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Provincial and territorial income tax percentages
cross-posted from: > Honestly I'm surprised about how the provinces weigh up compared to the other

Pay stubs are too hard to understand, help me figure out if i'm being underpaid
cross-posted from: > I've been looking at my 2 pay stubs for a while and called HR and it looks like for both pay stubs i'm only being paid for HALF of the hours that i worked. > > Otherwise calculating the pay i was hired at vs what i'm being paid, it looks like i'm being paid literally ~40% less. Instead of 41600$ (before taxes) i'm only seeing 26000$ (before taxes) > > Is my income tax and whatnot suppose to equal ~40%? > > Canada > > Also shout out to the boss for trying to have me not sign in on the timesheet once

It's more effective to donate money to registered charities (tax deductions)?
Then it is to donate money to unregistered charities/like random homeless people? I have no idea how tax deductions work in Canada ( my country ) though. Effective being cost-effective for me as the donor, since I can get a tax deduction, it gives me more dollars I can donate.

A thought I had.. Banks earn a lot of money, yet its free to use. If them loaning out/investing our money is so profitable, why would we keep any of our money in a bank?
cross-posted from: > is my logic wrong here, like shouldnt any sane person then invest virtually all their money? > > i suppose the main counterargument is that its safer in a bank, anyway im not too knowledgeable so i wanna hear what people have to say here

Simplii bank info
TFSA: Must do 1 transaction in tfsa per 2 yrs to maintain active TFSA acct, otherwise acct goes dormant. No interest while the acct is dormant. 0.1% interest per year. (1000$ grows to 1001$) Interest is deposited into the acct monthly. simplii has mutual funds and gic s. No brokerage accounts. --- Simplii high interest saving account - Interest deposited last day of the month. Interest is on calculated based on every day of the month except the last day. Unlimited transactions to/from chequing. Transfers from chequing to savings and back is unlimited. 0.1%/yr interest rate --- No fee Chequing acct - 0$ - 25000$ 0.01% interest, 25001++ 0.05%. unlimited transactions.

Would there be any substantial benefit to buying a car for extremely cheap?
cross-posted from: > The going rate at used car dealerships is 5000 and a friend of a friend has a car in reasonable condition for 1000. I doubt I could find the 1000 offer later on. > > For reference a like ebike costs like 2000 without shipping and nobody sells them in my region. > > I initially needed a car to get to a job that I don't have anymore. But maybe it'll be useful if I pick up a job outside the city again? > > Also, maybe I could flip the car? since I need the money since i'm having job trouble atm. > > [Part 1 of this post if you're interested.](

CMV: The first thing leftists should strive to do is get a good enough income (can include via setting up mutual aid)
change my view cross-posted from: > If you've ever looked at how rightwing movements operate, it appears they throw a lot of money around. And because of the world we live in, it gets results, ex the canadian trucker protest having basically all the same amenities as a festival, nearly a theme park. Advertising budget. Funding institutions/youtube channels to spread bs. > > I think the first thing a leftist should do is, in order: > > 1) get a good enough income for themself. This can include mutual aid or even things like food banks, depending on your philosophy. > > 1b) study some finance, ex [the finance diet]( and use tricks from financial sources to boost income. This includes stock market/saving for retirement. I can elaborate later if u want on why savings are important. Including trying to use tax loop holes for our advantage. The rightwingers get an edge from this, we need to even the playing field > > 2) take care of other important things like enough exercise, good diet, dating > > 3) actual left things. But starting with making sure other lefties are well off financially. I'm not sure how to do this and not create capitalists. But technically if you have 0.0001% of stocks, you (the worker) owns 0.0001% of the means of production of that company. A good approach might be starting a worker co-op, where you give people a good wage and recruit youngins right out of high school. That way they learn what a just economic system is and when they branch of to other companies, they will hopefully expect just treatment and be more ready to push for a union in their new workplace.

I need a "how to get a high paying job" for dummies
Laid out in very simple steps, like a strategy guide for a video game. Don't suppose anyone knows of something like this?

I have full time work minimum wage work now. What can I do to improve my finances?
I already budget. cross-posted from: > Minimum wage job with no health care and I have high health care costs so paying for my meds out of pocket sucks a lot. > > What should I do now to improve my life? > > Sorry about the question being super broad, but i'm not sure what to do from here. Save up money? Try to get a better job? Trade school? Investments? Dating? Etc

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