I was attacked by a machine code wizard.


Xie hexed me.

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This community was created about november 10. It’s now dec 10th and we have 115 subscribers. Keep up the good growth!
Fingers crossed we go exponential and get a IRL big antiwork movement

This is also a key reason why original content posted initially to federated alternatives has value.

Fernando esparza is a well designed character
Also, he's latino? Maybe biggest latino character for a 2021 game?

Best service for seeing rates per capita for any country?
I used to use offloop.net/covid19, but it's been offline for ~2 month.

What we say here means nothing to the masses. Here we make posts for each other.
Same applies to Lemmy's/reddit's antiwork. A few liberal magazines grant us a few lines. Netizens tells themselves we represent the average person. The world is a big place, not a million c/antiwork netizens. Until we stand with the millions of workers IRL, we will not represent anything, nor will we ever be able to challenge big tech as one people.

He just closed this issue in favor of nutomic's issue which is the basically the same issue

“Misandry irritates. Misogyny kills”
Men face sexism too! You might have heard people dismissing misandry as unimportant because 'there's no systemic discrimination against men' or the famous saying "Misandry irritates. Misogyny kills" Occasionally, you might hear that there is systemic misogyny, which may occasionally backfire against men occasionally. But is this true? Let's look at the facts **The Law** According to a very indepth review by Sonja Starr, she deduced that [Men get 63% longer sentences for the same crime.](https://repository.law.umich.edu/law_econ_current/57/) While it is true that men are more likely to commit crimes, it doesn't explain the gender disparity, which is alot longer than racial disparity, which means even an African American woman would get a shorter sentence than a white man. Men's troubles don't start there. [Men are more likely to be stopped by the police](https://repository.library.northeastern.edu/files/neu:344633/fulltext.pdf), and even when women are stopped, [we are less likely to be arrested](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0047235204000637?via%3Dihub). [Women are also less likely to be killed by the police](https://www.statista.com/statistics/585149/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-gender/). And overally, men are [90% of those in prison](https://www.prisonstudies.org/country/united-states-america), [98% of death row inmates](https://www.statista.com/statistics/199014/gender-distribution-of-prisoners-under-sentence-of-death-in-the-us-in-2009/), and [and 98.8% of those executed.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_women_executed_in_the_United_States_since_1976) Now when we hear that African Americans are unjustly being killed by police at higher rates than white people, we rightly protest and accuse the police of discrimination. We also say that if African-Americans commit more crimes than whites it's due to systemic discrimination against them, but if men receive much harsher sentences than women for the same crime and sentencing history, isn't it systemic discrimination. So, why does this discrimination exist? It's in part due to the ['women are wonderful effect'](https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14792779543000002). Some have argued this is only due to women following traditional gender roles, but even when women are not, [we are still seen as wonderful](https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1111/j.1471-6402.1991.tb00792.x) Violence against women is seen as almost universally evil especially Western nations. According to research done by Richard B Felson, [people see violence against women worse than violence against men, especially if the perp is a woman](https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ab.20323). Men are discriminated against even when they are the victims, [As criminals get harsher punishments for killing women than for killing men.](https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1300/J134v03n01_03) **Mental Health** It's a well known fact that [men commit suicide more than women in every country in the world.](https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/suicide-rate-by-country) But what is behind this rate? People argue that since women attempt suicide at higher rates than men, it proves that women are the ones in need of help not men. But [men have a higher rate of suicidal intent than women](https://bmcpsychiatry.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12888-017-1398-8). It seems that many women could be making a suicidal gesture rather than actually wanting to commit suicide. As a woman, I used to be suicidal but I was able to benefit from therapy, which is what most want. Some also say that men choose more lethal methods, but this is also not indicative of men's suicide rate because [even when men choose the same methods, they still die more than women.](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0165032711005179) Some say it is due to toxic masculinity, but even that has problems. First of all, if women were more oppressed than men, why would they commit suicide at a higher rate? Secondly, [91% of men who committed suicide did seek help before doing it](https://documents.manchester.ac.uk/display.aspx?DocID=55305) So, what is the reason? Well, [suicide prevention programs work much better for girls than for boys](https://archive.is/3MnuZ). This [study](https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/15579883211014776) shows that men are dropping out of therapy prematurely because therapy was created with women in mind. To summarize, if men all over the world commit suicide more than women, even when using the same methods, and men drop out of therapy because it doesnt suit their needs, than isn't it systemic discrimination? **Physical Health** Now, everyone knows that [women live longer than men in almost every country on Earth.](https://www.worldometers.info/demographics/life-expectancy/) But leave alone the fact that men are more likely to commit suicide, die at work (more on than later), die during a conflict (more on than later), drown, die from an injury, and die from child abuse, let's look at mens health. [Men are more likely to die from cancer](https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/understanding/statistics), [heart attacks](https://www.healthline.com/health/heart-disease/statistics), and even [coronavirus](https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2020/05/15/covid-19-much-more-fatal-for-men-especially-taking-age-into-account/) Despite all this, [women's health receives FOUR TIMES as much funding as men's health](https://prostate.org.nz/2014/01/men-die-earlier-womens-health-gets-four-times-funding/) **Hate crimes** Almost everyone agrees that gay men are oppressed to some degree. [But gay men suffer hate crimes more often than gay women do.](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2019/06/28/anti-gay-hate-crimes-rise-fbi-says-and-they-likely-undercount/1582614001/) Other feminists say this is because lesbians are seen as 'sexier' than gay men. But even [transwomen are more likely to be victims of hate crimes than trans men](https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/transgender-day-remembrance-advocates-honor-lives-lost-violence-n938401). The key here is that even though trans women are women, transphobes dont consider them women, they consider them 'men in dresses' and thus deserving of violence. While transmen usually say that people generally treat them with kid gloves when they find out they were AFAB (assigned female at birth). [Bisexual men endure more discrimination than bisexual women](https://web.archive.org/web/20210319092021/https://sci-hub.st/https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0164430). [72 countries have laws against homosexuality, but only about 40 have laws against female homosexuality](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/27/gay-relationships-still-criminalised-countries-report) So in 27 countries, it's banned for men but not for women. So if men are more likely to be victims of hate crimes, male homosexuality is punished more than female homosexuals, while trans women are being targeted because they are seen as men pretending to be women, doesn't it mean men are systemically discriminated against? **Work** You've probably heard that women make less money than men, and that is an example of discrimination, but the truth is that women choose more fulfilling and safer jobs than men. We also choose jobs closer to home, so we commute less, and we take less overtime and work shorter hours. [Here is a video explaining it all.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58arQIr882w) According to this research, [men work almost twice as long as women in a week, do more work in a week even when unpaid labor is considered](https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/12/fathers-day-facts/ft_18-05-01_fathersday_time/). According to this study, [men are much more unhappy at work than women](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0927537197000109) [Men are more than 10 times more likely to die at work than women](https://www.aei.org/carpe-diem/equal-pay-day-this-year-was-april-10-the-next-equal-occupational-fatality-day-will-be-on-may-3-2029/) [Boys are more likely to be put in child labor than girls](https://www.compassion.com/poverty/child-labor-quick-facts.htm), and according to this [study](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5161368/), the work they do is very dangerous and harmful. So, how is all of this systemic? Well, there is a general cultural and religious duty of men to provide for women. In Christianity as well as Islam, men are told (and sometimes harshly condemned for not) to provide for women, and our children. This leads to men choosing higher paying but more dangerous, less emotionally fulfilling, and farther away jobs so they can provide for women. However, even though men are in a way 'punished' for choosing such careers by dying more on the job and being more unhappy at work, women aren't really 'punished' for our careers because we still [control most of consumer spending.](https://girlpowermarketing.com/statistics-purchasing-power-women/) Which means that many men work punishing hours at a job they dislike and STILL benefit less than women. This doesn't even take into account all the concessions offices make for women, like breastfeeding rooms, worker maternal leave, etc **Military** Currently, about 60 countries have mandatory drafts for males but only 9 have mandatory drafts for women. In some countries, women serve for a shorter time, like in Israel, women service two years while men serve for 2.5 years. In some cases, [men and boys will be targeted in a military operation or massacre](https://web.archive.org/web/20150712192651/http://www.gendercide.org/case_srebrenica.html). ​ **Retirement rates** [Several countries still have a lower retirement age for women](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retirement_age) **Homes and homelessness** Men are more likely to be homeless in almost every country on Earth.

