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I wonder if that can be extended to the overall ui and get things running snappier

Just got my Pinephone the other day and am having a great time with it. Faster than i expected, but still very slow compared to my 5 years old iphone se. i wish ubports was the official distro as it has, in my opinion, the best most intuitive interface overall.

Just got my Pinephone two days ago. The preinstalled Plasma/arch combo was sluggish as all get out until i reflashed the internal memory with the latest version. Now it’s as fast as cheaper Android phones I’ve seen in just about all working aspects.

That 3600x more energy efficient

Does that make it 1x as efficient as a gtx 3600? JK, but seriously, is eth worth mining at home?

There should be a foundation that collects old compatible phones and flashes them for inexpensive resale or donation to developing communities. That seems like a partial ewaste solution right there.

She turned into a fourth dimensional being, visible only in slices as she traverses dimensions incomprehensible to our 3 dimensional eyes?

Wow. Just wow. I once saw a guy on the stock market trading floor on TV talking about how right wing extreme capitalism was the new punk rock. What a bunch of assholes.

Honestly, the Epstein stuff did seem like mischaracterizations of what he said, but the sexual harassment stuff stuff is where i draw a hard line. Apparantly, women would avoid going anywhere near his office.

The constant upfront racism, trying to explain why something racist is racist, then getting dogpiled by casual everyday racists. Sarah Silverman was correct in her analysis all those years ago that it’s still ok to be racist towards Asians in America.

Cats with human teeth, ammarite?

Those birds are either stoked to be out and about or under a great deal of suffering.

Soo, hodl?

The dog coin barked up to 7 cents today. Yodl?..


I video chat with my family on the phone. That way i can go outside or show people things

Is it possible this is just some troll pretending to be Korean? I’m Korean American, btw. Looking for Asian subs and came upon this.

I dig it, like an automatic sandbox

I only use chrome to watch internet videos illegally. Ublock doesn’t seem to block all i need in firefox, unless that’s changed

I see, how do you find a Gemini server to browse about? Oddly difficult to find.

For those of us that don’t know, what the heck is Gemini?

i dumped windows about a year back after confirming that gtav and fallout 4 worked on proton. i loaded them on a low spec laptop to test, and figured if they ran there they’d run on my nvidia 1070 laptop running pop_os. last night i installed and played fallout 76 for a bit. had to copy and paste a line to prevent character creation crash at the beginning, but so far so good. fallout 4 would constantly crash on windows, especially on certain menus. but on linux it’s been a-ok. haven’t gotten it to run in 4k like on windows, but there’s probably a fix for that. that’s the thing with linux gaming, part of the “game” is setting it all up… for like 20 minutes to an hour before playing the first time. but after much everything after that is golden.


i like a medium sized dog if you go on hikes or have the outdoor space, or a cat if you just want a chill pet that catches you mice sometimes.