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Correctly: Every time any power steps onto the stage, the world suffers.

can you back it up with evidence?

no more world-wide surveillance constellations… what a bummer

how can you root a hardcoded read-only file system?

With the latest Android update, they removed iptables so that one cannot use a firewall. With the next update they are introducing read-only file system so that one cannot use a free operating system on Android anymore… Very heavy-handed moves from gevilcorp

currently tech companies are exploiting the people at scale and the only solutions against them are: rule of law, strong public institutions, critical thinking and open discussion so why not get rid of false motives and abuse instead;)

don’t want to sound cynical

startpage has been bought by an american advertising company couple of years ago

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Your argument sounds kind of twisted, that calls out for punishing a person who stood out to defend people from massive, global scale power abuse and the errosion of human rights. Not he is pretending to stand above law but those agencies that are not bound by any reasonable law or oversight

the article needs update as part of the software of Signal’s servers became closed-source in December 2021 and the founder stepped down as CEO of the company he built in January 2022…

that’s pretty much true to any foss community

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