Community Requests.
Requesting c/nintendo and c/zelda

My posts there: …

Requesting /c/mtg

Post where I commented:

Requesting some tech communities

With having deleted his content and presumably having decided to stop using Lemmy, I’d like to pick up some of their orphaned tech communities. Specifically, ! and [!](https://lemmy

  • @xvf
  • 3M
Requesting /c/chile

I’d like to request chile as the only moderator has been inactive for 2 months…


Requesting c/crypto

In this field there are big amount of scams/get-rich-quick schemes and promo attempts. Moderator seems inactive for months…

  • @Flelkbanned
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Requesting c/Austin

Mod is inactive for many months…

Requesting c/Austin
  • @Flelkbanned
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Requesting /c/malaysia

The sole mod there doesn’t seem to be active since their account was created. I thought of sprucing up that comunity…

Requesting /c/newzealand

i don’t necessarily want to mod this longterm but the only mod has zero activity in 9 months and the display name kinda needs to be changed so people can see it in their subscribed list readily…

Requesting /c/elixir

Mod has no activity in 7 months, and never posted to the community…

Requesting /c/solarpunk

Mod has last posted 7 months ago:

Requesting c/Pokemon

Moderator hasn’t posted in seven months. I have not posted anything there yet either, but that is easily one of my favorite franchises ever, so I will take good care of it!..

Requesting c/websites

c/coolwebsite …

  • nBee
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Requesting /c/psychology

The current mod hasn’t been active since last July…


Requesting /c/books, /c/bitcoin and /c/accelerationism. …


Requesting /c/floss_replacement

The mod,, last posted 7 months ago…

Requesting /c/libre_hardware

The mod,, last posted 7 months ago…

Requesting /c/collapse

Mod has never posted or commented since creating their account 7 months ago…

Community Requests.

    This is to request dead / abandoned communities to be transferred.

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