Thankfully everything changed after my fourth infusion. It was as though a switch had been flipped and my brain lit up. I noticed color creeping back into the world, and the hard knot of dread and dispassion in my chest melted away…

I think the bible was something different before it was written down into text.

So first off, this kinda follows the stoned ape theory, but I’ve been having some extra thoughts as well. The bible was a mostly word of mouth story for about 1000 years before it was first written down into a complete compiled book by Martin Luther. He scribed it into Germanic English from st…

Anybody tried methallylescaline (or similar)?

Do you have any experiences to share about it or other phenethylamines?..

Okay, firstly - hello!..


Research chemicalsNSFW

Research chemicals are consumed as a powerful psychedelic drug. Research chemicals available, Cocaine, Lsd, Dmt, MDMA Crystals, Crystal Meth, Methphedrone, Oxycodone, Synthetic Cannabis wax etc…


Community related to any kind of drug consumption.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts or are looking for advice and or information regarding some subject, or simply share your experiences.

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