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It’s kind of imperfect as of now, people have to manually put in search results so it makes sense you didn’t get anything. I’m still working on making a submit button but then I’ll make something like a crawler so It’ll work like any search

oh… that’s really just a massacre

I think I understand the situation now, what’s the goal within these nations funding israelian militaries, is there anything to gain, killing humans for the sake of killing them?

is there a way for them to resolve this then?

@poVoq@lemmy.ml @soferman@lemmy.ml So basically they’re in conflict because of past history. palestinians homes getting dispossessed because of something over half a century ago. and then it being also the reason palestinians getting bombed repeatedly

What's actually happening with palestina, isreal and gaza?

There is bombing attacks in gaza yet some people are also saying that palestina is attacking isrealians, what’s going on here? I’m confused…

https://fedisearch.xyz A small project of mine, feel free to submit users and other things here. …

I added you to the Search API instead, you can add yourself to the wiki in the github page if you’d like to.

technically I could make another one for general users, where everyone can add themselves into the search json.

as long as they count as a creator you can add it here. even if they’re unknown.

I will leave out ones who just started out and shortly become inactive (while still being unkown). some who disappear while still having a good following are special cases.

when you save/download the page however it’ll start working

for some reason it only works in librewolf… and I don’t know much javascript for that matter

So do you want yourself to be put in the novelist, illustrators or game developer category?

other than linux, he’s in the “luke smith” category.

I’ll be adding everything from here so don’t hesitate to comment

memes like this is art. you deserve my upvote for that shitty ass hand writing

refer to; https://lemmy.ml/post/62974/comment/53252

maybe a closed network that can federate so I can add more servers around the world. every message and posts is encrypted and only people that are invited can see.

this is great for someone that want to surround himself with special people. also families, businesses, and journalists.

This is a really great article you made. if you want to rewrite for some whatever reason, maybe improvements. you can notify me again. what good does an article do if no one reads it? I’ll put this on the sidebar

A Comment Section for any Static Website/Blog with Mastodon!

implementing ActivityPub comment section on your static blog can be done with just a mastodon account…

Help make fediverse more popular!

How to pull in more users to the Fediverse.

The Fediverse Problem; The search engine, Discoverability.

pleroma, mastodon, and other AP microblogging service has the same problem. you have to specifically use the url or @ to find someone or a post. The search feature isn’t really one at all. you can’t discover anything or anyone who hasn’t federated to that instance, and there is hundreds of instances…

[Concept] A Federated Digital Store

there is a recent controversy of steam taking money from game creators. 30% of sales to be exact. At first, I thought that was normal since every other companies do this. then I realize I was getting to used to them, people are dependent on them and the trend is becoming normal. …

Could one year make a difference on Fediverse?

One year, 12 months, 52.17857 weeks, 365.25 days, 8766 hours, and then 31557600 seconds. …

Hypothetically speaking. if I finished making a fediverse instance like pleroma or mastodon, what can I do with it?

you’ve bought a vps server, then after that you played around with it and made your first website and decided to make your own social media. you feel like having everything you’ve ever wanted to own because you can do whatever with it. and then come to the realization in which you have no idea what …

A talent agency of online creators on fediverse.

at first I was just thinking of making my own organization/group for novelists. more catered towards fictional writers than non-fiction ones. there won’t be any app for the webnovels, rather just a website for the members that has a brief biography and links to their own platforms, for an example th…

How do I make a vpn?

hey everyone! I’m back after taking some time off from certain things. before I start losing my mind from not having anything to do, I decided that I’m going to start being more “involved” in the online world. even if It’ll take away some of my privacy a bit, also because I want to practice being le…

is Matrix/Riot.im really private?

I haven’t hosted my own matrix server yet. is it safe to join an instance? I don’t really know how private that would be. the question is when I signup/login would I be giving out my IP? is the metadata private? sorry for asking this, I’m just a bit paranoid…


How do I go about being anonymous/private on social medias like youtube, twitter, instagram?

I don’t really use them, lately I thought if I want my voice/influence to be heard on a wider audience, I need to join the corporate social media platforms first. …

get this; Russia’s watchdog is planning on banning twitter in a month (now even closer) if they don’t do anything about their illegal content in their platform. and now their ISPs are throttling twitter’s traffic to make it unusable. …

[Question] Is RSS over tor private or overkill. (?)

I found a way to use RSS over tor. since I don’t really know how rss works, this might be a good question since I had a problem opening links in rss when using a tor proxy. but I’m probably willing to give up that function if it gives me more privacy…