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The goal here is to emulate a claymation process but digitally. ![]( ![](

Ocean Waves
Made this **night ocean waves** render last night using [this]( tutorial. *[video on Mastodon](* ![](

Software used: blender 2.93.1 (to create the initial shape and animation) | OsciStudio 0.6.0 (to convert the geometry into waveforms and sound, create most of the animation and effects) | OBS Studio (to record the output)

hey, blender people. i've created kitchen backsplash/floor tiles collection. if you are into archvis, you may find it useful. its cc-0 and completely free to use. you can make a layout of your taste from 4 packs of prepared separate tiles: pack 1: pack 2: pack 3: pack 4: you can create a tile with your own image by following video tutorial: or you can just grab prebaked planes with 5x5 tiles, which can be put into godot engine: if you are not satisfied with solid/cracked normal maps, you can also modify and rebake this sculpts: i hope you'll find this stuff useful.

A very impressive example of art made in Blender.

i made my first animation
cube moves in a gif

inspired by @pixotato on insta

A curated list of awesome Blender add-ons, tools, tutorials and resources for 3D Artists, Hobbyists, Developers, Researchers. Focused mostly open source and free resources. Blender 2.8+ compatible list.


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