Solar Punk
A SolarPunk manifesto

A Solarpunk Manifesto (CC-by-SA) …


Fun video showing an eco-conscious structure that predominately uses solar for heating in the winter and summer…

Is unbreakable furniture solarpunk? source

A great exploration or the tenets and politics beyond the aesthetics…


Happen Films - YT Channel that documents sustainability, permaculture, etc.

Just wanted to share one of my favorite channels on YT. They make videos about a lot of different things, but my favorite is the permaculture tour series (like this one). Not sure if this channel has been shared here before, but I recommend it…

This is an innovation that I could see happening. Lot’s of farming equipment is driving automatically already, these machines are huge anyways and would have the power. …

Move quietly and plant things :)

Solar Punk memes, writing, idealism, and urbanism. Utopians welcome.

Solarpunk imagines a world in which today’s existential threat - the climate crisis - is being approached with camaraderie and adaptive ingenuity.

What is Solarpunk?

A SolarPunk Manifesto

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