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When I installed BeOS on my laptop in the late 90s it was a revelation, a glimpse of what the future of computing could be. A cleanly designed OS without any of the bloat of traditional OSes. Looking at how it turned out just makes me so sad. It’s like a top notch ace in school that took a few bad life decisions and ended up in a dead end job. So much promise squandered…

I would second this. We have a .me domain and the costs including hosting are just a few euros a month. Pretty effortless actually.

One thing I did notice is that some people sometimes don’t receive my emails. I guess that over-restrictive spam filters filter out the .me domain.

I understand that some users may feel they have had something taken away from them, but the way I see it, CentOS is a community project that offered a free version of RHEL for those not wanting to pay for support.

If you’re a corporate user, you could pay for RHEL. For any other reason, be it your budget doesn’t allow or whatever, there are other options. If you use it for your containers, you can use CentOS Stream or Fedora, etc, run your tests to guarantee functionality, and ship.

My wife has been gardening, just with the 2x8m or so on the one side of the house and a bit of the front yard. We had more tomatoes, zucchini and butternut than we could eat (there is a limited amount of zucchini you can eat in a week, believe me) - and we are a family of five.

Especially the butternut was amazing. It spread between the bushes in the front yard as a flowering ground cover, we even got comments from the neighbors.

One thing that is missing in the $50 is all the infrastructure: tools, posts, twine, etc and especially water. We live in a dry part of the country and vegetables can be thirsty!

Two years ago, I was slightly shocked by the news that RedHat was acquired by IBM. An excellent move as is seems. What disappoints me is that SuSe was always second or third fiddle to RedHat. IMO they never differentiated enough.

What I am reading is that Gates is against the WHO’s request to stop IP restrictions, so that India can produce generics. Meanwhile Sputnik V is licensed for production in India.

Russia and China deliver, while the west makes its demands and continues to lose esteem and influence.

Well, names are just names. I’ve got neighbors called Hess, and my in-laws are good friends with a Göbbels family. All very surprisingly normal people without any motivation to subjugate the untermensch.

I have to excuse myself - I read into the issue yesterday and realized that I can’t really compare our situation with the one at Basecamp. Sorry for letting off some steam.

We have a similar issue at our company. We’re around 140 employees and an IT department with 7 devs and 4 admins. As it so happens, our head of IT is retiring, and his designated replacement is generally disliked by all the devs.

We officially complained to HR and the CEO that the new guy spent 20 years working alone, has no IT qualifications, and has repeatedly ignored our processes and pressured devs to get them to do what he wants. The response? The decision has been made, accept it or resign. Now that two devs sent in their resignations on the same day, HR is scrambling to fix the situation but making everything worse. All the while, the current and new head of IT are dismantling our agile processes, outsourcing, and installing rigid communication structures.

Our department went from being the one with the most employee turnaround a few years ago to being the department with the highest employee satisfaction. Everyone is frustrated beyond words and are looking for new jobs. The way things are going, the company won’t have IT by the end of the year.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that the new head of IT has repeatedly lied in meetings, strategically withheld information and pressured employees to sign faked timesheets. He disregards recommendations from internal IT, and badmouths his own coworkers in front of customers. All in all, a simply admirable character.

There is so much more to life than social media! Regain agency and focus and leave it all behind!

This may sound borderline criminal, but I wish there were some kind of virus I could install on some people’s phones and computer to lock them out of Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc…

I’m just about to cave in and get a Google Pixel and install CalyxOs on it.

There is absolutely no version of LineageOS available. Seems the maintainer quit.

I’m a little fed up with LineageOS. So many devices drop out of support. I got a used Samsung S9+ to flash LineageOS on it - and now it’s unsupported, just like a bunch of other Samsung S* phones.


Nothing to see here. I’ve got a 2015 VW Polo and when I press the voice assist button it displays a message that it needs to be activated. And imo, calling high-beam assist a safety feature is a bit of a stretch. It’s a nice thing to have, just like automatic wipers or headlights. Compare that to ASB or ESR, which automatically mitigate accident severity and can save lives.

Is there a webkit browser for windows? Last time I checked I could only find ones for Linux.

Just out of curiosity, what’s the problem with SumatraPDF?

Why does Gemini appeal to you? What are you using it for?

Way back in the 90s I discovered gopher. It was magical, like some difficult to navigate, decaying place hidden from a web going corporate even back then. The problem I had with it was I couldn’t find anything of use. …