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With reddit going public soon, you might want to slowly ditch reddit by using privacy frontends and third party applications or an entirely new alternative

A sub for clearnet/greymarket sites, reviews, and general discussion of Novel Psychoactive Substances Come one in, the water's fine!

A possible way to revive newspapers and newswriting
Given that traditional news outlets are dying, is this a possible way to revive it? People write about news all the time, on blogs and reddit/facebook, for free. They write informed short posts about local events/stuff, for very few readers. If many of them gathered together on one platform, like a reddit or medium -style platform but exclusively for news-type articles, would that be a viable project? Anyone could write and contribute, but some will consistently get reputation/upvotes and float to the top. It could be a donation-based business model, so the higher reputation writers get some cash. This post was inspired by this one:

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