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Wow, just entered to read the comment and it automatically updated your edit! Lemmy is doing great rn!

Proposition to add a “Love it” button in Lemmy for awesome replies like this.

Well, I see all of us prefer cereal first. Case closed.

You know the name was chosen specifically to make people vote the NSDAP, right?

Thanks for the Invidious link! (btw sublem sounds cool, way better than community)

What’s first? Cereal or milk?
I want to see how (un)popular is my habit to put the cereal first before pouring the milk.

LOL, do we have the same mind?

Which, btw, it’s not that open-source nor privacy-friendly (Google shipped as default).

Can’t believe it! That’s a great job! Keep going!

It’s a very cool one! But you have to get creative to see the mouse nose ;). In any case, I see it as a simple and minimalist one. Very well done!

¡Coincido! c/español es para todo lo que quieras (siempre dentro de las normas de Lemmy) en español. Mientras tanto, c/spain tiene un enfoque hacia España.

That’s what happened to me, at least.

I finally understand the joke! Thanks!

Agree. Can’t wait to get a stable end-user-ready version of the PinePhone! (sorry, Purism, too expensive).

Just created a Spain-related community. Feel free to join!
(don't know what to say here)

Thank you for all the work you’re doing! I hope to see Lemmy as a place open to all that gets better than the crap that Reddit is becoming. I’ll make sure I contribute as much as I can!

Thanks! My native language is Spanish, so if anyone is interested in learning Spanish in exchange of German, I’m up to it!

laughs in Antifa being a worldwide ideology

Thanks for all the tips! However, it’s a bit hard to look for German-speaking people here (people here prefer English or French).

Perfect idea! Cartoons are one of those things that can make an impact in your life without noticing it.

I’d like to live in Germany. I’ve just started learning German. Give me any tips about Germans and German culture/language.
I'm a teenager from a EU-country. I'd like to study college and maybe live in Hamburg, Germany. I'd like to have any tips to start preparing to live there and to know more about Germany. Also, any language tips would be cool! I use Deutsche Welle page to learn German (Duolingo is nice, but I don't like to give my e-mail to anyone in general). Any tips you can give me? Thanks in advance!