I was attacked by a machine code wizard.


Xie hexed me.

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Have any screenshots of cool scapes you’ve made in it?

Are there any female streamers who play mobile games?

Specifically peertubers/youtubers rather than only twitch streamers…

Won't companys just lay people off if we boycott?

the world is still entrenched in the supply-and-demand mindset. if demand is reduced then supply should be reduced. which can imply layoffs…

Good post!

Anti-vaxxing mostly emerges from wide mistrust in the pharmaceutical industry

I guess we’re not talking about the antivaxxers who think the covid vaccinations are satanic or that it’s some kind of jewish conspiracy :p

anars i’ve spoken to don’t like some specific denominations of other anars. They still have constructive discussions however. Specifically other anars talking to anarcho-pacifism

I wish anars were like this

Pretend that a pathogen requires 100% vaccination. Some members of a population would be antivaxxers and 100% would not be achievable.

to my understanding:

(also who decides what is and isnt an unnecessary hierarchy?)

Each individual.

Hey cool you watched the vid!

“[Anarchism] is a conception of a very organized society with as little control and domination as feasible” - noam chomsky

That’s completely different than my understanding of anarchy

Defining Anarcho-Communism:


Anarchist solution to mass vaccinations?

In a world without government, but where vaccinations are effective1, how would anarchists achieve a near 100% vaccination rate? …


Given science, the utilitarian thing to do is save the most lives which is mandatory vaccination.

I’m an anarcute and don’t like the government mandate tho

zero mortality rate, with very rare exceptions like acupuncture.

Impossible, someone someplace must have reused an acupuncture needle and killed someone

My research found these solutions:

-build highrises
-demolish nearby school and build high rise
-consider not creating new parks
-reduce musuems landspace / parking
-tax vacant land
-are accessory dwelling units allowed?
-whats the smallest room size allowed? Are microapartments allowed? 27.87 sq m looks okay on invidious
-Tax universities and other high income rental creation to offset construction of affordable housing
- waiving all minimum parking requirements for new construction in like downtown
- does chicago have rent control?
- Work with other cities, instead of building amazon warehouse in chicago, build it in a city with enough houses
- tax foreign owned property?

If you really believe in crypto, and you’re ready to bet on it, then you should also consider potentially getting a job in the industry. That’s a great way to make a lot of money from the crypto industry because you’d make a guaranteed salary, as well as vital information from the inside.

You might also have the chance to be one of the first to invest in the latest life-changing technologies coming out of the crypto space. Chances are that if you’re working for a crypto company and it ends up taking off, you’ll make a lot of cash in the process as well.

Saw a lot of posts on here how Black Friday went on as normal, however an article said spending dropped (for multiple reasons) by 28%

3.5% rule
3.5% rule

3.5% rule
3.5% rule

The costs of the industrial revolution have long been externalized and soon the other shoe is going to drop. We will see hyperinflation and scarcity in our lifetime , it’s already starting. We have seen wages be stagnant since the 1900s while productivity is the highest it’s ever been. If we don’t push back viciously and quickly things will only ever get worse and I refuse to work for 60+ years barely ever making ends meet with no economic mobility

I broke a co workers brain by saying “this is just a job”

So a couple of days ago a co worker was trying to give me shit for going slow, I responded “ I’m still getting everything done, this is just a job, what are they gonna do, fire me?” Apparently that really upset her and she hasn’t come in the last few days, she’s still on the schedule so I don’t thin…

I simply add a PPA or third-party repository while leaving the rest of the LTS system unchanged.

I might try this for firefox cause my firefox crashes my computer frequently


We find that even when minimally configured and the handset is idle these vendor- customized Android variants transmit substantial amounts of information to the OS developer and also to third-parties (Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook etc) that have pre-installed system apps.

We assume a privacy-conscious but busy/non-technical user, who when asked does not select options that share data but otherwise leaves handset settings at their default value.

LineageOS sends similar volumes of data to Google as these proprietary Android variants, but we do not observe the LineageOS developers themselves collecting data nor pre-installed system apps other than those of Google. Lineage is the 2nd best option they studied, e/OS is the best.

Free bread from bakery? The bakeries should donate that to like food pantries imo

No particularly. Each person could maintain a small inventory at home and have pictures of their stock?

Is it worth upgrading to 21?

I’m currently on 20, I’m a noob so I usually stick with ‘stable’ versions, which might be what 20 is since it has LTS?..