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How are we suppose to manage covid in 2022? The exact same way as like 2020?
So masks, social distancing, better ventilation, vaxx? Have we not developed any new tricks since like 2020? The main threat now looks to be long covid and it seems like as a species, we still dont know anything about how to prevent that aside from the above?

Have any thoughts on how/why netizens end up having such extreme positions compared to the mostly offline normie population?
offline normie population = only online to post selfies and food shots on instagram/bigtech Like sheer fact that I'm ok with trans ppl being trans people is sorta extremism in my city.

As op I’m fine either way, I think I chewed out the authors sufficiently in the title, but I could change the title to

2 crypto bros mansplain what It’s actually like to be a woman

Which really encompasses their prob ideology

My Odyssey/lbry journey
Downloaded odyssey from fdroid to try to upload a vid to it. You need cryptocurrency creds to upload. Odyssey gives enough cred for ~2 uploads if you verify your email + phone number. For whatever reason, it was unable to verify my phone number, so I'd have to pay to upload. Uninstalled 5 min journey Ps: Still no quality settings like 360p vs 1080p

Anyone know of an app that can repeat missed sms/calls from 1 contact that uses very little/no ram?
Repeating a missed notification like 30 mins later. Presently I'm just openings up my phone manually to check for missed notification

How to disable descriptive audio on newpipe?
Specifically for this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qryWWGP0kKs. I don't know how to disable it on YouTube mobile webapp either. But invidious has it disabled by default. Even downloading the vid, it downloads the wrong audio track

1 peertube acct can’t post to other peertube instances? I swear I’ve done that before.

What’s your opinion on odyssey?

I stopped believing in peertube
Too much $ to host videos from the sound of it. Too many instances vanish. Strict upload limits means it's more suitable as a gif meme host for your element memes that you don't care about than an actual YouTube alternative. Anyone else feel similar?

In looking for instances or subs with novel moderation policies
Sortition, back in some of the old greek citystates, they would simply draw lots for political offices. Essentially meaning random people get to be mod. This is meant as a way to limit corruption. By divine graphology. Meaning that candidate mod write something with pen on paper, and a council of divinely inspired priests judge the aptitude, character, skill, and more based on the writing (not the text, the strokes themselves). This would probably lead to a society with incredibly pretty (and probably illegible) handwriting. Anigarchy. The original founder of the instance rules absolutely, this remains possible long after their death, through shamans who are able to communicate with the souls of the dead. Reincarnation, like the dalai lama, the same person is continually reincarnated in new bodies to continue their rule. The method of the least willing. There is an addage about the best leaders being the ones who don't want the job. Why not turn that into the basis of your mod hunting? Actual anarchy hive mind, no mods content removed once it gets reported enough

What is going on with the UK? Also, where are they heading?
Scotland almost left, political instability, queen dead. My theory is brexit fall out + covid.

Is it possible to copy and paste from other apps to cryptpad?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/134507 > How do i copy paste? It wont allow me to copy paste from other apps into cryptpad

Is it possible to copy and paste from other apps to cryptpad?
How do i copy paste? It wont allow me to copy paste from other apps into cryptpad


also totally feel free to dm any of the tourny players and try to challenge them, especially wintermute. Would be interesting to hear if you can beat our champion.

Best i found is https://social.tchncs.de/@illunaminetest, (https://illuna-minetest.tk/)

which isn’t lemmy, but they at least have a fediverse promo acct. If we get a few lemmyverse players on their server, eventually someone could reach out and get them to make a lemmy sub.

Make Something Month: Roll Call
cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/144513 > As mentioned in the [previous post](https://beehaw.org/post/130403), Make Something month is going to be a little event where you can participate by making something! If you would like to participate, then feel free to post in this thread what you hope to accomplish this month. Also, if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for the event, feel free to post those too! > > There will be posts like this every Saturday throughout October for people to give updates on how their project are going. Then, to give people time to be able to figure out how to display their projects and add finishing touches, there will be a showcase thread on November 5th.

Imo, him, PewDiePie, etc are basically the face of game streaming