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Currently use Qutebrowser 99% of the time. Not sure if I see a reason to jump ship considering how similar this seems to that.

The header/map jumping does seem nice though.

I believe so, but Chatterino embeds emotes & whatnot into your chat.

But Twitch isn’t open source so idk how relevant any of this is to the sub…

I don’t blame beginners for using it. So many starter guides show using namespace std; without even explaining it or its pitfalls.

All I can say is to get used to writting std::
It’s not really that much work, and makes it more obvious where some calls are coming from for any readers of your code.

Most things in the various STD libs are namespaced as to not clash with other programs. using namespace imports everything in a namespace into your current namespace, even for things you didn’t include.

It’s just a shortcut to write less, and is a bad habit taught to beginners. It can cause name collisions for all sorts of things since it imports all of std, not just the headers you include.

Just don’t use it. If you insist, scope your use of using by putting it inside of functions/methods, and specify specific things to import (i.e. using std::string;).

One of my favorites. Hopefully worth the wait.

Subscene usually has a bunch of languages.

Otherwise there’s BSPlayer, OpenSubtitles, Podnapisi, Subcenter, Supersubtitles, Titrari, Tusubtitulo, TVSubtitles, and YIFY subtitles.

Hmm. So it’s Tor with uniform packets, randomized delays to subvert timing attacks, fake traffic to cover real traffic, and cryptocoin payments to any nodes in the system. Sounds cool, but it seems to still be beta software.

Wacky. I never thought it’d actually come out. Had fun with the first one, but that was years ago.

I’m excited, but probably waiting for the second gen pinephone. Don’t really want to deal with the jankyness if it’s my only phone.

People clicking the link on Google. Also if the site has any Google products embedded, like Adsense. And possibly through their DNS service too.

But that’s just all guessing…

Hmm. It’s some sort of OS distro with a bunch of self-hoster stuff preconfigured? I’ve already been running Ubuntu server v20 LTS for a while now as my base. Mix of KVM & Docker stuff for my various needs.

The future plan is a VPS that my home server is connected to via Wireguard. Just trying to decide on a provider. Currently thinking ArticHost or BuyVM, but we’ll see…

Never heard of Disroot. My Tutanota got deleted because I didn’t use it (previously went protonmail)

I’ve never seen great recommendations on this after looking around. Personally I plan on self-hosting, even if it’s not recommended…

First time hearing about this. It seems to basically be a fancy email reader with easier encryption, profile pictures (between users of Delta chat), and in-lining of attachments as messages.

I guess the idea is solid, but it’s a bit strange. Matrix seems to be a better alternative messaging service, and I can send regular email to people if I need too.

It’ll probably be a booster shot of some sort, which I believe some of the companies are already in the progress of making.

LVFS might be able to update it.

A VPN probably costs less, and will be useful for longer. No need to rip when you can sail (unless it’s not on the seas yet).

Any news on what this brings? I have no idea where to find the changelog lol…