I just bumped into a post on the Solid community forum, where member Patrick Hochstenbach posted a series of 30 cartoon sketches depicting the experience of learning the technology. Just [tooted about it here](https://mastodon.social/@humanet

Software/service for creating fediverse stickers

I want to create stickers to advertise my profile. So I’ll need to get some pictures slap them into gimp, add the text from my profile and have the content be consistent with the presentation of my site. …

Fedivangelism, a similar to the christian definition of evangelism. it takes different methods of communicating and do not have a religious figure, simply take it as “Evangelism of Cybrespace”.

The Icon is from fediverse.party magic ball.

This community is created in August 4th 2021. It’s pretty new, I have alot to write about It’s concept.

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