I was beat up by left anarchists in Greece
I don’t usually use forums or Lemmy, I usually just post comments on Ancap blogs like Molyneux or Cantwell’s blog, but they didn’t seem appropriate places to post my story. So here goes, I just wanted to share this with all of you. Nov 3 I flew to Europe for a Eurotrip type tour. Not a guide or packaged deal, just going around by myself. I paid for half of the trip with the wages I earned over the last two years, my dad paid for the other half. I am 19, I guess that is normal starting college and all. (Before that I worked for my dad’s company part time, so I guess you could say he paid for all of it, lol). I did France and then Italy and then Greece next. I am an Ancap so I wanted to see anarchists in these places. Yes, I know they are different kinds of “anarchists” and not really full anarchists like us. I went to an anarchist book store in Italy and it had a lot of English books, but no Rothbard or Ancap. Like I said, I expected that, not a surprise. I went to Greece, which everyone knows is famous for its revolutionary anarchism, its economic crisis and everything going on right now. Here I found directions for a local anarchist center. I went and didn’t see anybody, but it was covered in graffiti, mostly in Greek so I couldn’t read it. Whatever, I started taking pictures. Then some people came out and confronted me. This should have been my first warning sign something was not right, because photography is not a crime. They were not violent, but they were not friendly, like asking who I was, what I wanted. They all spoke good English actually. Not uncommon in Greece. I said I was a tourist and an anarchist and I just wanted to take pictures. Then they got friendly and told me I should have asked first (but pictures are no NAP violation so I don’t know why, but I didn’t say anything) and they invited me inside. We hung out for a while and smoked hash (there is no good dank in Europe as you might find out like in Cali, everyone smokes hash with tobacco which isn’t as cool as it sounds). We started talking about politics and anarchism. I was trying to talk about the state, they were like yeah no doubt the state was bad. But they wanted to talk about capitalism, capitalism this and that. This is when we started to get into a debate. I told them that what they called capitalism is different from the free market. They said capitalism is free markets. And I said I agreed. That is what I am saying. Real capitalism is free markets. And they said yes, that is what we are trying to get rid of. And I said no, but we don’t even have that right now. We need more free markets. And everyone at the same time was like “nooo” we are anarchists, we are against capitalism. Anarchists oppose capitalism. And I said but not anarcho-capitalists. Anarcho-capitalists are the anarchists who support capitalism. I had a fanny pack (yeah, lame I know) for my camera and in that I had this yellow and black bowtie (also super lame, it was a joke but I wasnt wearing it). And I said look, these are the Ancap colors, yellow and black, like versus the communist red and black. Well, these guys had a lot of red and black in the building already so I thought they would get it. I think that is when it started to get a really bad vibe, really tense in the air. The free market thing was funny, we disagreed but I think they thought I was just confused. Everyone was uncomfortable now. Then someone said markets wont work with democracy. And I said exactly, that’s it, democracy is against anarchism. And they kind of agreed, and said yes, we don’t have real democracy, just governments, and we needed more democracy. I said no, we need less democracy, democracy is the enemy. And we need to end democracy to have anarchy. Then they were all like “noooo” again. You know that thing people do in groups when everyone all says “nooo” or expresses some disapproval at the same time. And one of them said “but we do want to stop democracy” and then they kind of spoke back and forth in Greek. I didn’t really understand it. And they asked me what I meant. So I said okay, I had the floor, I was going to tell them about ancapism. And I tried to explain to them some Rothbard and Hoppe. I said the natural order in anarchy is that the best rise to the top, the market picks who is the best. They compete and are peaceful. They said what do we want instead of anarchy. I said we want private owners to own their own land and businesses, and to employ people. They said that is what we have now. I said no, it would be even better. One of the guys said it was like feudalism. And I said it is not feudalism. Eventually one of the guys spoke up and I thought he was Greek, but he spoke English perfectly so he may have not been. He said he knew what anarcho-capitalism was and that we were basically fascists. He asked me if I thought everything should be private. And I said yes. And he asked me if I thought people were unequal. And I told him yes. And that not everyone would have equal rights. I said everyone has the right to own property and not be done aggression against. But that not everyone had to be treated equally by the owners. He said what about immigrants and racism. And I said that would not happen in a free market, but yes property owners could be racist if they wanted to. They had to respect property. Then he called me a fascist again, and someone else said I was a fascist. And then they basically all started shouting fascist at me, and one of them grabbed me by the wrists. They pulled me out the door, it was up three floors, and basically drug me down the stairs on my back. It hurt really bad and I remember yelling “you’re breaking the NAP” and things like that. “Stop initiating force against me.” Then they kicked me around on the ground in the hallway, before they took my camera and threw me outside. I was crying and stuff, I just sat there. I was in shock because it was so sudden. Looking back there were warning signs though. I think they felt bad for me and gave the camera back, but when I looked later they stole the memory card with all of my Greek photos. So they initiated force and theft. They broke the NAP. I knew the left anarchists were not real anarchists, but I never knew they would do something that bad. I wasnt seriously hurt, just kicked around a little, lots of bruises and little cuts. I am fine guys so don’t worry. Just needed to share.

