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Open letter to the WHOSTP and Subcommittee on Open Science
The US government has issued a new policy that in future, all government funded research will have to be made freely accessible to the public. However, they have not specified how this will be achieved, and publishers are pushing for a model in which the current system continues unchanged except that the authors and institutions pay the publishers rather than readers. This is a form of open access, but the excessively high prices they charge mean that it would exclude many from being able to publish their work in these publishers' journals. In other words, this policy which is supposed to create equitable access would have the unintended consequence of making participation in research itself less equitable. We are calling on the US government to make sure that their policy is implemented in a way that allows everyone to participate equally in research, not just read it. Since this is likely to shake up the old business models of publishers, we further call on the US government to support or build a publicly funded and freely available publishing infrastructure to guarantee to all the ability to participate in research, and to create the conditions for a lively and innovative ecosystem of new approaches to publishing, better adapted to the modern world. Sign the letter now, share this article, or read on for more details and references.

Open Science Feed

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