The JavaScript community in Lemmy

Different frontend of lemmy

do you know any website using Lemmy and has a completely different UI? Just curious to know how well it bends to different tastes…

How to format Date in JavaScript that looks Clean

Date object in javascript is used to work with Date and Time…

Or InfernoJS components, which Lemmy uses…

When minifying JavaScript, wouldn't it work just as well to put each statement on a new line instead of on one line with semicolons?

This is of course assuming you don’t have to maintain support for extremely old browsers that actually require semicolons in JavaScript, which you probably don’t. Basically, a semicolon and a newline character (edit: I should clarify that I mean the Unix-style LF as opposed to Windows’s CRLF, every …

Each time I debug JS events I find myself fumbling together event listeners of which I forgot the syntax waaay too often. …

It would be an overstatement to say Microsoft now has an iron grip on JavaScript, a view that is rooted in fear among those who remember the time when Microsoft was openly hostile to open source, Murphy added. …

The JavaScript community in Lemmy

    A community about JavaScript, the ECMAScript standard, and programs that make use of JS such as Node.js.

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