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Manjaro is out of that list, and it is the one what I am going to use with my pinetab once it will arrive. So please add it to the pool.


postmarketOS of course (note that you capitalized it wrong OP), but I’m biased since I’m a developer for it :winking face with tongue:

Note that Plasma Mobile is just a DE, just as Plasma Desktop is, Halium is a technology used by distributions but not a distribution in itself, and FirefoxOS is discontinued. You might want to consider reading my blog post for more clarifications.

FirefoxOS is dicontinued btw. It has a successor: KaiOS.

Which, btw, it’s not that open-source nor privacy-friendly (Google shipped as default).

I really like the scope of PostmarketOS, which is using the very same distro from the desktop on mobile. There’s this recent video of Fedora running GNOME on the PinePhone without any modification and I loved it.


I use Debian+Phosh on my Pinephone as a semi-daily driver right now. I enjoy the UI of Sailfish and Glacier, but the Pinephone ports arent as stable.

(also Halium isn’t really a distro or OS by itself, it is a project which uses things like libhybris as middleware so less effort is needed to port Linux OSes to Android devices)


PostmarketOS is the best imo. Mind you this project is basically in alpha and very rough around the edges, mainly for old phones originally built with android (due to android HAL / kernel drivers). Librem5 & Pinephone are to be the first main phones that they want to reach daily driver status and there is heavy development going into those atm.

Postmarket is based on Alpine which uses Musl c instead of Glibc, and that is the biggest difference that I am dealing with, but it means everything is extremely lightweight and fast (what works). The OS is desktop environment agnostic so you can just select your desired interface on install, if its supported. Want to use Phosh? or Plasma mobile? no problem!

Note: Installing postmarketos is really easy. Install pmbootstrap from pypi on the host system, then run pmboostrap init, pmbootstrap install, pmbootstrap flash. Configure the build you want, get the packages and set it up on your phone.

ref [Link] https://fam-ribbers.com/2019/12/28/State-of-Linux-on-mobile-and-common-misconceptions.html

ref [Link] https://postmarketos.org/blog/2020/02/17/postmarketos-in-2020-02/


Hey my blog post got linked :confetti ball:

Note that it’s (postmarketOS), 1 word, all lowercase and only “OS” capitalized (CC /u/ajz , /u/LucasDondo , /u/andycuccaro).

Mind you this project is basically in alpha

Since a short while we actually have a stable branch which is in the first beta. We’re mainly focussing on the PinePhone with it right now but it’s available for a few more devices. If you choose Phosh as UI, it’s definitely becoming more usable by the day.


I have a question - What is the criteria of something getting into pmaports? Alpine works well for getting apks, but shouldn’t some apks get their own distinct mobile packages? - and does that go into pmaports? I’m thinking specifically about gnome-control-center which is really for the Desktop, but could be soo much better with some desktop specific options suppressed and with mobile specific options added.


gnome-control-center actually works quite well on mobile already. However it’s very much a desktop package so it has to go into the Alpine aports rather than pmaports.

Basically in pmaports we only have mobile specific packages (device packages, kernels, firmware, etc) and development versions of end-user packages we need (e.g. Plasma or GNOME stuff). Everything that has stable releases and is not device specific goes to Alpine rather than pmaports.

I just got a new phone, and now I sooo want to try installing postmarketOS into my old S4 mini. Can’t wait to try it out (although I’m sure it won’t be easy).


Awesome. Thanks for the update!


I’m curious about PostMarketOS. I’ve used Ubuntu Touch and even though there is not many good apps, and no disk encryption yet and a little bit of a limited keyboard app, I do like it. I’ve seen Sailfish OS some time ago, and it looks totally awesome but I am not sure I would want it as my daily driver. When I can get a Pinephone in the future, I’d like to try all of these options.


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