Community Requests.
Requesting /c/mtg

The current admin made a single post on Lemmy in June of 2020…I think it’s fair to say it’s been abandoned :P …


Requesting new moderator for /c/anarchism

The current two moderators have not been active for more then 6, respective 12 months and it is a rather active community. …

requesting c/artix mod

The original creator removed his/her account…

Hi, …


requesting /c/java



Hi, …


  • Evan
  • 3M
Requesting c/programming

I work full time as a programmer, and was disappointed to see the biggest programming subreddit without active moderators. It’s not in a super bad state, I think possibly admins occasionally visit, but active designated mods would be nice! …


Requesting /c/russia

It is deleted so I can’t comment there, though,

Hi, …

  • akc3n
  • edit-2
Requestion c/grapheneos - mod account


Requesting to also be a moderator of /c/japan

Even though there’s also a more or less active moderator I would like to be one, too, and help to keep it a bit more alive. …

Requesting c/nintendo and c/zelda

My posts there: …

Requesting some tech communities

With having deleted his content and presumably having decided to stop using Lemmy, I’d like to pick up some of their orphaned tech communities. Specifically, ! and [!](https://lemmy

Community Requests.

    This is to request dead / abandoned communities to be transferred.

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