Are there any female streamers who play mobile games?
Specifically peertubers/youtubers rather than only twitch streamers

Won’t companys just lay people off if we boycott?
the world is still entrenched in the supply-and-demand mindset. if demand is reduced then supply should be reduced. which can imply layoffs.

That’s completely different than my understanding of anarchy

Defining Anarcho-Communism:


Anarchist solution to mass vaccinations?
In a world without government, but where vaccinations are effective^1^, how would anarchists achieve a near 100% vaccination rate? ^1^ = i'm trying not to trigger any antivaxxers among us. Follow up from https://lemmy.ml/post/86422

My research found these solutions:

-build highrises
-demolish nearby school and build high rise
-consider not creating new parks
-reduce musuems landspace / parking
-tax vacant land
-are accessory dwelling units allowed?
-whats the smallest room size allowed? Are microapartments allowed? 27.87 sq m looks okay on invidious
-Tax universities and other high income rental creation to offset construction of affordable housing
- waiving all minimum parking requirements for new construction in like downtown
- does chicago have rent control?
- Work with other cities, instead of building amazon warehouse in chicago, build it in a city with enough houses
- tax foreign owned property?

If you really believe in crypto, and you’re ready to bet on it, then you should also consider potentially getting a job in the industry. That’s a great way to make a lot of money from the crypto industry because you’d make a guaranteed salary, as well as vital information from the inside.

