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Other browsers too apparently but whilst browsing hacker news, this highlight in particular compelled me to link to tfa here: … Which darknet sites are online?

Anyone use this site often? Why does it say only intended for researchers?..

Should my newly setup Tor Bridge node be getting traffic?

I am learning the very basics of networking and I am trying to set up a simple Tor Bridge node in my home pc (Arch Linux). I have set ORPort to 443, and set up port-forwarding from 443 -> 443. I set the bandwidth limit to 30 MB/s, and bursts of 35 MB/s, and set the Bridge option. I start tor using ‘…

The State of IPv6 support on the Tor network | Tor Blog

As of December 2, 2020, 54% of the relays on the network run a version of Tor that supports IPv6. Of the 6852 relays in the network, 3587 are running version 0.4.4 and 8 relays are running the latest Tor version 0.4.5. From all those, 1588 are announcing an IPv6 address and port for the OR protocol…

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I like that new slogan…


How to start?

As total newcomer, what would you suggest as first steps with Tor? No mission critical application…


The Tor Project deleted important ticket, number 24351

Did you know the Tor project censored important ticket?..

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  • 1Y blocks Tor when looking at an archived page uses Google’s captcha to block Tor users. …

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