Making sure people participate
Questions have been raised about how exactly we can get a community of people to go from just subscribing to actually helping out. Various proposals have come and gone, and I figured I'd throw in my two cents and also use this thread as an opportunity. The most common type of proposal I've seen has relied on some sort of paid marketing or financial incentives for contributors. In my view, this is a poor foundation to start with, as it gets people in this mindset that without money they can't do anything, and even if we had money, we'd just be encouraging people to only do things for money. As we've seen with all these other alternative social media sites, throwing money at the problem doesn't create organic communities. We have to incentivize by creating a sense of community and mutual accountability. Working on this should feel rewarding and fun, as if you're a part of something. In that sense, this initiative isn't just for the purpose of marketing but also a way of prefiguring the vision of the Open Web. The first step has been taken in that we have a [Discord/Matrix](https://lemmy.ml/post/146208) server which allows for closer and more real-time communication, but I do think it's time to take another step in ensuring people participate: tasking people. **In this thread, put down your skills and any ideas you have (if any). I (and hopefully other people in this thread) will try to come up with suggestions of what you can do. By tasking people and having them report on their progress here, that'll create a sense of accountability.** **If you're convinced you have no skills of use, doesn't matter, post anyways. What we need is engagement and commitment, and one of the biggest obstacles to that so far is people being convinced they're useless.**

Help us Grow The Fediverse at the Official Discord/Matrix Server
One of the biggest strengths of the fediverse (and free software) movements is how it brings people to collaborate and to spur that, we need spaces to organize. I see here and across the fediverse that people want to help out but don't know how. I've just started a set of Matrix rooms (with a bridged Discord server so that the chat platform doesn't get in the way of people wanting to participate) where people can do the following: - strategize on how to best promote the fediverse - collaborate on their free-culture/federated projects and find people to help - promote their own fediverse content, find fediverse creators to follow, and offer feedback to others' [The video](https://share.tube/w/1tGvezJtU4qQVtCPJRimGD) has been uploaded and the server is up. If you have any ideas, any ways you'd like to help, or just want to chat, join! I really do believe this is gonna be crucial to pulling off our task. Real-time chat is more personal and live so it's easier to collaborate and build a community. If you're interested, join here: - [Discord](https://discord.gg/yhEDkW3hry) - [Matrix](https://matrix.to/#/#collaboration-commons:matrix.org)

We need to foster more of a crossposting culture to prevent Lemmy from being centralized around lemmy.ml
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/26377 > ex Cross-post material to other instances and make new sublemmies on other instances. > > Im not sure how to accomplish this. In something like reddit, they could do something like upvotes from a foreign instance counts as x3 upvotes. I have my upvotes turned off on lemmy though. > > Suggestions?

Market fediverse towards folks the way vpns market themselves?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/21952 > Almost no one cares about privacy, thats why every single VPN advertices themselves as "You can watch Neflix' catalogs from another countries" > > Pretty similar to the john oliver, 'the gov is collecting your dick pics' approach, which i linked > > from https://lemmy.ml/c/showerthoughts

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/279006 > Note: Responses on cross-posted threads may be missed. The best way to indicate your interest is to reply to the SocialHub forum topic, or alternatively on the [Fediverse announcement here](https://mastodon.social/@humanetech/108344611621798508).

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/273923 > Hurray 🥳 > > On this 14th birthday test yourself on your knowledge about the fedi's history and our present state, and share the results with your fellow fedizens.

What youtubers/streamers list a fediverse product in their socials?
We should support them over other streamers!!

What posters have you seen?
I've only seen Lemmy.ca posters, both online and irl.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/248395 > Nice introduction by [Per Axbom](https://social.axbom.com/@axbom) who also just rejoined the Fediverse.

I think they twitter will become a lot more lax on bans, potentially more strict on banning people who make fun of elon. I think trump will return to twitter. Overall, seems like a ginormous win for the libertarians/ancaps. I think we should capitalize on this moment and bring way more people to the fediverse.

Oh snap, this is why stux from mastodon has an instance on like every foss sevice. I think other instances could try this approach.

Sub about brigading reddit to promote foss
Want to do some Chaotic Good? Welcome to Brigade for FOSS! Post links to alternative websites where you’re encouraging FOSS for people to come brigade

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/228032 Quoting [lostinlight](https://mastodon.xyz/@lightone) who maintains Distributopedia: > 🙃 Invitation 🙃 > >If you create any art / promo materials about #Fediverse under CC licenses, please, add them to this collection: > >https://codeberg.org/lostinlight/distributopia/src/branch/main/sticker-bay >https://codeberg.org/lostinlight/distributopia/src/branch/main/sticker-bay/promo-1 > >Also, please, use them!

Lemmy is not ready for wide spread mobile adoption yet
Lemmur doesn't allow lemmy.ml logins. It is also hard to tell if i'm posting in X sub vs Y, because the way it displays cross posts is difficult. I could not figure out how to mention users. I can't log in at all with jerboa. Mobile browser viewer of lemmy is slow compared to big tech. These will reduce normie adoption. In fact it made me turn more towards mastodon. I heard a statistic saying that people are more likely to use mobile over computer.

Target schools with discord/matrix
zuckerberg targeted individual schools to initially get fb rolling. Can we do the same? If you're in school, set up a discord for your school. Print out a few posters and put them around your school, whisper to classmates in zoom, tell your friends etc. Bridge the discord to matrix if the plan works. [Bridging is very easy and free.](https://www.t2host.io/discord/) Any other ideas to advertise a discord server in a school?

Fedivangelism is a portmanteau of “fediverse” and “evangelism”.

The purpose of this community is to provide a space where those interested in seeing federated platforms succeed can collaborate to help grow the ecosystem.

If you’d like to participate more directly, join us on Discord or Matrix!

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