Community Requests.
Wasn't sure where else to post this. By myself, the sub wouldn't take off, like all the other novelty subs.

Requesting /c/ubuntu
Current mod of has been inactive for a year.

Requesting c/manga
Hello, I'd like to request c/manga due to the moderator being inactive for a substantial amount of time (1+ year) and wanting to better it.

I'd like to request it because the current moderator hasn't been active for 6 months and I want to maintain/grow the community as Konosuba is a popular anime/manga series which I am very passionate about.

requesting /c/cryptography
I would like to make [!]( in to a community about cryptography (as in communications security). All of the links currently there are on this topic, but the description is unfortunately "Useful and interesting content about bitcoin and cryptocurrency" and the existing mod appears to no longer be active. FWIW there are already several other communities about cryptocurrency, including [!](, [!](, [!](, [!](, [!](, and [!](

Requesting c/nepal
The mod has been inactive for more than a year or two. There's also discontent in r/Nepal. One of my post:

Requesting /c/hamradio
The only mod deleted the community and their account before I got there.

Requesting /c/fedivangelism
The only mod there has been gone for over 6 months.

Requesting /c/turkiye
Only mod is banned

Requesting design community
Mod was active 9 months ago. I'd like to resurrect this. Mod hasn't replied to message.

Requesting !vivaldi_browser. Mod has been inactive for two years and has not responded to messages.
Proof of activity: - [post]( - [comments](

New community request c/FLOSS_india
Hey server mods, could you please create this community and make me mod please. c/FLOSS_india Everything free libre open source software for Indian + global audience. Thank you for this.

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c/pics has no active mods
Lately, c/pics has been spammed with posts that I see as off topic. The community has no set rules, and the only mod is inactive for 2 years. In order to preserve the quality of this community, there needs to be new mods. I don't particularly want to do it, but if no one else steps up I will take responsibility for it.

Requesting /c/mtg
The current admin made a single post on Lemmy in June of 2020...I think it's fair to say it's been abandoned :P Here is a post of mine:

Requesting new moderator for /c/anarchism
The current two moderators have not been active for more then 6, respective 12 months and it is a rather active community. Maybe I am not the best choice for it (some recent posters seem to have blocked me), but I am willing to take over temporarily.

requesting c/artix mod
The original creator removed his/her account

Hi, The community for AndroidApps on ( ) no longer has a mod. The mod account of has been deleted. Requesting mod status for [!]( community, and my recent post on c/AndroidApps: Thank you for your time. Regards, akc3n

Requesting /c/lisp and /c/scheme
[!]( [!]( Both mods have 2 years without activity and the communities are orphaned.

Hi, Would like to please request mod status on [!]( Link to comment Thank you for your time. Regards, akc3n

Community Requests.

    This is to request dead / abandoned communities to be transferred.

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