Solar Punk
A SolarPunk manifesto

A Solarpunk Manifesto (CC-by-SA) …

Social Transgression in SolarPunk

In a solarpunk society, how would transgression look like? Obviously not the lame edgy kind like throwing a plastic wrap on the ground but the artistic, aesthetic, sexualized forms of transgression that challenge the status quo. Does it even make sense to pose such a question in an utopic setting? (…

a well thought through idea of what an actual decentralised liberatory society might look like, it may not get the details all right but it should be praised for its form, thought processses and basic ideas, does go to lengths to avoid the parochialism in these types of structure, good criticism of …


SLRPNK - for people who want to shape a better world!

Seems like someone started a Solarpunk themed Lemmy instance!..

Interesting thoughts on why everything seems to be about “justice” these days… with a somewhat Solarpunkish final theory:


An aerial photo of the Sasanian circular city of Gōr, in Iran, and a reconstruction of the city as it may have appeared in its heyday. Gōr was the new capital city of Ardashir I (180-242 CE), the founder of the Sasanian Empire, and had a perfect circular plan of 1,950 m diameter [1015x1775] …


We’re looking forward to seeing you for an incredible gathering of 70+ sessions led by 150 presenters from across the world. Use the button below to hop on over and see what we have planned for the big event…


Move quietly and plant things :)

Solar Punk memes, writing, idealism, and urbanism. Utopians welcome.

Solarpunk imagines a world in which today’s existential threat - the climate crisis - is being approached with camaraderie and adaptive ingenuity.

What is Solarpunk?

A SolarPunk Manifesto Lemmy instance

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