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Exactly. In the past, when dealing with paper journals, publishers did many useful things, nowadays their monopoly power comes from determining the quality of a scientific article and otherwise they are many in the way and block innovation. That is the power we need to break.

I have a suggestion for a journal and publisher independent peer review system and found an editorial board for my own field of study, but I have not yet found people willing to collaborate on making the software and community. https://grassroots.is

Also just feedback on the system is very much welcome. That makes it better.

A military dictatorship. The US military budget just passed Congress (without any worries about the budget or inflation). It is a fine line between mafia extortion and businesses offering free food to police officers.

If there were a limited number of ransomware gangs that could be a solution. To end political violence freedom fighters/terrorists are often offered political power and jobs.

Higher education was basically free when it was only for the elite. When also normal folks started going to universities they increased the price; they do not want our kids to compete with theirs.

Do you know the OER Commons? https://www.oercommons.org

This is not enough. You need to have resources to invest the time to learn it and the interaction with other students and teachers is a big part of education. And the network is a big part of education being valuable for your career; that is the main reason the top universities can ask for so much money.

Acknowledgements We are thankful to James Heathers and three anonymous reviewers for providing valuable feedback on an earlier version of the manuscript.

Wasn’t she banned from Twitter? If it is her: sad. Thunberg has created a movement that forced European governments to put a lot more emphasis on climate change. This will reduce climate damages and wars over resources. Just what a Nobel Peace price would be for. There are thousands of people nominated for a Nobel price. Not a nice thing to pick Thunberg to tear down.

Really weird to play them against each other. I am sure Alexandra would not approve.

I have an open science news feed on Lemmy and Mastodon (and Reddit and Twitter). Now I no longer need to do this double.

https://lemmy.ml/c/fediversefutures works https://lemmy.ml/u/openscience works But https://lemmy.ml/c/openscience does not work

So it is not the translation from the @-form to the URI-form of writing an account name.

I tried the @-way of writing the account name because the URL-way does not work at all.

Although I now see it does work for the user, just not for the community.

Good to know. Then it is not my incompetence. Thanks.

I cannot seem to get it to work. When I type @fediversefutures@lemmy.ml into the Mastodon search box I get a link to the fediversefutures community (group) profile. But if I type @openscience@lemmy.ml in the search box, I get a link to a user called @openscience, but not to the !openscience@lemmy.ml community. Is this a software bug or am I doing something wrong?

Yes, once a first version is finished. At the moment there is just a lay-out for the webpage, but no database and coupling yet. And then we would need to add data.

Building Structural Equity in Open Access in Botswana

Celebrating Internation Open Access Week. A Round Table Celebrating Open Access Week in Botswana in Partnership with PLOS, Botswana International University of Science and Technology, Botswana Library Consortia and Training Centre in Communication.

Oct 26, 2021 01:00 PM Nairobi Time https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYod-uhrjwpHtwCE_3_6qLWYtPXDB03L65S

Wouldn’t it be wonderful when people downvoting posts would explain themselves?

As moderator of this feed, I highly recommend this summit.

And all governments, including the ones that America bullies, are in on it as well as thousands of scientists. Conspiracies of that scale are impossible to pull off. Just like the moon landing. It is easier to land on the moon.

It walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, maybe it is a duck and this virus emerged like any other virus in the past.

Found it and posted it there. Thanks.

I dislike the contrast the author, Lee McIntyre, tries to make between his talking to deniers and the marches for science. They are both valuable, one method will not do the job when it comes to social change.

Lee McIntyre makes the friendly case for asking questions. As a climate scientist I also noticed how effective this is on social media because it makes the deniers do the work, rather than having to type up years of academic eduction. When asking questions it quickly becomes apparent how little they know, which is useful to open minds and useful to see for the audience. (This especially works if you go in depth and stay on topic; deny the person you are talking with the option of changing topics to keep the conversation superficial, sprout a large number of accusations and hope something will stick with the audience.)

The article does a better job in convincing that it works to listen and talk to normal folks who have been conned by the anti-science activists than to show you can reach the worst extremists. Also the settings Lee talks about are rather private. On social media there will be a much larger audience than the person you are talking with, that changes their behavior (makes public change and admission you had a point less likely) and makes it much more valuable to ensure that the audience is helped by the conversation than that the person you are talking with changes their mind.

One could create a part of the fediverse like that for people who just want to chat and make friends.

It would be a poor model for a lot of what I am interested in. I am mostly interested in niche information. One Mastodon account of mine is on translating the scientific literature. Many of the people following Translate Science write in languages I do not master; those are the people who would benefit most from translations. It makes no sense to follow them back.

We could also create a part of the fediverse that is even better at spreading niche information. For example, that would have team accounts so that multiple people can contribute/moderate an information feed.

I started understanding what parasocial relationships mean when I explored Twitch. I am not aware of anything on Mastodon that comes close to that. I do not have the feeling that people feel they are friends of the people behind the largest accounts I know of; but everyone has their own feed.

A diversity of strategies is normally best. The great thing of the Fediverse is that that is possible.