You might also have the chance to be one of the first to invest in the latest life-changing technologies coming out of the crypto space. Chances are that if you’re working for a crypto company and it ends up taking off, you’ll make a lot of cash in the process as well.

The costs of the industrial revolution have long been externalized and soon the other shoe is going to drop. We will see hyperinflation and scarcity in our lifetime , it’s already starting. We have seen wages be stagnant since the 1900s while productivity is the highest it’s ever been. If we don’t push back viciously and quickly things will only ever get worse and I refuse to work for 60+ years barely ever making ends meet with no economic mobility

I broke a co workers brain by saying “this is just a job”
So a couple of days ago a co worker was trying to give me shit for going slow, I responded “ I’m still getting everything done, this is just a job, what are they gonna do, fire me?” Apparently that really upset her and she hasn’t come in the last few days, she’s still on the schedule so I don’t think she quit. The office gossip told me it has something to do with what I said. I’m a little proud of myself.


We find that even when minimally configured and the handset is idle these vendor- customized Android variants transmit substantial amounts of information to the OS developer and also to third-parties (Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook etc) that have pre-installed system apps.

We assume a privacy-conscious but busy/non-technical user, who when asked does not select options that share data but otherwise leaves handset settings at their default value.

LineageOS sends similar volumes of data to Google as these proprietary Android variants, but we do not observe the LineageOS developers themselves collecting data nor pre-installed system apps other than those of Google. Lineage is the 2nd best option they studied, e/OS is the best.

maybe it will be best to just set these up on our families phones and friends who are willing and just start using it.

this works very well i’ve heard for signal android

Is it worth upgrading to 21?
I'm currently on 20, I'm a noob so I usually stick with 'stable' versions, which might be what 20 is since it has LTS?

PSA: whether you use signal, element/matrix, xmpp, briar, etc, you’re doing good!
I see a lot of down votes and conflict in privacy communities about which one is the best, but tbh, if you're not using fb/sms/email you're pretty much the top 1% of privacy users. So as far as we should be concerned, that's good enough. The debates about signal being better than matrix etc are fine to have, but IMO it'd be more productive if we spoke more about how to get granny, the boss, the nephew, etc on signal, matrix etc. Doesn't matter how good any of our privacy apps are, I almost never meet a single person who uses any of them and have to default to fb. Most people over yonder haven't even heard of the apps that aren't telegram or signal. IMO targeting the discorders(/telegramers) is the lowest hanging fruit. Discord/tg is already bridge compatible with matrix, [if you can use LibreOffice, you can set up the t2bot discord-matrix bridge](https://t2bot.io/discord/).

Tenants often seem to move in during warmer months
I kept track of when other tenants were moving in and out: March, june, june, april There were a few interesting cases: dec (within building transfer), jan 1 (due to breakup) I suspect rental prices will increase in response to one of these but have not recorded prices around me.

Housing crisis notes
characteristics of places that wont have a housing shortage; - poor economic growth - Not a city, urbanization/globalization seems to make it worse While some people claim that a "healthy" ratio of jobs to housing units is around 2 new jobs for every 1 unit of housing, many California metros are far from that, with San Diego at 3.9, Los Angeles at 4.7, and San Francisco at 6.8 source; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_housing_shortage read; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YIMBY

How do I start a gift economy within my friends group?
There are different income brackets in here, so going out to purchase items isn't the most feasible.

PragerU has a video called: “What Do We Do About the Homeless?”
I won't link it here, but it's the most hateful video i've seen this year.

in a future hyper-diverse fedi almost no app will have full compat with all the others anyway,

This is a very good point.

Maybe fediverse’s definition should be changed to include all FOSS federated decentralized services?


What is my mind doing right now? • Is that really so?

How does it feel to be me? 1 min

Try to notice interdependence in evything.


Compassion meditation intro: wishing well to self and various other ppl. • Traditionally start with wishing well to self, then neutrals, then friends, then enemies. • American have trouble wishing well to self, often have to start by wishing well to another person. ◦ May I be filled with love and kindness. May I be filled with x (x is positive).
• Think of a person who you want to wish for, then think “may name have/be x” and keep thinking that thought until you want to wish to a different thought or switch to a different person.

Mentally tensing muscles/moving them and then letting them move back into place. 1. Attend breath – either method. 2. Then just let go of it and then sit there for a minute, then go back to breath.

Lecture 16: Compassion 1 – new view of interpersonal relationships and a comppassion meditation

Shunyata – letting go, release. • When let go of the world, the world comes back with a touch of warmth. • Compassion and shunyata are related. (like open mind, open heart. Like 2 wings on a bird) In christianity, called love. (all you need is love – beetles) ◦ Most quoted phrase in bible is ‘it put love at the for front’) ◦ In meditation groups, if long term members don’t reach this dimension, they are grumpier about meditation. • Compassion can easily turn into the poisons of samsara.

