It would be interesting if movim were bridging to matrix, irc, and even other platforms such as mastodon, so one could see everything through movim/xmmp eyes, :) Does anyone know?..

Basically someone is needed with some Android webview app experience…

Really cool!..

Movim Post Comments and Yunohost - Fix

A way to fix multiple comment pubsub nodes being created when using Movim + Yunohost…

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Extra Content for Movim

If you’re a user of Movim, then you’ve probably seen that your can subscribe to various pubsub feeds… …

Movim is now at version 0.19… Check out the Movim blog post for more info…

Movim is moving

A recent influx of users to Movim has seen the developers have to move the flagship server to a larger hosting provider… …


Main Movim instance moves to

The main instance of Movim (a web-based XMPP client with blogging features) has moved to a cooler domain and also got a big hardware upgrade (after a big influx of new users made it necessary)…

Here is a small utility that can grab atom feeds, and pass them to an XMPP pubsub node… …


Update from the lead developer on upcoming changes and features for Movim…

Movim is a social and chat platform that act as a frontend for the XMPP network.

Once deployed Movim offers a complete social and chat experience for the decentralized XMPP network users. It can easily connect to several XMPP servers at the same time.

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