If you’re running Yunohost, and are curious about getting audio and video calls running over XMPP (e.g Conversations), check out this link

Yunohost and maintainers question

About 1 month ago Yunohost lost the maintainer of two high quality apps, Etherpad Lite and Leed I can imagine similar things happened before in the past. Did other contributors release new app releases wh…

While playing around with a Yunohost install I was surprised to see this…

Cryptpad is a very interesting project imo but not so easy to install. The Yunohost package for it was broken since Oct. 2019 but a new update made it work. Note that the YH package for Cryptpad has a low level currently. If more people test it and give feedback or help we can make it into the decen… With YunoHost, you can easily manage a server for your friends, association or enterprise.