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Nice 👍

Lemmy on Yunohost

Have there been any thoughts to add Lemmy to the list of available apps for Yunohost?..

Thanks for the tip 👍 Never even considered that…

I tend to think of them as more like categories… then ‘communities’.

When you think of it like that, it doesn’t matter how many there are… IMHO

I should mention I already got some of the main ones like masto.host etc

Mastodon Relays

Looking for suggestions for Mastodon relays servers… …

Once Lemmy is properly federated, you may want to consider allowing instance admins(owners) to become part of the council? (Might require a minimum number of users on an instance to stop being flooded).

I would imagine that it would be fairly easy to verify an instance owner e.g. verification file on the server?

Given this is the single instance of Lemmy, and federation is not yet implemented, I would treat this as demonstration and leave them for the time being.

Once you’re federated and there are other instances, then you could look at removing the low activity communities?

Delta Chat : Send encrypted e-mails easly

Delta Chat is a new chat app that sends messages via e-mails, encrypted if possible, with Autocrypt. You do not have to sign up anywhere, just use your existing e-mail account with Delta Chat…

Installed! Using protonmail already, but with Delta, I can use the space of my Gmail account, and annoy Google with encrypted message content… 😆

Protonmail + Protonmail Bridge + Geary = Sweet!

Finally got around to installing Protonmail Bridge and setting it up to work with Geary on Ubuntu… …

Actually meant the area below the navbar, just above the Post/Comments buttons

Search bar location

Be great if the search funtion was moved from the menu area to the top of the page (at least on the main page). …

Social links in profile

Would be nice if users could add social links in their profile e.g Mastodon username/profile link etc…

Try using Fedilab. You can sign into your /c/pixelfed account and follow other users, the same as using /c/mastodon