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Thanks, that’s a nicely detailed response. This country needs some big changes now in regards to all of the above.

Haven’t watched this video, but i did want to ask what folks here think of the concept of property. I believe in it to the degree that the things that are mine are mine and my responsibility. I do have a friend who is a self proclaimed communist who has stolen my car in the past because he didn’t get up in time for a new job and didn’t think i would care, but i do think his actions were influenced by his opinions on property. I had another acquaintance long ago who insisted she be allowed to stay in a roommates bed even though they did not want that (out of town) and claimed that i had an “overly western view on ownership.” I am Asian American, so this nutty white lady saying that made me feel quite disgusted. Anyways, wow, bad old memories. What do any of the communists here think of that? Are those actions and thoughts justified, or was it wrong to steal my car and my friends bed?

What i don’t understand, is why there is no underlying foundation for being a working phone first with the standard features. It feels like that work should be the priority and should have been accomplished long ago. I love ubports but am now rubbing sxmo on the pinephone 3gb. Fun to mess around with, way bigger screen than my old iPhone, but too slow to do anything (no lichess!) and not ready to make or accept even a text. If a solid stack to be a phone with texting and video camera every got developed, the Linux phone could take off, I’d sign up today. But as it stands, we’re still waiting for even the basics to become usable.

Is… this how you buy crack on the internet?

I run a Mac because i spent $300 on Final Cut Pro ten years ago and have been getting free updates ever since. Also, M1 MacBook Air is cpu denoising in blender literally hundreds of times faster than my intel i7 8740h at a fraction of the cost/power consumption. And homebrew. Now, if only proton was built into steam it’d be my one box to rule all the other boxes.

This thread is great, it’s asking a question i didn’t know to ask, and giving answers that are clarifying years of my own mistakes

“ Researchers are now exploring whether the fa’afafine actually follow through on their stated willingness to help family members by giving more money to relatives. ”

This sounds like the article writers and researchers are in cahoots with the relatives to get those sweet super uncle bucks. Good luck on your “research” fellas!

What about my coworker and his partner raising children together, are they not parents, but two gay super uncles? What about me, straight, single, and a super uncle? Am i now indirectly passing my straight genes on to my nieces and nephews?

I think their whole starting premise is a bit strange, but just for fun I can think of a few evolutionary benefits to being gay - less likely to contribute to over population being a big one, while also being able to adopt and care for kids that are in foster care and in need, generally swell taste in fashion contributes to cultural expression, etc.

I always wondered when the right wing Florida men of the country would discover open source social media platforms and attempt to ruin them.

Will they pay them in homophobic brave coins or whatever the heck it is? Or will they just pay themselves on behalf of Jitsi like they do with other folks? :)

You sound foolish and erratic. Your “evidence” is all very weak. Your position is confusing and is hard to tell if you are confused of intentionally trying to spread misinformation.

Install yunoserve and host a mastadon instance? I host my website through wordpress this way. Yunohost let’s you install a bunch of interesting prebuilt things (wordpress, mastadon, email servers, folks sharing, etc) through a gui. As much as i love wandering through a cli, this just makes setting up super fast.

I’m not sure if I quite believe what you’re posting there, but i will say that hospitals can’t keep up with the covid patients and folks with other serious issues can’t get proper medical treatment due to the overcrowding of unvaccinated folks. There’s only around 60 ER beds where i live, and they’re pretty consistently full of COVID patients. I live in the US, btw.

Good question. Is this person someone who’s mind can be changed with facts? A loved one? An acquaintance? You could go for the slapback of how many people died and are continuing to die from getting coronavirus vs the alleged thousands that have died from the vaccines. Or you could point them to factual sources that they’ll reject as fake. You could lay down facts about hospital overcrowding due to Corona patients? Maybe tell them that not getting the vaccine is a liberal conspiracy to let republicans get sick all over each other? I dunno, good question.

I’m guessing it’s to train to use commercial software for a potential job environment. That said, i haven’t touched a Microsoft officer product since the early aughts. Officer is an auto correct error, but i like it so it can stay.

I like ardour and i believe you can use reaper now as well, though reaper is more like shareware at 65 bucks. What are you trying to record? Beats or instruments or singing? Do you have an interface yet? I like the tascam 16 channel, or the presonus audiobox for price and value. My buddy actually recorded a whole album in Linux, the painful birth of Nehemiah st Danger, check it out.

All these open source tools cost a monthly fee, and the top one is from Microsoft

Don’t know if you know this, but “removed” is commonly used as an ethnic slur towards folks that look like me. When I see the weird being used I automatically assume the person using it doesn’t give two shits about folks that look like me.

Any good open source speech to text?

I work at a public access tv station and am looking into the services that provide captions, but man are they expensive. I’m wondering if there’s a way i can engineer a box that can do the same. I’m looking at mozilla’s speech to text implementation, which is an interesting thing i never heard of be…

Soo, hodl?

The dog coin barked up to 7 cents today. Yodl?..