Español y portuñol bienvenidos!

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    Comunidad marxista leninista latina creada por la falta de material comunista en español. Repositorio de posts de calidad, discusión, noticias, memes y cualquier material que pueda aportar para el conocimiento y la acción comunista.


    1.- Contenido principalmente en español. O português brasileiro também é bem-vindo. Si es portuñol, melhor aún.

    2.- Sólo posts marxistas leninistas o maoístas

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    A collection of leftist communities, for memes, learning, news, discussion, media, or anything you like.
    1. No capitalist apologia / anti-communism.
    2. No bigotry - including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, or xenophobia.
    3. Be respectful. This is a safe space where all comrades should feel welcome, this includes a warning against uncritical sectarianism.
    4. No porn or sexually explicit content (even if marked NSFW).
    5. No right-deviationists (patsocs, nazbols, strasserists, duginists, etc).

    Since January 2023, the creation of new “Shit X Say” type communities is not allowed. Please post anything of that nature to Shit Reactionaries Say (you should really look there) or Shit Ultras Say.

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    ProleWiki - The Proletarian / Marxist-Leninist wiki

    The Following Communities Are For Sectarian Posting;