Discussion about Germany (any language welcome)

For foreigners: We celebrate 50 years of a TV edutainment show for kids today…


I'd like to live in Germany. I've just started learning German. Give me any tips about Germans and German culture/language.

I’m a teenager from a EU-country. I’d like to study college and maybe live in Hamburg, Germany. I’d like to have any tips to start preparing to live there and to know more about Germany. Also, any language tips would be cool! I use Deutsche Welle page to learn German (Duolingo is nice, but I don’t l…

German-language pocast

Hallo zusammen! I think I decided to try again with the German language. I am a very loosy tired learner but I am fine listening to podcasts. …


A telco shop asked me 80 euro/monthly for a mobile flat rate (mobile included). I asked only for the sim card but the price is the same. …


Dear folx,
I found this blog in AI-translated SEO-translation websites for Italian right-wing blogs. Translations were Italian and Greek. …

Discussion about Germany (any language welcome)

    Discussion about Germany. Any language, citizenship, migration status, … welcome. Fascists and kyriarchal scum raus!

    [N.B.: English as lingua franca, no linguistic imperialism intended.]

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