Unpopular Opinions
The single-story lowercɑse A is better thɑn the double-story one.
The double-story A hɑs ɑ very complicɑted shɑpe thɑt ɑdds difficulty to reɑding. Computers should ɑlwɑys show the single-story A insteɑd. Also, it's much more difficult to write ɑ double-story A thɑt doesn't look weird. ɑ

Complaining about how wine doesn’t support “all applications” is a self-fulfilling prophecy that will never be filled.
it is impossible for a platform to support *every program ever*; wine will *never* be able to run *all* games; it is just impossible to do so. It's like not using a game console just because it doesn't support games from other consoles; it's impossible to support every platform ever (and it would be difficult to convince the company to even do so). --- Same issue is in Windows 10 too; old games designed for an older windows OS cannot run because they could not account for modern OSes.

What’s first? Cereal or milk?
I want to see how (un)popular is my habit to put the cereal first before pouring the milk.

Unpopular Opinions
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