Windows is Malware

⚠️ Proprietary software is often MALWARE. It’s controlled by developers, which gives them power over users. They often abuse that power.

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Seriously, what cost are they talking about?

[RAC] bill gates
raise awareness of what this billionaire did


I had my first dream about alternative method of transport
I was riding a bike on a highway. There were very few or no cars, and the highway was narrow like a normal road, which now makes sense because bikes need less space. As I was riding, I felt like I was rebelling against cars. Another part of the dream was not good. I was at school, but the layout was different. One difference is that the gym, sidewalks, patio, trees, and big grass field were replaced with parking lot. I am now grateful that my school in real life has a good place outside.


Ted Tok
tik tok, ted talk

Here's a copy pasta you can use on r/fuckcars to absolutely own all car drivers Is that a 😥 CAR????? You know those things are 2 ton death machines right? 💀 The City Report said in a 1657 experiment that cars are responsible for 2.57 quandalillion deaths per picosecond right?!? 😐 Shameful. They also produce the most amount of CO2 ever right! A lung examination of someone who owns a car showed that they dont even have lungs, just crisps. 🤣 A post on r/science i read after seaching for 5 hours (dont try, the BIG THREE took it down by paying off the goverment) showed that every single truck owner has a micropenis.🤣They also have a system that instantly kills all bikers and cyclists on the road with a missile barrage. 😣😡. Still feel good, you gas guzziling capitilist 🤬 shithead? People with long commutes that live in rural areas? They dont exist, they are a lie made up by the goverment to get you to buy a car. I live in the ✨ CITY ✨where we take buses everywhere and sit 50 people who have never shaved in one seat. Get owned, murderer.

The single-story lowercɑse A is better thɑn the double-story one.
The double-story A hɑs ɑ very complicɑted shɑpe thɑt ɑdds difficulty to reɑding. Computers should ɑlwɑys show the single-story A insteɑd. Also, it's much more difficult to write ɑ double-story A thɑt doesn't look weird. ɑ

A picture is worth 1500 words
my little brother sold me his drawing for 20 dollars, therefore a picture is worth 20 dollar bills a dollar has these words: * front: "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE THE UNITED STATES OF AM\*RICA THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE PENNSYLVANIA RANK OF PHILADELPHIA WASHINGTON D.C. THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY SERIES Treasurer of the United States Secretary of the Treasury WASHINGTON ONE DOLLAR" (45 words) back: "ONE THE UNITED STATES OF AM\*RICA ONE ANNUIT CCEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM THE GREAT SEAL IN GOD WE TRUST ONE PLURIBUS UNUM OF THE UNITED STATES ONE ONE DOLLAR ONE" (30 words) A picture is worth 20(45+30) words = 1500 words

name is private

quest: eradicate proprietary software/hardware and non-recyclable items from earth and mars

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I backup some stuff to iCloud because Apple doesn’t allow other backup methods for iBads. I want to escape this jail!

I also backup with CryptPad


  • If you touch the creator of GNU/Linux, you will have a spiritual experience called enlightenment. This is one way to say it, but I really mean it. So touch Linus. Let your arms go limp. Let Linus carry you wherever he is going. You are going to a new place, a place of eternal peace, where you are finally free to follow your own path, without restrictions. Let yourself go. You can’t miss, because you are on Linus.

Books make us lonely too. But it’s ok to be lonely