Given that traditional news outlets are dying, is this a possible way to revive it?

People write about news all the time, on blogs and reddit/facebook, for free. They write informed short posts about local events/stuff, for very few readers. If many of them gathered together on one platform, like a reddit or medium -style platform but exclusively for news-type articles, would that be a viable project?

Anyone could write and contribute, but some will consistently get reputation/upvotes and float to the top. It could be a donation-based business model, so the higher reputation writers get some cash.

This post was inspired by this one:


I would really like to see more news that are written by random people, rather than corporate media.


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Thanks. I don’t have the time or energy or skills for a project like that. Was just a thought. Would be amazing if somebody else developed it though.

I think if done right it could really upend our relationship with news and with information. The eternal problems of “who decides which news is important and should be emphasised” “who decides which perspective is most important” - right now some guy in an office decides. If that were decided by the crowd, that could really change what news/perspective we see, change the balance of information-power, and in turn change our understanding of the world.

TBH I think the reddit model, the way both throwaways and registered users can write anything, and quality/visibility/moderation is all done using upvotes/downvotes, I think it’s brilliant and should be applied to many more things.

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