Portainer, Simplicity without Compromize...
It's not perfect, but I'm excited I might one day get to swap to Podman for better security. Probably wait till this closes for serious use though https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/5188

Any news on what this brings? I have no idea where to find the changelog lol

Portainer, Simplicity without Compromize...
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    Portainer is the definitive open source UI for simplifying Kubernetes, Docker, Swarm, Edge and ACI container management. Build, manage, and deploy containers in your environment quickly and easily. No more CLI, no more mistakes, just simple, fast configuration in a graphical UI, built on a trusted open source platform. Please note, this is not an official support channel. For CE, please head to Git Hub or our Slack channel. For Portainer Business, please refer to https://support.portainer.io/

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