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Where is le community?
Hello fellow crackheads, I am in search of you! I seek advice regarding the mundane. If anyone has hands and would like to answer, I also have hands and would like to reciprocate! If needed, compensation will be provided in incoherent ramblings about how I was once a river. I>

Anybody tried methallylescaline (or similar)?
Do you have any experiences to share about it or other phenethylamines?

Okay, firstly - hello! This is my first post on Lemmy. If I'm doing something wrong - please let me know. Also - sorry for my english. Actually I'm trying to gain knowledge about **microdosing**. I have experience with psychedelics (and other drugs), so I am aware how it could work, but still - there is not many reliable sources about it. If someone is not familliar with it - it's about taking very small ammounts of LSD or Psilocybin in period of, depends, like three months. People claims is a very good thing for your productivity, motivation, presence. Very important is to not take too much - it's not about tripping though, it's about self-improvement. The guy from this documentary started this project called Third Wave - but this worries me somehow, it has **[commercial approach](https://thethirdwave.co/microdosing/)** (what is cool in term of making this topic popular, but still...) Do you have any thoughts, sources or experiences you could share with us here? Thanks for that! PS. Should I tag it NSFW?

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