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Found another good answer to the question in this quora thread: https://www.quora.com/How-does-modern-Chinese-pop-music-differ-from-American-music-in-style-instruments-and-chords-theory/answer/Elliott-Chen Could it have sth. to do with China’s melody-driven karaoke culture?

provided you close your browser regularly

GNU nano can’t be not mentioned here, it’s command line only

Google and Microsoft don’t even call it “login”/“logout” anymore, but “add account”/" remove account", where the wording of “removing” sth. might sound like a negative thing to some

Is It Really Necessary To Logout of Web Sites?

Remember when there was no conventional logout option on Amazon? You’ve probably also noticed that Google and Microsoft sites try to keep you logged in, and services like Discord hide the logout somewhere hard to find…

If only the launched product looked like the beta, it would already suffice

The tricky part is that only outside of Japan does ‘anime’ have the meaning of ‘Japanese animation’ specifically. In Japan itself ‘anime’ is a catch-all term for everything animated, regardless of style or origin.

been using Greasemonkey since using browser add-ons


I wonder what the guy in the picture was actually doing

More flexibility, less security – it’s a tradeoff which more and more people seem to accept

/edit: “accept” due to a lack of choice obviously. I’ve worked gig jobs as well and I’m aware that this kind of work shamelessly exploits people that deserve better

I’d really like to know about “THE truth” Spoiler: no one knows it

I think 日本語のアニメ is actually the right way to say “anime in Japanese”, not “日本語でアニメ”, while “日本のアニメ” could be understood as “anime of Japan”

Lemmy is less overwhelming in pretty much every regard, be it loading speed or number of users, of communities, of comments… There is not enough content yet, but the big advantage is that content isn’t consumed from a single big platform, but from several smaller sources (different instances through federation)

Still safer than most “smart” phones, which are the actual dumb phones

As for finding students, there is a bunch of dedicated language and polyglot groups on Telegram. As for tools, I’d also recommend stuff like Jitsi or Big Blue Button, combined with Etherpad and whiteboard.

I believe this tastes fantastic, but you could work on the appearance

Signed. Just recently read an article about resisting the temptation to let machines manage you: https://spectrum.ieee.org/disobeying-your-phone

Fediventure - The Federated Work Adventure for *Spaces

We’re a group of people who are interested in extending the Work Adventure and the rC3 World experience as a fully federated network of Worlds from (hacker)spaces all around the world. …

Thin ice