Compassion: caring about other beings (incl pets), • Doesn’t matter which step that one starts on. (Ex, giving/receiving compassion) • Gestation: seeing something you love. ◦ Beauty: can be same as gestation. Rep by lotus pond/lotus flower. Can be music. ◦ Humor: • Acknowledging interdependence amongst humans. (Incl men) • Seeing compassion in unexpected or uncommon places. • Like when butterflies leave cocoon, and they wait for blood to circulate into wings to make them functional. Compassion meditation is like this.

Samsara interpersonal relationships: • Similar to business deal/mafia. • Trying to make a profit on relationship. • In study each couple overestimates how much housework s/he does. Incl money smarts. • Human realm is closest to compassion, but still business like.

Bodi cheta – awake mind/heart. Open mind/heart. Noble mind/heart. • Used when a talk concerns compassion.

The american life – archive – 1997 – 75 – kindness of strangers: 1 hour podcast

Eleanor hit her head and the blood drained into her face making her look rather scary. Everyone was still nice to eleanor, but couldn’t look at her. However a 4 yr old girl ran up to eleanor and said she looked like a monster. (at meditation center where eleanor lived for some time) Eleanor and the girl played peak-a-boo (with eleanor being the monster). An austisic boy who liked chocolate asked ppl for chocolate, however he only knew a few words, one such word was chocolate. He had a ‘chocolate sense’. He gave eleanor a chocolate.

Something to make ppl donate is; need, hopelessness, young.

Lecture 17: Compassion 2 – the 6 paramitas

Some girl thought of this meditation method by herself, vastly helped her life particularly social life.

A type of no-self practice. Grounded sense of self.

  • Destroys ego. With ego – don’t see interdependence (which makes one weak).

Sun in the wind: the wind has an argument with the sun about who is stronger. • Wind tries to blow coat of man, but could not. • Sun causes the man to take off his coat – rep compassion?

Paramitas – that which takes you to the other shore. Order is circular rather than linear. 1. Generosity a. Rep by Wishfulfilling jewel. First take by release is to radiate out when released from shunyata. Radiation is generosity. b. Can achieve by being generous. i. Problems – don’t know what to give, don’t have anything to give. c. Should breath out. 2. Discipline a. Rep by sword cutting through obstacle. b. Have to ignore ego voices. 3. Patience a. Rep by natural armour. 4. Exertion a. Re by warrior’s horse. Doing what really inspires you, leaving ego concerns behind. Still know interdepence, so won’t do anything too crazy. 5. Meditation a. Re by warrior’s seat on horse. 6. Wisdom a. Re by. Letting things clear. Don’t not forgive by pretending to forgive. Don’t make weaker ppl do tasks you could do.

Child of illusion – after meditation, world appears softer.

Some ppl fear being an enlightened jellyfish and doing nothing notable.

Lecture 21: Vajrayana Core theme 2 – world as wisdom mantra

This is last lecture specifically about buddhism.

Vajrayana practices: how to be practical in evyday activites. • A king wanted to know how to rule and still be enlightened.

Essence, natural state, all experience is wisdom – abstract

Coemergent wisdom: have both enlightened and sane tendencies. Going to bring tendencies together. • Bring samsara and awakened part together. • The 2 never really separated.

Ring of protective energy, rep by demon. In real life – police, army. Protects dharma. Before you enter, you see craziness. 1. Anger: (first like gate) a. In psychotherapy – feeling can be represented by things that mean the opposite. b. Ferdinand the bull – bull who would rather smell flowers than fight. Got stung by a bee and became enraged for a bit. In bull fights, bulls are usually killed after. Was peaceful in arena, then was returned to meadow. Being peaceful was the best option. c. Being peaceful – achieved by being mindful. 2. Greed – poverty mind – hungry ghost a. Richness – from skandas of feeling. b. Can be rep by thanks giving. Can see richness. c. Can counter by equanimity – realizing richness already there. Related to being generous. 3. Prodma – grasping – passion – human realm a. Relationship, magnetism. b. See what really what, discrimination daily wisdom. c. Puts good into situations. 4. Karma – formation, conscious, habits. a. When being paranoid, jealous.

Tour of the mandala

When stuff comes up, see if you can find it’s good useful cores.

Lecture 13: New Meditation Technique – the heart sutra

Following exhale as it leaves, and doing nothing with inhale. Can do with just nostrils, or can do with whole body. Usually done with eyes open. Not trying to force exhale to do anything different.

192 ungrad – followup to psychology 107. Titled <

Grad - clinical and other applications of eastern thought and meditation. • Transcripts from patients, research

Mahayana – • Emptiness • Evolved from early buddhism, starts around 0 BC. • Around same period as hindi practice. • Great vehicle. Early buddhism is equivalent to narrow vehicle.

Heart surtra is a text. Doing shortest book, many variations. • Might be popular in japan.

Surtra of the heart of transendent knowledge. • Prologue – thus have I heard – buddha with his monks. ◦ New ideal. Similar to an enlightened figure, but doesn’t go to nirvana, tries to stay and help enlighten all being. ◦ Monks thought skandas were empty of nature.

