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Where did you get that info? Their site says it’s 2 manufacturing defects in the battery.

Specifically it says

The problem consists of two LG manufacturing defects (a torn anode tab and folded separator) that, in rare circumstances, can simultaneously present in a single battery cell in the LG battery module.

Also, the Bolt does have battery heating/cooling last I checked. The Nissan Leaf, however, doesn’t.

On the upside, I bet a used Bolt will be really cheap now. Just need to wait for the fixed battery and it’s a solid option.

I use neither as well, although I did use QtCreator for a few weeks once, and its RAD (and vim mode) was nice for Qt dev.

The main features are the same across all IDE’s - debugger, code completion, refactoring, linting, Git integration, and build systems support. I’m sure there’s more, but like I said I don’t use them so I can’t name more.

Obviously VSCode can use plugins to do all this, same as many other editors. The line between IDE & text editor get blurry with plugins.

Both are full IDE’s though, to be fair. QtCreator even has a RAD for Qt which is really convenient.

Why do you say Qt for Linux isn’t good? All the Qt programs (and KDE) I’ve used on Linux worked great.

It’s a server. Dell Poweredge R620 to be precise. So not that out of the ordinary.

Weird. Do they actually need the money they get from this? I thought they had a ton of sponsors already.

It’s open core, but their free hosting runs on the closed source extension of the core for businesses. You’re only running the OSS if you self-host the free version I believe.

Good article, but the site’s colorscheme bothers me 🙃

Anyways, another to add to the list of hosts is https://codeberg.org/ It’s just Gitea but hosted for public use.

If both were the only statement, then yes they are equivalent because nothing is being done with the returned value either way. The difference only really matters if you’re using the returned value.

Yeah all I need is a desktop GUI, not making a game.

Still no Linux support on GOG Galaxy ;(

They do love it.

It being the money & saved dev time anyways :)

Do you have a recommendation of one vs the other? I was planning on starting a Rust GUI project soon & liked how the Iced API looks.

Yeah the value copy is necessary to return the old (pre-increment) value with i++. However, your compiler is (usually) smart enough to optimize the copy away if you never use it.

That being said, being explicit is good, so use ++i if you don’t need the old value. Don’t depend on the compiler to maybe do something.

Porn bad, masks bad, guns good. Didn’t you read the bible? 🤡

Interesting, but it seems like it’ll be an always-online (paid) SaaS product.

Specifically looks aimed at the Github point-click-commit style, but idk how they’ll get people to convert to the non-free product.

Good idea. I should do this for all the old hardware in my closet. Can’t even remember what half of it is 😅

GCC’s sanitizers actually catches most of these. The only one it wont complain about is

#include <optional>

int f() {
    std::optional<int> x(std::nullopt);
    return *x;

because nullopt is a nullopt_t which is akin to NULL, and will read as 0 if you try to do something with it, as far as I can tell…

The span missing bounds checking isn’t a huge deal, but I guess it would make sense for them to add an at method like most other containers have…

TLDR: Use g++ -Werror -Wpedantic -Wall -fsanitize=address,undefined,null when compiling. Maybe do another run with thread, leak, or other sanitizers if needed.

Or just yay (it’s shorthand for yay -Syu)

It’s not perfect, but I’m excited I might one day get to swap to Podman for better security. Probably wait till this closes for serious use though https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/5188

Any news on what this brings? I have no idea where to find the changelog lol…