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Thanks for posting this! This obnoxious “art style” has to go.

Related article: https://eyeondesign.aiga.org/dont-worry-these-gangley-armed-cartoons-are-here-to-protect-you-from-big-tech/

The general memes channel on lemmy.ml could be for the ones who don’t mind the occasional Marxist-Leninist meme (due to the instance’s political nature), but the non-political memes channel can be the place where you can forget about politics for a while.

Krass, dass nach wie vor Männer mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit weniger als 80 Jahre alt werden und Frauen mehr als 80. Und dass es für Männer oft schon ab 60 kritisch wird. Reine Biologie und deswegen wohl nicht mit Hormonen zu bekämpfen.

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Someone elegantly snuck a pun into this one

English be like…

…pronounce ghoti like “fish”

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Moderation in Roblox

Pyramid schemes as well as generating money with money

Vegans have probably stopped doing that by then

Not to be mixed up with “normal” frozen meat!

It’d be cool if you could also dial an SMS with that thing

Haven’t tried it myself, but another cool way is to send images and other files to your phone as attachments to a notification:


Nitter for Twitter & NewPipe for YouTube should be the most common ones