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Awww you are very welcome there @yuurei@lemmy.ml , I glad it’s very much helps you so much that you’ll go ahead and use them. <3

If you want no BSes, I heard https://lavabit.com/ stands the test of time even during governational pressures (unlike Proton I heard that went around).

Simply because they didn’t even had the information that they were seeking for.

Two Way Bridging and Integrating From Discord?

Hiya again! …

The former is stupid, one is a game and this is a chat platform like Discord. I can’t see that being a REQUIREMENT. A SSO? Possibly.

As for “paid features” that’s a given. Everyone from Facebook, to Twitter to even Youtube all gains a reputation and therefore gradually upgrade their profit games. Even your ISP, hosting provider or your local restaurant will do this at some points and at times.

I am no longer in the Minecraft communities so it’s not easy for me to source anymore but typically there are networks that will happily links their BungeeCord or similar instances up to your servers. If not have in game means of creating “servers” or “worlds” on the fly. Those are normally called Player/Sub Servers or Player Worlds.

Even then, it’s been done for years on end. It’s not a new concept and is actively in practice.

This isn’t news, there plenty of networks that already does this. You might be just a command away in fact to get a “Player Server” or “Player World” in fact.

Also I hate to break it up to you but that isn’t federation, that more like “we provides the connectivity and you do the rest”. Not that much different than saying using your own web server with a CDN network.

(Minetest) Massively Improved Spawn By Dedicated Player! Also Areas Mod Majorly Buffed to 12 Areas!

Dedicated player EXTENSIVELY added to our spawn spanning 8 road ways to go around! You surely able to find a place to call home or to take to the oceans with little to no efforts required (few boats are attempted to be laid out/in chests)! Check out what they did below! ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/i

Where do I manually find this config to check?

(Linux Mint) Automating Audio Input Preferences?

It’s REALLY annoying that I gotta remember to switch from HDMI to Headphones. Is there a good “fix” to this that it will automate between the two? …

It’s not the people that you should be REALLY worried about but it’s the people behind the Discord Guilds you should be.

If you can get a portion of Discord’s “market” to make the swap then you will be easier time getting your “friends” to swap over.

I uses it because Minetest, my hosting provider(s) and so are there… It’s difficult to NOT to be using Discord because of this alone.

At least that’s more understanding to me, thanks for explaining that to me and I shall see how it’s does. Should be easier to implement to boot.

What I can do is fire her up on a cron (after manually testing first) and play the game activity to see if I notices anything and what if any.

Ya that what I am not certain about the “time out” function. Like I am assuming it would block everything from being written preventing anything from happening. So my thoughts is it’s probably not any better than “just” freezing the process though docker. And if all else fails freezing the VPS from the provider end (I seen “Pause” at a number of hosts so that shouldn’t be hard to come by) to do the same but at the VPS level and snapshotting it. I might not be able to get the snapshot off the network BUT at least it’s a backup regardless. Just not the best backup in the world…

Indeed IF I have a chance at this I either can freeze the docker directly and if that doesn’t do it justice, I may be able to freeze the entire VPS instead (at the new host that is since the current SolusVM installation at the current host doesn’t even works properly and consistently logs me out for NO reasons).

Will do! Thanks for the idea! I reprovision-ed the game server with no additional backends enabled to rule out any other variables as possible. Then I gotta start it, pause it manually and see what the panel is indicating of it, just to make sure it doesn’t think it’s dead or something and decides to kill it.

If that goes to as plan then I will attempt to make a script to try to back it up, get into the game on an endless exploring venture and see how the GAME responds to this (the script will be primed on cron like 20 minutes in or something).

INTERESTING This may or may not work, firstly the Minetest Server need not be flips out that it’s being literally frozen, as well as the Pterodactyl Panel (as it managed though there) and resumes normal processes. THEN you also gotta hope that you’re freezing it when the server list is not polling for uptime (it does this I think every 10 to 15 minutes I think?).

So firstly I would probably want to freeze it manually to see how the panel responds to it. Then proceed if it possible to go further.

If this is… This might works especially if I rig up a script for it to pauses it, tar it, unpause it. That way it’s ONLY frozen for the amount of time it needs to be. Which until the map get a quite a size (I would say over 6GB or so) this might be feasible. As that when I expect the NVMes to take over a minute to tar the thing.

The Sqlite3 database actually does requires a shutdown or else the map.sqlite will in fact gets corrupted (since there are live transactions going on even if nobody is on it).

I also can’t be certain if the game will handles the Sqlite3’s .backup function properly or if it will “freezes” the game while it does this. Which the only resource I find about this was https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?p=339487#p339487 but again I do not understand what will happens in game while this happens.

Alternative To Minetest or Minecraft With Self Hosting Multiplayer Servers?

This have been really frustrating for me as of late since I just found out today that it seems to me that the Minetest Multiplayer List is based up if the server been online for at least 8 hours for the last 8 hours. …

Find housing for humanity based organizations, they might be able to assist getting you housed. If you don’t understand of any, try asking around to understanding HOW to get such assistance in your area.

Please don’t squat, you might “win” in the short run but you will get charges sooner or later.

Instead seek local organizations and churches who might be able to point you in the right directions and/or provide you assistance.

And in place of panhandling for cash (if it allowed), you might get better luck if you simply ask for donation(s) for what you are needing (i.e. food instead of money to get said food). To me it’s more understanding if a person on the streets ask for some bread than if they looking for $3 to get a loaf.

Awww you are very welcome! Thanks for your appreciation in me as well. :)

LunaNode might be cheap to run them. I am not sure on their demands but they have general and memory intensive instances.

I was having difficulties 2FAing (namely Discord but others in the past) and I glad this exists for me be able to FINALLY 2FA enables it. :) …

It’s honestly USUALLY not that difficult to dedicate sufficient time to prune a community here as needed within reasons. Beside a well moderated community is less likely to be spammed in the long run considering it will be less efforts than it’s worth.

Problems USUALLY arises because there’s a lack of moderation, not because new users should be pulled back or from being signed up. This is more evident in game servers and believe me I can tell them apart what’s a well oiled game server from one that isn’t. Same goes for online communities.

I disagrees with that, “throttling” postings is dumb. Just moderate your communities more closely if you don’t likes’ the contents.

My Concern for Guilded and Similar Options

I just saw this because of @gmate8@lemmy.ml news update and I thought to express why I have difficulties trusting these platforms (I am not singling out Guilded but it’s was involved). That don’t let you have it your ways. …

How Do I Replace LVM RAID Without Replacement Disk Being Installed?

I am so confused that why I can’t find on how to do this…

  1. Offline the failing (but still working disk) from the LVM RAID1 side…

Please Attempt to Try the Game or Game Server Before "Birching" About it Please!

Short story that a guy logged into my game server alleging that there were nothing to do. Despite the fact that there are major mods on my particular game server. Which does afford a decent range of activities to be enjoyed. …

No Wonder IT's Difficult To Encourage Used IT Usages, Market for Used Consumable Hardware is So Fragmented!

I was just trying to flag down a 500GB 7,200RPM SATA disk at a REASONABLE price and FINALLY ordered a “Used-Acceptable” unit from Amazon ringing up at $18.14 before taxes. …

SMART Readings Just Said "Bad Sectors" for "Current Pending Sectors" for 2.5" HGST 500GB HDD 7,200RPM. Should I Look at Ordering a Replacement?

I have this and a 500GB HDD 7,200RPM ST500LM21-1KJ152 in LVM RAID1 and after I added a ~15GB QCOW2 image to it it had a SMART Health Status of “24 bad sectors” even though they were “Current Pending Sectors”. As seen below…