Different translation: • Famous quote about forms, senses. Skandas basically. • No realms. No dukha. No ignorance or end. No end to age and death, no circle of life. No noble truths. No nirvana. • No fear.

Lecture 14: Shunyata – emptiness – interdependence and release

Buddhism changed: • Due to cultural influence • Inherit development (her opinion)

Shunyata = emptiness. • Related to 4 things: ◦ Lowest lvl: release ▪ Eating a sour grape. ▪ Experiencing something vividly. ▪ Dying as a lucid dreamer. ▪ These releases, happen all the time. New meditation can have release and end of new meditation. ▪ Something bad, then the bad going away. Ex joke about something bad that happened. ▪ Causes 1 to release that the world isn’t as solid as it seems. ▪ When release happening, not seeing world through samsara mind. Ex blooming mind. ◦ Interdependence ▪ Defining words via other words. ▪ Polar words need the opposite word to understand meaning. ▪ Making a dam causes side effects. Homeostasis. ▪ Microinterdependence: • Moment to moment ▪ Net of inra: everything is related to everything else. (causation) ▪ Samsara mind is more geared toward immediate survival rather than long term planning. Stuck with infant scientist in crib mentality. ▪ Deeper mind can see interdependence, can be outside of conscious thought and felt interest. Perspective. ◦ 2 warmth toward world ◦ Discovery of deep nature

When the snake uncoils flowers bloom and, a bee can gather nectar. • Representing a tense mind. • Apparently when a snake uncoils, it uncoils instantly. • Depth dimensions, nectar symbolizes good thing.

A survey shows that ppl think they need 20% more money to be happier. Incl millionaires.

Lecture 15: Shunyata, Western Nihilism and existential pain

Meditation is like throwing a pebble into a river, the pebble simply naturally sinks down to the bottom and remains there without any effort. Should allow mind and body to rest and naturally let thoughts pass by.

Trying to understand shunyata by understanding what it is not. (In this class)

Apparently shunyata can cause repressed memories to surface.

Existential pain: everything feels disconnected and worthless. • Can make one feel tired of being a human. • Depression has some overlap, however depression is often self centered. • Yogacha came into play after shunyata, it is more positive.

Book called “the wall” • About an insurgent awaiting execution next day. It follows his train of thought of that night. • Began with a mind set of bravado. • Became calm and felt existential pain. • Was with 2 ppl in the cell. 1 of his fellow prisoner was crying but the protagonist didn’t fell any pitty. • He says that his leader is hiding in the cemetery and the capturers find the leader and free the protagonist. Protagonist doesn’t know what to do with his freedom.

Western Nihilism – disbelief in all religious and moral matters, often believe life is meaningless.

A book by a russian: • Protagonist is dead for 3 days and then revived. When he looks ppl in the eye, eventually they feel drained and die. • The emperor of the nation meets with the protagonist and wants to live to take care of his ppl, so he has the protagonist blinded.

Nihilism state happened to 2 student in Eleanor’s class.

A king in India conquered a lot of territory. He was conquering territory and then changed his mind and started doing good things. His brother slept with the queen and was going to be punished by death. The king said that his brother was jealous of him and allowed his brother to live like him for 2 weeks and was going to execute his brother in 2 weeks. When the king came back, the brother was in existential pain and as such the king said that the brother had learnt and called of the execution. The brother then decided to do something meaningful. It’s a buddhist story – so brother became a buddist monk.

Shunyata – ground of innocence. • Brings a person to existential state, which is similar to depression in the west. • Sees that samsara doesn’t work, but can’t see beyond samsara. • Should treat nihilism as a state of mind.

Lecture 8:

Samsara: cycle of birth, death, rebirth.

Know found cause if can do something and something will change.

Macro approach to karma: • Causality across life times. Affects future lives.

Micro karma: • Causation moment to moment. About habits. • Can see it during the same life time.

James herbrington, conversation with a lemming: • He meets a lemming, who made a life long study of ppl. Lemming says the same thing. • He doesn’t understand why lemmings drown themself. The lemming doesn’t understand why humans don’t drown themselves.

Karma is not: • Faith • Being reborn into the same life

Ant analogy: can watch ant move and can see where the pathway goes. Ant does not see where own path goes.

Karma – one event causes x, which causes y, which causes q etc. • Gives random events meaning. Esp negative event. ◦ Can think of it as past self, ex self yesterday.

Wheel of samsara: the wheel with the realms.

