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I’ve had people surprised when I told them all plants have at least some protein. They really thought the only source is meat 🤷‍♂️

I got one instead of an EV, although I did want an electric motorcycle but it’s 2x for a subpar product.

Even my new mid/low end adventure bike is only $6200. You can find used street bikes sub-$2000. The cheaper, lower-powered ones usually have better mileage too. Mine has 68mpg running 91 octane (US).

If there’s snow on the street (enough to matter) I’m using my ancient car, but otherwise the proper gear and prep can handle my state weather fine (avg 30-85°F depending on time of year).

Only thing is studded tires and being extra cautious if you’re really plowing through snow. But where I am snow gets plowed quickly, except for some back roads.

The real threat is black ice since you’re probably fucked if you hit it. The salt usually prevents it though.

I used it for a while (a few years) before getting a VPN. I couldn’t stand the horrible download speeds mostly, but there were always bugs. Not to mention the Arch support randomly breaking for months(?).

Sometimes torrents just refused to download anything at all too, it was pretty annoying. Wouldn’t even pull metadata.

Maybe it’s improved since the year or so since I dropped it, but the dev team seems to be going off the deep end with weird crypto fair-share downloading even as the bug trackers keeps growing.

It’s a shame too because the idea of decentralized torrents is great.

Yeah I’m liking it a lot. One of the few I’m excited to watch every week this season.

Is there any way to git-send-mail to Github/lab projects? Most stuff I interact with is on Github

I agree. Saved me a ton of time when I was importing an old iPod library that uses some crappy naming/folder scheme where they’re all named with random letters.

It was able to correctly figure out all but maybe 15 songs out of hundreds, and then using the acustic fingerprinting it found all but the last few, which I did manually.

I’ve been using RPPAL to work on a Pi 4 and it works pretty well. Has good defaults & support for all the interfaces I’m using (GPIO, SPI). Good experience overall (once I figured out cross-compiling).

Interesting article. Reminds me of that story of the guy outsourcing his work to Indian’s at a low cost, except he did it so he could work less not more

For me, it’s quicker if I don’t remember the exact file name or location. Just see a list, enter a dir, repeat. Instead of typing ls and cd, it’s hjkl movement

I’m really liking my Kailh Choc Purpz I got on my new board. The Choc White is also pretty nice, but I’ve only tested that one.

I don’t use NFT’s personally, but isn’t the idea to peove you own an asset, not just to serve it like a torrent would?

I second this, but I think some of their personal configs go a bit overboard, at least the i3 version. I guess it’s not really their “vision” to be a literal Arch install script though.

Where on the graph is my constant discovery of extremely niche features that I wish I knew a month ago when I needed it?

I’ve used it for a while. Not sure how nnn compares, but it works well for me. Can set it up to render images with w3c, open PDFs in stuff like Zathura, etc.

Interesting. I currently run Jellyfin for myself & others, but would love to move to something that works a bit better.

The hard part is getting in to all the various app stores (smart tvs & smartphones mainly). I also couldn’t find much info on what features it actually supports. I use basically everything Jellyfin offers (live TV, recordings, web radio, media playback, multiple playback sources, etc.), so I’d like to know that.

alsa-lib or crypto++ maybe? Not technically one person, but a majority of it is.

Maybe a bit pedantic, but I don’t think Vim really applies since it’s not a lib.

Probably going to wait for reviews, but this seems very promising.

Does anyone know how well Waydroid runs 2FA and banking apps? I’m required to use a specific 2FA app, and would also like to keep using my bank’s app for mobile check deposit. Not sure if Waydroid will cause any issues or not.

Sure they could, but why bother? There’s already FOSS twitch-esque sites you can self-host.

Arguably, the real value in their site isn’t even the code, but the streamers and their dedicated viewers. Not to mention the brand recognition and amount of new viewers that stumble into their site daily through Twitch being so big.

That’s why Youtube and the now defunct Beam/Mixer always try/tried to buy up individual streamers - its where the real value is.

It's not perfect, but I'm excited I might one day get to swap to Podman for better security. Probably wait till this closes for serious use though https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/5188

Any news on what this brings? I have no idea where to find the changelog lol