not overcome depending on your skills.


Though it’s clear technically you can always look for ways to overcome those, whether totally disabling secure boot, when possible, or looking for using 3rd party certificates. Whatever it is. Definitely not as straight forward as it used to be.


Just disregarding the lock-in strategy, because there are ways, doesn’t seem fair. But in the end it’s up to anyone to agree or not to agree.

My suggestion for those not looking for dual boot computers, is to go for gnu+linux pre-installed computers, that might save you some time, and frustration before being able to get your computer to do what you really want.

Seems better now, though still slower than it used to be. Libredd.it feels close to as usual. So that’s it for me, I’ll keep using libredd.it, although I like teddit UI better, :(

Thanks !

Please do so. I think a jami community is really missing, :)

gnu screen not interwining tabs history on terminal
Hello ! I like gnu screen, however there's a behavior that really bothers me, and I haven't found a way to overcome. I do have on `~/.screenrc`: `termcapinfo xterm*|rxvt*|alacritty*|kterm*|Eterm* ti@:te@` So that I can use the mouse scroll to traverse history. However, when using multiple tabs, and you do traverse the history, by scrolling, or simple shift-page-down or shift-page-up, you'll see the history of all tabs interwined, all mixed up. Anyone aware of a way to prevent that? I would really like to see just the history of the current gnu screen tab, and nothing else, while "scrolling" up/down on the terminal.

As mentioned, I’ve started to notice it slower since one or two weeks back. More than usual (there’s always been some slowness). So the only thing that came to mind was reddit doing tricky things, but I have no clue how to prove it.

I’ll keep trying both, libredd.it and teddit, hopping perhaps libredd.it reacts just a bit faster by the virtue of being a compiled frontend mostly (rust), though I don’t think that’ll help much, since I noticed similar slowness with it…

Thanks !

The mozilla blog indicates total cookie protection is now on by default, but I'm wondering what does that mean. Whether it means we shouldn't touch anything from the enhanced tracking protection, or strict keeps being the safest bet? I don't read in the blog anything about special settings, so I'm just wondering if we just got that on both, Firefox and Librewolf, without common settings to worry about enabling/disabling the behavior...

Is reddit throttling or speed limiting frontends?
It's been like one or two weeks, under which overlooking at local subscriptions on https://teddit.net is becoming really slow. Refreshing, or loading a particular entry has become really slow. Haven't tried https://libredd.it instead yet, since I do prefer the teddit interface. Is it just me? Would it be just teddit, or libreddit as well? Thanks ! Edit: libreddit is pretty slow as well, :( Edit 2: Things look better on libredd.it now, teddit still seems way slow, though better. That sort of tells me the issue affects teddit more. Actually on libredd.it it feels like one or two weeks back now. I'm staying with libredd.it on compact mode then, though I preferred teddit UI, since I no longer feel the same slowness as before, neither as with teddit. So to me, issue is sort of gone. Thanks all !

Microsoft is throttling performance of xCloud on Linux : r/linux
Also [Quality on Linux](https://teddit.net/r/xcloud/comments/vrfmuz/quality_on_linux)

Pine64 EU store
[reddit comments](https://teddit.net/r/PINE64official/comments/vr2xb7/pine64_eu_store_is_live)

Better? :)

See it all depends, as @Jeffrey@lemmy.ml mentioned, out of the box you can start easily mounting remote stuff in a secure way. Depending on the latency between the remote location and you, SSHFS might become more resilient than NFS, though in general might be slower (data goes encrypted and encapsulated by default), but still within the same local LAN (not as remote as mounting something from Texas into Panamá for example), I’m more than OK with SSHFS. Cifs or smbfs is something I prefer avoiding unless there’s no option, you need a samba server exposing a “shared” area, and it requires MS-NT configurations for it to work, and managing access control and users is, well, NTish, so to me it’s way simpler to access remote FS through SSH on the remote device I already have SSH access to, and it boils down to NFS vs. SSHFS, and I consider easier, faster and more secure, the SSHFS way.

But “better”, apart from somehow subjective, depends on your taste as well.

Ohh, this is truly sad. SSHFS is my preferred to share storage among different PCs. Hopefully someone with enough knowledge will take it over…

Well, I’d preferred if it happened on a distributed p2p messaging mechanism, such a Jami or Briar…

Package artix-archlinux-support moved to universe repo
[Official News](https://artixlinux.org/news.php#artix-archlinux-support_moves_to_%5Buniverse%5D)

The Privatized Internet Has Failed Us
[reddit comments](https://teddit.net/r/Futurology/comments/vekplq/the_privatized_internet_has_failed_us_the_early)

@fishonthenet@lemmy.ml, fission was removed from librewolf.cfg, the following is no longer part of the settings:

defaultPref("fission.autostart", true);

Any reason for that removal?

[reddit comments](https://teddit.net/r/programming/comments/v1c1tv/blockchain_the_amazing_solution_for_almost_nothing) There are several oversimplifications to watch out, but still interesting.

FYI: kmail does support office365 + exchange, the thing about the kontact suite is its akonadi DB dependency and all kde deps required. It’s like anything kde you install, brings a bunch of other stuff, usually not anything you end up using…

However I do like how kmail integrates with local gnuPG, rather than Thunderbird’s librnp, which I end up replacing with Sequoia Octopus librnp…

I miss read the article’s title, and yes I didn’t see more signs of a privacy discussion within, though this conclusion:

DRM’s purpose is to give content providers control over software and hardware providers, and it is satisfying that purpose well.

Is precisely one of the things I dislike from DRM… At any rate, my bad with the title…

We don’t have to agree with his criteria, do we? Starting from the fact the most DRM implementation is not open source. Besides, in order to control what you use, it’s implied DRM has access to see what you get, when you get it, where you use it, and so on,. That’s by definition a privacy issue, they can get stats on what you consume, how often you use it, where, on which devices and so on.

But the main issue with DRM, I’d agree, is not privacy itself, it’s an ethical one. And DRM hadn’t prevented piracy ever. It’s main issue is controlling and limiting your use of what you acquire/buy, and disallowing sharing, sometimes even with yourself, disallowing unauthorized devices, or disallowing to see content you should have access to, without having an internet connection to the corp watching and controlling how you use such content or whatever it is protected under DRM.

Of course, the blog comes from someone working on a big corp. At any rate. I guess not all open source supporting people actually supports the FSF, on that DRM is unethical. It so happens I do…

https://www.fsf.org/campaigns/drm.html https://www.defectivebydesign.org https://www.defectivebydesign.org/what_is_drm https://www.fsf.org/bulletin/2016/spring/we-need-to-fight-for-strong-encryption-and-stop-drm-in-web-standards

[reddit comments](https://teddit.net/r/technews/comments/umijqm/prominent_apple_staffers_write_letters_to)

[reddit comments](https://teddit.net/r/programming/comments/ukptue/ian_goodfellow_apples_director_of_machine)

[reddit comments](https://teddit.net/r/technology/comments/ukjck8/its_official_remote_work_has_zero_negative_impact)