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It joined the ranks of the annoying UX platforms. For me the first of these was Twitter. I use to think it’s because I’m getting old and out of touch.

My question is why are platforms doing this anti-design thing. I figure they aren’t designing for “user as a human” anymore but for “user as a product” reasons.

The way I see it it’s also basically click working. Each post or comment no matter how mundane contributes to their bottom line. The web hasn’t been this centralized and walled before. We’ve seen the ebb and flow of platforms through out the years. This time around the platforms have cornered parts of the web. I really wonder where it goes from here.

Paint the government as out-of-touch policy wonks who had no idea how tech and real markets worked. And above all, deny even the most basic of premises in the government’s case. The plan from Gates’ army of lawyers and PR handlers seemed to be to wield his image as a software wunderkind who dropped out of Harvard to bootstrap his company and went on to become the world’s richest man. Team Gates planned to use that same domineering force of will to beat back government lawyers.

Every tech bro has adopted this tactic. It works now as opposed to Gates’ era when people, especially the tech communities, saw him for what he is. They now have social media to rally everybody from tech geeks or the average Joe before them as idols.

These days people immediate write off anything legislative because government bad, all hail the tech bros.

Users like OP make money for reddit which is why they allow it to fester. It drives clicks and views which translates to valuation. Same goes for every other social platform. It’s commonly referred to as “valuable discussion” but really that’s just coporate jargon. This whole social media experiment has been a sort of gradient search for monetizing hate speech.

As long as users keep on dancing on puppet strings, corporate is grinning from ear to ear as the slot machine bells ring away and coins continuously tumble out the machine.

These sorts of power user accounts are blatantly obvious on reddit too. The average user doesn’t care.

The banned user was trying to transplant standard operating procedure of a reddit troll account onto this platform. Basically you blitz the site with generic content. This fills 99% of your post history. It creates a noise floor. The 1% of posts are your signal. The actual message you’re trying to inject into conversations.

A result is that we get comments like the above. At a glance people only see the noise floor. Totally harmless looking user right? Now whos gonna spam generic links accross every community. Anyone of us could create a scraper bot to accomplish that anyways.

No audio on Ubuntu 20.04 - A solution

I upgraded to Kubuntu 20.04.1 and audio stopped working. PulseAudio volume control (pavucontrol) shows that it is using a Dummy output device. …

Reddit is a guage of average joe public sentiment these days the way Facebook will tell you what the crazy uncles will be rattling on about at the next family dinner. Some how that site still holds on to the image of being a rational tech literate space. I know you’re probably aware of this but I’m just stating explicitly for the sake of it.

It is frightening to see, yes. There’s also plenty of people like on lemmy lamenting these events. I’ll be super concerned if we ever get to the point where even the geeks like just use chromium, it’s open source enough.

Agreed. There’s no way to solve the global message board problem. I don’t think Facebook or any of the big platforms are trying to solve that anyways. Their goal is to maintain the status quo. The mob mentality has made them wealthy beyond anyones wildest dreams. They need the chaos to continue.

The sooner individuals realize that and internet responsibly the better because Facebook won’t be broken up any time soon. Tech has gotten to good at staying ahead of legislation.

That led us to the vendor specific API hell. I don’t entirely disagree with what you said. But the vendors went and modified the plugs in secret ways. So that left the enthusiast community to tread through binaries to find out wtf is happening. Ultimately led Google to try to enforce vendors to play nice with the core.

I vaguely remember some snapdragon exploit a couple years ago that was supposed render a whole bunch of devices unlockable but as far as I can tell nothing ever came of that.

Something tells me the cumulative of extensions out there amounts to a frightening amount of privacy incursions. Extensions are like the current day Internet Explorer toolbar. Except with less notoriety for being trash.

Why use temporary containers vs incognito. I know some sites can detect incognito mode. Are there more reasons?

Reddit added this a while back. Initially they tried to push hard on the feature but scaled back for some reason. I think it was /r/profiles or something that was dedicated to showing user profile posts. They got a bunch of news outlets on board for a bit. It seems like it never really took off. I think they were trying to become like Twitter with blue checkmarked accounts.

Now once in a blue moon you might see a /u/ post in the /r/all queue. These days I mostly see people pin a post in their profile that taunts people who go looking through their post history.

The feature is heavily used by sex workers to promote their snapchats and manycams and patreons or whatever.