Outer circle of the samsara: (about habits/karma)

  • Step 1: ignorance – thinks this wheel is the only thing there is. Usually represented by old blind lady. Interested in gossip.
  • Step 2: due to ignorance, start spinning out, wanting things, not wanting things. Represented by pottery wheel.
  • Step 3 to 6: skandas. Urge toward action from 3 poisons. End up in consciousness. Monkey mind – busy mind, leaps from one things to another.
  • Step 4: born as a person with a mind. Rep by man in boat.
  • Step 5: have 6 senses. Rep by house with windows. Rep by couple embracing.
  • Step 7 & 8: can break habbit in these steps.
  • Step 7: Feeling. Rep by man with arrow through eye.
  • Step 8: craving. Rep by drinking milk and honey. (Irresitable food of the time). Craving to either get it or not get it.
  • Step 9: grasping. Rep by child picking fruit from orchard. Causes rest of step to carry on. Need to be mindful before this step.
  • Step 10: becoming. Rep by pregnant woman.
  • Step 11 & 12: point where wake up and understand what is happening. Like trying to only eat 1 and end up eating everything.
  • Step 12: already happening. Rep by corpse. Then steps repeat, set up self for step 1.

Behavorism karma relation: rats press bar to get food, when receive shock, will temporarily stop pressing, but occasionally will try to press bar again.

Behav has to occur without the next steps occuring, in order to break habbit.

Consciousness means realms, born into consciousness.

6th sense is contacting mind and emotions.

There is a point where you can notice things before you usually notice things.

Lecture 9:

Summary of Early Buddhism (last lecture on early buddhism)

Can try to meditate with group, aura emitted by group may help.

Buddha didn’t know whether or not to teach. Some ppl he had economic issues with came to buddha to settle their score. The credit sharks came to him and as they approached they were wondered by his aura and asked him to teach them what he learnt. (They wanted money as they were initially coming, then changed their mind). • Hindi version where hindi gods came to buddha and told him to teach.

First teaching by Buddha – Dukkha (noble truths)

No getting past suffering. Can get through it, but must suffer at some time.

Eleanor has a story about an alcoholic student: after breaking up with his gf due to domestic violence, he attended one this very class long ago. Was in bad mood. As the lecture proceeded, he started feeling better. He was impressed by how the class was about suffering. (He sent eleanor his novel, which was never published). He was improving his life a bit before attending class, but class may have helped.

Noble truths:

1st noble truth Suffering: • Suffering of suffering (gross suffering – when something you don’t want happens. Getting sick, growing older, being too old. • Suffering of change – Get something you want, anxiety over it ending soon, get bored. Get something you want, but not satisfied. Worried about losing something. Taking things for granted. (similar to how buddha left his castle). Getting a raise, but having all your colleagues getting a bigger raise. When set points go up, they are hard pressed to go down. Mourning. In rats, get most pleasure just before getting food. • All pervasive suffering – general anxiety. ◦ In sri lanka – buddhist are never clinically depressed. Always just say ‘ahh, dukkha’. Don’t blame source of problem or themselves. ◦ If you can’t get out of it, get into it.

Lottery winner’s are happiest when they find out they won.

2nd noble truth – cause of suffering: ◦ Early Buddhism thought of suffering as disease. ▪ Symptoms ▪ Cause

3rd noble truth – cessation of suffering: • Laughing can be an end to suffering. Called release. • If disease, it is curable and suffering not continuous.

4th noble truth – peace: (more so in late buddhism) • Using good karma to get more karma. • Squeezing pencil hard tenses mind and body, but muscle mind tension not part of you. • In early buddhism – if let go enough, then reach final goal of getting to nirvana. ◦ Nirvana translated means extinctions. Not necessarily extinction in a bad way.

Darhma wheel (grasping wheel vs letting go wheel)

Sitting on chairs causes back pain. Sitting on floor is bettr.

Man shot with poison arrow. He wouldn’t allow surgeon to operate on him (save him) until he knew the answer to random questions. Like a person who doesn’t want to be buddhist until they know there is a nirvana.

In center of wheel of life: • Rooster – greed • Snake – hate • Pig – ignorance

Lecture 10: Western view

In west: there is something called meditation in general. Doesn’t differentiate between practices.

  • In reality, meditation happens for many different reasons.

Experiment: data collection and results.

Basic research: what is meditation, what explains it all?

Western health: • Many people meditate for health reasons in west. Many insurance programs have some coverage for meditation (but not prayer). • Difficult to distinguish between physical health and psychological health. • Started in 1960s. ▪ Initially 1 practice (uses mantra) ▪ Someone disagreed and thought benefits were simply due to being relaxed. ◦ Both of those later disappeared. • 1970s: ◦ John Cabotson: made 8 week program that on consisted of various meditations ▪ Breathing ▪ Body scan ▪ Yoga poses ▪ Told to have a nonjudging attitude ▪ Lectures about stress, poetry readings, group discussion and report, homework ◦ A person thought benefits due to separating pain from judgments. ◦ Another method is to focus on pain til it turns into sensation. (works for severe pain). ◦ 15 – 25% suffer from clinical anxiety in west. ▪ Measure of anxiety: hamilton stress scale. ▪ Vaccine shots less effective if stressed, effects don’t last as long.

Oganiga practice: some guy could stop his heart via meditation.

Can only teach mindfulness if the teacher knows how, can’t simply read instructions on it (like reading how to swim).

