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I have multiple Mastodon accounts, for myself as human (one in German, one as scientist) and for my projects (grassroots journals, open science feed, …).

Do you think it would be a good idea to make such crossposts explicit as long as Lemmy is not connected to Mastodon yet? So that people can reply and boost at their favorite place?

OpenScience or the digitization of science?

I was just reading the French Second National Plan for Open Science. Its introduction made me think. …

The political economy of academic publishing: On the commodification of a public good

An institutional and empirical analysis of the highly concentrated market of academic publishing, characterized by over proportionally high profit margins…

I agree with the quote, maybe because I somehow personally like methodological questions more than studying nature itself, but we need to do all this fighting for quality because the publish-or-perish system does not reward quality, but quantity.

We assert that a top-down action is needed from journals, universities,
funders and governments to break the cycle and put methodology first.

I assert that the people on the top should help us destroy the destructive micro-managing publish-or-perish system, so that scientists can do science they way they think contributes most to science. They are the experts.

These actions should involve the widespread adoption of registered
reports, balanced research funding between innovative, incremental and
methodological research projects, full recognition and demystification
of peer review, mandatory statistical review of reports, adherence to
reporting guidelines, and investment in methodological education and

Good suggestions.

I thought those two paragraphs are the article. I also do not have access to this journal.

As far as I know this is the only journal with its own Twitter journal club, at least the main one. But there are more, normally local, journal clubs. So the idea could spread, which was why I posted it, hoping to inspire people to pick up this idea.

Yes, that is a wonderful site where the experts summarize their science for an informed public. Strongly recommended. I am climate scientist and many of my Anglo-American colleague regularly write there.

Science communication is important for communication with the public. But many will need the detail that is in the scientific literature.

Maybe you can use Zettlr together with CodiMD/Hedgedoc. Prepare first version in Zettlr, copy the markdown to Hedgedoc, write with your colleagues and copy back to Zettlr to make the final formatted version(s).

My apologies. Some watchful people noticed that collaborative writing is not on the feature list. I asked the developer to be sure, it may be added in future, but is not yet.

It is based on MarkDown. But it uses Pandoc for input and output, which if I understand it right can read and save LaTeX files (but this will likely not preserve much LaTeX markup; MarkDown is much simpler and does not fully define a print lay-out). https://github.com/jgm/pandoc

Zettlr does support LaTex references, they both work with text files and they have a similar separation of content and lay-out. It may have LaTeX equations, either Zettlr or SciFlow; I am not sure anymore. https://sciflow.net

(And nowadays LibreOffice has LaTex equations.)

I thought they told me at the meeting that it was a collaborative MarkDown pad, like CodiMD, but I cannot find it in the list of features. Maybe I misunderstood. I have asked.

Thanks, I did not know VNote. It sounds more like Obsidian (which I currently use) to me, MarkDown note taking.

At least the VNote GitHub page does not mention references, collaborative writing or export formats.

Mastodon has it. I feel it is important, even if not many people would use it, it is a useful check on the power of the instance.

With my hoster I can do both and I see no difference in the final result between them copying WP in my FTP directory or me uploading WP to this directory myself. But the former is quicker.

Shouldn’t Northern Ireland be included? They are part of the internal market. :-)

I remember an article claiming that Reddit had it relatively easy in dealing with disruptive groups compared to other social media system is that they have a ban evasion rule. So that when a Subreddit was banned and created a new sub they could be banned again before creating problems.

Is the main side-wide problem that these posts turn up in the search results? Otherwise they are only seen by people subscribing the moderated communities people subscribed to?

If yes, an option for (low volume) spammers could be to only exclude them from search results and otherwise have the moderators of the communities and their downvoters deal with them. As you already write many cases are grey areas, so maybe in such cases such more subtle mechanisms are enough.

As only removing from the search results is less disruptive one could moderate more posts this way.