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Lemmy is to reddit what matrix/element is to discord/fb messenger.

I’m trying to unpin this since this is fairly old news now. But I cannot. , unpin this if you agree? Also, if you don’t want to unpin, let me know why.

Unable to unpin another mod's sticky
Not sure when this happened. Is this intended? On this sub [!](

Banner contest for this sub!
Make or find a banner for this sub and win my respect! It'll also be used as the banner for this sub.'s banner of 1284 x 311 looks like ideal dimensions

We now have a privacy chat room on Matrix!
Same rules as here. If you want mod status there, let me know

This week in ancapistan: Joebidet is murdered in the woods. Down daemon stumbles across a pile of abandoned lemmy bucks and becomes suddenly the 2nd richest lemming.
LIB post. Mekhos is the richest due to privilege (Also because i'm not sure if downdaemon is aware his 'transaction' worked)

LIB post Their salary is 10 buxs. So because they've received 10 buxs, they now have 16 buxs making them the richest lemming!!!!! They applied to ~~defend our capital~~ help deal with spam/altright trolls. Pic from

Sub now bridged to discord and matrix!
This sublemmy is now on matrix! and discord:

Lul why? You’re not homeless anymore and can continue pursuing the liberican dream

Not planned out and mostly directionless, if someone wants to do something cool with it, I’m interested! A ERC20 testnet sounds interesting! joker has no bucks to give out last i checked, they used all 5 and haven’t received any.

All the rules (from sidebar) you both need to know =] :

" Every user starts with 5 lemmy bucks upon account creation

Find someone worthy of your lemmy buck(s), and then you tell them you’re giving them X lemmy bucks

You post in this sublemmy: a. who the receiver is and b. how much you gave them. "

when you create your account, ex, you have 5. You have 5 right now just for existing on lemmy

Crash the lemmy buxs market and start the banking crisis

What is the most downvoted post on lemmy?
/ lowest total score Is it -13 downvotes, 1 upvote (april 14) []( you might have set a lemmy spanning record.

[Employment Opportunity] Artwork for c/puns and c/wordplay - 5 buxs reward!
Lib post: since []( is a job creator, we are announcing that mekhos will be receiving TAX CUTS! yayyyyyyy! If you find or make nice icons for; mekhos will give you 1 bux and the LIB will qintuple it by ~~printing money~~ investing 4 from it's own ~~infinite~~ pocket! :O Og post;

Joe Bidet is the world's richest lemming at 11 by inheriting all of Arthur Besse wealth making Arthur Besse homeless at 0! Arthur wins the Ayn rand prize! New prize at 13
Update brought to you by LIB First to reach 13 lemmy bucks wins the title: lucky

Lemmy has a bank called LIB
the Lemmy International Bank Sorry about tooting my own horn but it took a while to come up with an on point acronym, so i'm rather proud

Miscellaneous for lemmy bucks
Optional: when the receiver receives bucks, they reply to the sender in the thread with their new total lemmy bucks. Subreddit icon is called “Lemmy Buck” and is CC0. Feel free to literally send the receiver a picture of “Lemmy Buck”.

Prizes for Lemmy bucks
First to reach 0 lemmy bucks wins the title: *ayn rand*, bc like the libertarian idol in old age, you're penniless. If that's too edgy, you can have the title of *[mercedes](* First to reach 13 lemmy bucks wins the title: lucky First to 69 wins the title of: *certified nicest your-pronoun-here on lemmy*. If anyone questions your niceness, ping me and I will vouch for you for the rest of eternity. First to 100 wins the title of: *musky*. If that's too edgy, *[lex luthor](* More prizes will come if there is interest. If you have prize suggestions, let me know! --- arthur besse won ayn rand

1 lemmy buck to humanetech for overall good posts i'm at 5 lemmy bucks

Lemmy International Bank (LIB) [Last updated apr 16, 2022] - detailed ledger, initiative mostly by mekhos We're using this post to help us keep track of who has how many lemmy bucks. Also it's a leaderboard, but the wealthiest 3 members of Lemmy will be featured in ~~time magazine~~ our sidebar. If you'd like to be a moderator, let me know =] **Why is the bank called LIB?** L = Lemmy I = international (lemmy has users from across the world) B = bank (because this is the closest we have to a Lemmy buck bank presently) If you want to award lemmy bucks to like your sublemmy/entity/etc for a game or something (ex chess tournament, pokemon tournament, wordle etc, employment opportunity) post in here and the LIB will print money for you to use as prizes/whatever. Somewhat related memes posts and meta posts are welcome anywhere on this sub! [ex 1]( --- We don't have an accountant yet, would you like to be hired on as the accountant? --- mekhos - 16 downdaemon - 16 adrianmalacode - 6 angarabebesi - 6 humanetech - 6 pancake - 6 theconquestofbed - 6 TheRtRevKaiser - 6 totriplenadir - 6 yayannick - 6 sexy peach - 5 fruechtchen - 4 aless246 - 4 Arthur Besse - 1 the anonymouse joker - 1 meloo - 0 joe bidet - 0



The economics of the future are somewhat different.
The economics of the future are somewhat different. You see, money stopped exist in the 22th century. The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives, we work to better ourselves, and the rest of humanity. We're grown out of our infancy.