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Lemmy chat-FE?

The thought of having discord/matrix communities for discussions is a nightmare. So here’s my idea, what if we had a chat application. but for lemmy. …


Well, I’d say if it’s a community with productivity as the goal; like drawing, guitar or whatever skill. It’s positive. on the other hand if It’s not, you’re likely wasting your time on random discussions that you weren’t really interested in, you’re gonna keep talking about things you already know because it intrigues you that people are talking about it in real time. You wanna discuss or ask questions? try a forum, that way you (and other people) won’t have to be in the cycle of explaining stuff.

just from my own experience

You didn’t mention spaces in which you have my respect. I had enough ptsd from discord.

surprisingly, Matrix uses xmpp’s WebRTC (video conferencing) through jitsi-meet. Makes me wonder why xmpp hasn’t done the same thing.

I like the fact that It’s GTK, but there’s no e2ee :(

I’ve tried it. It’s ugly. but snappiest one out there. I’m now using it.

Nheko works. It looks pretty damn ugly but It’s snappy af. I’ll check mirage though

that’s good to know, I’m having the issue linux desktop though


Good enough matrix client that's not element?

Element is failing in explore rooms. I’m trying to join one and it’s just stuck on loading…


font is Arial from Windows, of course GTK theme is Win3x Enhanced, icons are from Chicago95 Wallpaper is #BF4040 Program Manager is PCManFM, the other is Double Commander QMMP media player with https://archive.org/details/winampskin_Triple-Chin-Skin skin

I might have changed a few things a bit but for the general look you can just install the themes and customize it to your liking.

My DE was XFCE at that time.

Aww, that’s sweet. I’m glad you found something special in Linux :>


>linux chads be like:
>riced a wm with lsf
>My house doesn't fit the theme of my window manager. hmm
>I guess this'll do

@Deadnaut@lemmy.ml @gohqoi@lemmy.ml I didn’t pay enough attention when reading it. after looking into eunomia and mastodon blogs I changed my opinion.

some criticism to their arguments:

  • Moderation on mastodon.online mastodon.social is not great

The point of federation is to have small instances so you could moderate it easily. So, understandably It’s hard to moderate such large instances.

  • mastodon ios app is “ruining” the community

from @gargron “To those upset about some design decisions in the iOS app: Nobody’s forcing you to use the iOS app. I’m fully aware that it takes a different turn from all other existing apps in some aspects, and that’s the point. If it makes the fediverse larger by retaining more new users, then I’ve succeeded and everyone benefits. If not, nobody except me loses.”

  • gargron took sponsors from casinos and s* toys brands.

Money is money, some funding could definitely help the development of mastodon even if It’s from them. Plus, at first the sponsorship isn’t obvious, it doesn’t affect anything.

  • He’s working with EUnomia. which they said is (is as in; could be) evil surveillance thing.

It’s gonna be decentralized and open source. if your account is public you’re not getting alot of privacy in the first place; I think this kind of data scraping is positive. on a political standpoint bad actors would have a hard time telling lies to us. personally, I think eunomia could make social media less of a place of disagreement and more a place of discussion. Since this thing would make it easier for people to research into sources. and trust it based on reputation, collectively.

they’re trying really hard to find negative things on him.


Mastodon App is just the tip of the iceberg of Eugen’s mismanagement. In 2020, he has allegedly taken over €60,000 to partner with the European digital surveillance data collection firm EUnomia. EUnomia’s operations are better summarized by this post by paulfree14 on librenet.de. Eugen is literally selling out Fediverse users to data collection agencies, not exclusively limited to users on Mastodon instances as they scrape public posts. EUnomia has in the past sold this data to large advertising companies, namely Google, as well as law enforcement agencies. This poses a risk to marginalized groups who are targeted by police on a daily basis.

Jesus christ, I’ll have to get the hell out of mastodon.social soon

How about just hosting for pleroma first? since It’s;

  1. Lightweight therefore cheaper to run alot of users.
  2. Different front ends available for people who have different taste.
  3. Pleroma-FE is very easy to theme, and you can change your profile background site-wide in the future.
  4. You can pretty much configure anything you think of when it comes to federation, limits, or what to show- what to not show whatever. both front end and back end wise.

While were here. I’d like to address theming on several context. on linux we should have at least one client that uses gtk for theming. …

I’m a masochist, the longer the password is the more I enjoy it

That website is definitely more user friendly, I’ll just use this instead of explaining to people everytime. thx

is there a particular reason you used jabber as the name instead of xmpp?

Does it truly support voice and video calls? XMPP

I tried two up-to-date servers. Even tried with my friend. The option doesn’t allow me to. I’ve downloaded the dependencies for calling and the tick in gajim appeared, meaning I could do calls. …

Is there such a thing as online social anxiety?

You know, if I were to go outside and talk with anyone, I could do that fairly well. Not the same with the internet, Every time I write, I do it with careful thought and sometimes it gets really anxious. …

Where to join?

Tomorrow I’m gonna record a gameplay and start a youtube channel. I’m planning on joining peertube so people can reach out to me here. any suggestions?..

Where to join?

What kind of communities would you like to see active on lemmy?

I need a feedback on what people are interested in. …

I gotta use whatsapp and I have no choice. What are my options?

Already know no matter what if I use whatsapp, facebook is gonna harvest my data for the AIs and sell them to unknown third parties. My concern is how safe is it for me to install on my main android? I’ve got lineageos on it. …

How do I turn off my communist brain?

I hadn’t give any contribution to comrades. Maybe it stems from that. it seems from of my overwhelming desire for a change starts to make me think about it all the time. When I watch movies, talk to people, on writing sessions and even sometimes when I’m passive, I still imagine what a better place …


I don't know how to do microblogging

I own a mastodon account. but often times I just look at the screen and wonder what exactly do I write. People often update stuff about things, post some art. and maybe just tell mundane day to day life. …


Fediverse video ideas anyone could make. just some suggestions.

I suggested making a youtube channel dedicated to the fediverse. but there’s alot of diverse topics to cover. let me list some example stuff: …

Hello everyone, It's Gwynne.

/u/Gwynne …