Solar Punk
A SolarPunk manifesto

A Solarpunk Manifesto (CC-by-SA) …


A Quick Guide to Permablitzing

Here’s an introduction and guide to the praxis of permablitzing! Good luck solarpunks🌻 …

Seeking speculative fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry about environmental justice that addresses the intersection between social upheaval and environmental changes, from collapses to breakthroughs, and everything in between. People’s large-scale relationships to the Earth produce formidable…

"Breathing" Computer system

This is so cool, a passive air cooling system using magnets and water pumps to cool a high performance computer. …

Move quietly and plant things :)

Solar Punk memes, writing, idealism, and urbanism. Utopians welcome.

Solarpunk imagines a world in which today’s existential threat - the climate crisis - is being approached with camaraderie and adaptive ingenuity.

What is Solarpunk?

A SolarPunk Manifesto

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