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Hybrid is the way to go until we can be figure out better battery tech

that second demo is eerily natural sounding.

I thought telegram was less susceptible to government bans as they were creating new servers for relay when Russia tried to block it.

is that not the case anymore?

before trying protonmail, I used to think 500MB for email wouldn’t last very long. Boy, I was wrong. After many years of using it as primary email, storage usage is at around 40MB. worth switching to.

did you try any debloat apps? hopefully when it’s released in insiders, people will figure out how to remove most of the bloat.

It calls itself a meta search engine but which search engine does it really use upstream? I couldn’t find any information on that

generally if there’s a clone of a open-source project with a f-droid repository, it most likely has all trackers removed. like this app, Bromite for Chromium, Fennec for Firefox and others.

the important part is the original project must be a open source app too.

this is great but remember to backup bookmarks and such. I used to use a tracking removed clone of maps.me until it broke down, deleted the map data and corrupted the bookmarks and then was abandoned. lost a year worth of bookmarks.

the app was on f-droid too.


not blaming the dev, just sharing my experience.

Open source and local Speech-to-Text utilizing Mozilla deep learning model for Android


I hope this will compete with customizations similar to Vivaldi, on top of Firefox. Will follow the project.

you can submit a report to webcompat.com and hopefully the Mozilla team will fix it

did you post on the vivaldi forum yet?

have been using workrave. switched briefly to strechly but electron app for a simple break was too much. will check this out.


it would be nice but that would also drive in a lot of spam.

“online classes have increased our expenses exponentially”