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Books make us lonely too. But it’s ok to be lonely

Prayer against proprietary software:

Bless us, O Lord, we pray,
against all proprietary programs.
They are expensive, they are slow,
they keep getting worse and worse.
They are useless.
And they are dangerous.
Keep us safe from them.

Prayer generated by textsynth.com

Prayer for Linux users: …

"Porn is in the past. I live in the present." -textsynth.com

this quote helped me realize the fakeness of porn …

I use Arch Linux

be proud of it. When i order a meal in a restaurant i tell the waiter i use arch linux. When im done and he’s trying to count the handful of coins i’ve given him i tell him that the bank uses proprietary software and i do this out of respect for mine and his freedom and privacy …

Yes. Proprietary hardware and software is doomed!

Could be Reddit’s attempt to make Lemmy less appealing by adding spam to it


All 3 websites require proprietary javascript. Seems kinda fishy

List of dumb reasons that I got banned from Reddit or subreddits
  • Using a rickroll link where the URL says “my nudes” (banned for “sexualizing minors” because I am a minor)
  • Banned from r/AntiWork for crossposting from r/AntiWork to r/AmITheAngel (“trolling”)…

Why is “COVID is a bioweapon” so far up?

A community for Onion-style fake headlines?

just like r/OnionHeadlines…

Flags that I saw in my dreams


Linux penguin

I dreamed that Richard Stallman (an Apple hater) hacked Apple and became the CEO. He made all their software open source…



This is a dream I had where I saw Richard Stallman

I was in a prison where the guards looked like Apple store employees. They only provided 2 foods: poop, and peanut butter ice cream that everyone loved. I wanted a different ice cream flavor because I’m allergic to peanuts. I eventually managed to make my own vanilla ice cream, but a guard took it a…

I am a victim of Reddit’s censorship

From Linus Torvalds

Are you saying that pulseaudio is entering on some weird loop if the returned value is not -EINVAL? That seems a bug at pulseaudio. …

Easy way to quit porn

it changed my lufe…

Reddit is permanently banning my accounts again. I get a lot of discomfort from them finding my alt accounts. I think I will just fully switch to Lemmy this time. This place seems much safer