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I find the idea highly unsettling. Here’s a related old article from 2014, which is still relevant:


What Nature journal has to say about “open access” is borderline insane:


You’re not the only one & it’s definitely not only a thing people in the autism spectrum struggle with.

It doesn’t hurt to have more ways to comment.

You can still encourage people to engage on TILvids, e.g. by posting a comment both there and on Lemmy.

Besides, the priority for TILvids should be on the videos. Comments are nice to have, but not for their own sake.

I’ll reply very generally (since I don’t know about your exact circumstances), just to point in the right direction:

Save up money? – Whenever you can. Try to get a better job? – Yes, especially when you’re struggling. Trade school? – If getting a better job doesn’t work. Investments? – Absolutely not. Dating? – Go for it if your heart tells you so.

I wish you the best of luck & never give up hopes!

We’re seeing the symptom of a mental sickness of various causes that have to be tackled right from the root.

The fact that a culture of incels could even emerge is already a warning sign that something is going awfully wrong at the intersection of socialization x sexuality.

As many have commented here, these people need help and chatbots shouldn’t be the solution. They can’t teach socially acceptable/respectful behavior.

That doesn’t make sense. How are people supposed to fight together if they are actually divided, as incels vs feminists clearly demonstrates?

While the driver is certainly to blame for not paying attention, one must ask why he even blindly trusted on the system in the first place. Tesla could still be found guilty for false advertising.

There’s an ongoing review to check if Tesla is violating the DMV regulation that bars companies from marketing their cars as autonomous when they are not.

Tesla’s real crime here would be lying to people, not caring about their lives, only for their own profit.

I started with one, but by now it’s too much to count

It’s a cool, but dangerous tool in the wrong hands

What exactly is executive dysfunction?

It’s exploitation disguised as opportunity. The companies should pay all workers properly or go to hell

I’m surprised Org-mode (Emacs) hasn’t been mentioned here yet. If you’re more on the minimalistic side, a simple txt-file also works

Hate it when people tell me to “grow up”, whenever I do sth. that is considered childish, equating it with unserious. So I ask: Why so serious? Who defines what behavior counts as “adult” & what doesn’t? One should be free to act silly whenever (in a harmless way ofc).

Many people were the happiest when they were kids, so might as well keep the attitude, if nothing else

Usually not a fan of word games, but like this one a lot! Reminds me of this kind of puzzle

Skating with & without ice

Or accidentally CTRL-V on a text you wanted to copy

Don't count deleted comments

I clicked on a post with 2 comments, only to see that both are by someone who has been banned + their comments deleted. …