Can tell with brain scans if a person is focusing on breath or wandering mind. However, different for each person, each brain scan is unique. Even if method is being done correctly.

State inbetween emotion and logic that can be used to cure borderline personality disorders.

Vows – kinda make a person forgot states that will cause them to impede vow.

Left hemisphere activation predicts good mood and optimism.

In eleanor – getting ppl in human realm is a way to help clinically.

Most research is about explaining meditation. Less is about trying to see what it’s like to be a person.

To tell if a person is being mindful, can use a scale, however not exactly accurate. Deal more with being spaced out rather than buddhist definition.

Lecture 4: Foundation of mindfulness

Why aren’t we mindful? • Evolutionarily, shouldn’t we be mindful? Even before modern time, ppl weren’t very mindful.

Alive, rather than focusing on surviving.

3 marks of existance – evolution of mindfulness

Impermance: attending to breathing. Discovering that thought and breath comes and goes. Often not the same thought. Plans and memories and thoughts about the past/future, however these thoughts are not actually the past/future.

Egolisence: the you that is having experiences changes at each moment. Listening you, thinking you.

Suffering: impermance, egolisence is disorienting/disturbing. Kind of suppose to be happy rather than suffering.

Why be mindful? • In life, underlying anxiety if not mindful. • ??

4 Foundations:

1. Body: body health/age doesn’t matter.

2. Feeling: Buddism doesn’t not ignore feeling. Feelings are positive, negative, neutral. Could try labeling as positive/negative/neutral feeling. 

3. States of mind: open to experience is best?

4. Mindfulness of mind:

Lecture 5:

4 Foundations:

1. Body


3. Openness to experience: noticing experiences changing.

4. .

Egolisence: no self.

Hume: when I enter myself, I always catch myself at some perception. (cold, emotion, etc)

In clinical psyc: say you have to have an ego.

5 skanas: (means heaps)

• form: body and environment as experienced by 6 senses.
    ◦ Vision – 
    ◦ Audition – 
    ◦ Touch – 
    ◦ Smell – 
    ◦ Mind – in thoughts, there is a me who is experiencing them. (dualism)


    ◦ The object is thoughts. Observer sense?
• feelings:
• perception impulse – me that perceiving and a feeling tone. Immediate impulse to go for/move away from good/bad thought or ignoring irrelevant thoughts.
    ◦ 3 poisons:
        ▪ Wanting
        ▪ Avoiding
        ▪ Ignoring
• consciousness – not exactly cog sci usage.
    ◦ 3 poisons become habits.
    ◦ Recognizable psyc states.

Lecture 6:

6 realms:

Living things are born into realms.

Class only deals with human realm.

Realm retreat – thinking about what it would be like to be in a realm. Sometimes done as group activity.

Traditional realm order – hell (fear, anger, hatred, aggression).

Hell realm – realm of aggression:

Habitually enter hell states of thinking. (bad moods)

Hot hell and cold hell. • Hot is typical of west. ◦ Mind creates demons, which symbolize bad moods.

Anger: • Object to be angry at. • Often dehumanize object. • Which causes you to not attribute human like motives, which causes you to not be able to reason with them. • Negative reinforcement doesn’t work in the long run. • Often feel like if attack back, other will back down in some way. • Many ppl when angered feel as if they are victim. • Lose theory of mind. • Ppl try to eliminate object of aggression. Doesn’t eliminate all potential and future objects of aggression.

There is a buddha in each realm.

Doug – a story about a man that when confronted in a mugging scenario, he turned his anger into good emotions and smiled and talked to the muggers. The mugger’s proceeded to run away. He did martial arts which was similar to some versions of meditations.

Lecture 7:

Passion – aggression – ignorance

Traditional realm order – hell, preta, animal, god, jealous god, human.

Hungry ghost (preta) realm – lower realm of (desire and) passion:

hungry, desperate.

Spirited away – shows all realms in some way or another.

Object – anything you see as desirable. (Need not be physical obj, can be idea).

Match girl story – hungry ghost story.

“Have you ever noticed how touchy proud ppl are?” (narcissistic)

More vulnerable to hungry ghost realm when tired/sleepy.

Animal realm – lower realm of ignorance: • No vision or depth or humor. • Just going with the flow – not really looking ahead or being in the moment. Don’t really know why doing something, ex. doing something due to schedule alone. • Similar to an animal.

God realm – upper realm ignorance: • Not like other religion’s gods. • Doesn’t last long, often leads to hell realm. • Similar to being drunk. Ignoring. • Procrastination.

Jealous God realm – upper realm of aggression: • White collar aggression, paranoia. • Object is competitor. Lots of comparisons made. • When you beat a person at activity, increases competitiveness.

Human realm – upper realm of passion: • Underneath hell realm motives are wants. • Intelligent realm, see problems and try to find better outcomes. • Closer to enlightened former, better than other realms. • ~Seeks ideals. Confusing about whether achieved ideals.

When stuck in realm, ppl often try to do the same thing that realm encourages.

No realms are permanent, being stuck means that one will circle.

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